Welcome to the Weekend: Deserted Beach

Happy Saturday ladies! Is there anything more relaxing than a deserted beach? We found a stunning one yesterday and it was a tonic for the soul. This entire vacation has felt like one long weekend. The pace of life here in Loreto Bay is slow, slow, slow.

Friday, we drove north to this pristine, white sandy beach.

deserted beachThere’s nothing here but a few palapas on the beach and a couple of tourists. We set up in the palapa on the right and ate our picnic lunch.

deserted beach

deserted beach

The gentle breezes were a challenge for my hat and I had to keep it in a death grip. Luckily it’s woven from a paper/polyester blend that only looks like straw but is very flexible. That’s why I was able to pack and fold this hat into my suitcase and have it look crisp when I arrived here.

style for women over 50

deserted beach

deserted beach

deserted beach

The breezes were gentle and the rustling of the palapas fronds soon had me relaxed to the snooze point.

relaxing on a deserted beach

After a couple of hours, we headed home. I knew what was coming because we’d been stopped and questioned on the ride north.

deserted beach

A military checkpoint on the road. There were about 15 young men wandering around with machine guns slung over their shoulders. They asked where we were from, going and why.

military on the road in Mexico

Of course being a blogger, I had my cell phone out to capture the experience with pictures. This fellow smiled at me and said no…so I quickly stowed my phone.

wearing a huge hat on a deserted beach

This hat is several years old but there are lots available in this material. It feels almost indestructible but looks like a classic straw hat. My hat, sarong, and white cardigan all have sun protection factor built right into the fabric. I take my sun protection seriously, do you?


Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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    1. Thanks, Barb! Spell check won’t catch incorrect choice of words. You do know I proofed that sucker several times and missed it:)My husband missed it too!

  1. lllYou were lucky as sometimes these people are not related to the military or police and they demand money, we have had friends who have had that experience and had been told before hand and were prepared with cash but you also invite them to rob you from whatever you have, just a warning….

  2. It would be do easy to be me complacent in the hot sun of a vacation spot but whenever you travel one needs to be hyper vigilant. Just this week a Canadian was murdered in his winter home ( gated ) in Mexico. I’m lucky in that my husband, (retired military), is always alert, while I wonder around in my happy state, completely oblivious to any threats.
    You’ve encouraged me to get my stack of sun hats, that I buy but hardly ever wear, out of their hat box and put them on my head. I’ve started to wear sun glasses all the time to protect my eyes on order of the optometrist. Three years spent in the Egyptian sun have left their mark.
    You always look lovely even in a swimsuit and wrap.

    1. That is frightening, Joanna. What town was this in? This community has unarmed security walking the property, constantly. Just keeping an eye on things which is reassuring. Yes, wear those hats! It sounds like you’ve had some amazing experiences. Three years in Eygpt!! Wow, that’s exciting.

  3. Hi – I love your blog – keep enjoying your vacation and stay safe! I used to be able to link directly from your shopping area to the website for the item. Now it sends me to Pinterest to create a board, which of course does no good for purchases. Did something change in how you display info? How can I access the product’s website as in the past? Thanks, Lee

    1. Hi Lee! Thank you so much for telling me. I added a new Pinterest button last week and it goes on every image! Not what I wanted. These technical challenges help keep my brain young but also drive me batty!

  4. While I would love to be on a quite beach for some R & R, it is a little frightening to see the guards and guns. I guess it is good they are there, but sad we have come to this. Back to the beach…I am jealous of your relaxing quite time…I need some! And a hat like that!

    1. I know many hear feel safer having the military around, but all I saw were young men with big guns and felt nervous.

      1. That’s become a common sight elsewhere in Mexico as well, including Puerto Vallarta. The Federales heavily armed with machine guns are present at various checkpoints and sometimes they’ll search your vehicle. I find it intimidating and frightening, especially considering our deteriorating relationship with Mexico, brought about by new USA policies. It’s such a shame. Mexico and its people are our neighbors and friends.

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