Whale Watching in The Baja

Sunday I had an amazing day with a group of whales. The Gray Whales and their babies are just getting ready to migrate north to Alaska. They come to Baja California Sur to winter, breed and birth their babies in the balmy water.

We left at the crack of dawn to drive across the Baja from the gulf to the Pacific. There was very little in between but miles of cactus covered dry land.

whale watching in the Baja

I wore my Coolibar hat that tied on securely because this was a wild ride. Our captain was a fast driver:) I also wore a Coolibar long sleeve wrap with SPF built right in. They both have UPF 50+ which blocks 98% of the UVA and UVB rays and never washes out. I take my sun protection seriously and choose a physical cover on top of sunscreen when I know I’ll have direct exposure.

our first gray whale sighting
Our first sighting was about 30 feet from our tiny boat.
mom and bay gray whale
our second sighting was a mom and baby about 20 feet away
mom and baby gray whale
all of a sudden they were right next to us

Multiple little boats like ours, clustered together, waiting for them to surface. It started to get hairy so I took a few more photo’s then stowed the camera to soak up the experience. I was a little afraid the boat would tip over as we all leaned over to pet the whales and I figured having the camera around my neck might be an issue.

whale watching in the baja

whale watching

The moms and babies seemed interested in the humans. They’d come right next to the boats, pop their heads up and wait while they got petted. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Once a mom and calf were done with us, they just took off and we waited for another set to join us. It was thrilling and humbling to be so close to these amazing animals.

We’re having a wonderful holiday. The weather has been excellent, the people are friendly and the food is amazing!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. That was a beautiful moment you won’t forget. But, should the boats be getting so close to the whales? Up here, you would get a hefty fine for disturbing and/or endangering them.

    1. Down here it’s a business for the locals. I wondered if it bothered the whales, but they seem very curious about humans and we’re safe. They just took off when they were done with us.

  2. Totally awesome Jennifer! Thank you for the armchair experience of seeing the whales up close. Keep enjoying your trip!

  3. Amazing photos! Love Coolibar hats and tshirts. I even wear their long sleeve tees when I mow the grass, any and everything to protect my fair, Scottish-Irish skin from more sun damage.

    1. Smart lady! I love those tees too. Sunscreen can only do so much!

  4. Barbara Daley says:

    Omg! That’s amazing! What an incredible experience. Thank you for sharing this.
    I love your hat and I love the fact that you have found pretty clothes with SPF in them. I didn’t know they had them for adults. Are you able to buy them online?
    Am enjoying all of your pictures of your holiday, and loving your outfits

    1. It was amazing, Barbara! Yes, there are links to my hat and wrap in the post, and at the bottom, is a collection of other sun protective things I’ve found online. That’s how I buy all of mine.

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