Caffeine Eye Cream Review: Does it Really Work?

Do you use an eye cream? Some cost an arm and a leg and contain ingredients I can’t pronounce. To be honest, I’ve never bothered. I know the “experts” claim the skin under our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face, so we need a special cream for that area, but I’ve never bought it. The theory or the cream.

I recently read glowing reports about this 100% Pure, all natural, cruelty-free eye cream and thought I should try it. It’s made with organic green coffee which is purported to shrink undereye swelling and smells good enough to eat. It also has no petrochemicals which I consider a good thing.

100% Pure eye cream review

I initially patted it around and under my eye. Then I noticed I also had puffiness on the lower part of my occipital bone, just above my cheek bone, so I patted it there. To be honest, I love the smell so much I probably used too much. But voila…things shrank, and my skin looked tauter.

I wondered if I imagined the results so I had my daughter try it when she was here last month. She liked it and agreed it smelled fabulous. However, she’s in her early 30’s so doesn’t have the morning puffiness and dark circles I do.

100% Pure eye cream review

I’ve continued to use it for several weeks and really like it. I did notice my eyeshadow wasn’t staying put the way I like, so I reduced how much I was applying (way too much) and that problem went away.

This eye cream is relatively inexpensive and seems to do what it’s supposed to do, so I’ll keep using it but realize there are no miracles in a tube.

I will also remember that too much of a good thing, really is too much:)

Do you use an eye cream?

Can you recommend it? Why?


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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for this review and I just ordered it on Amazon! 🙂 I definitely trust you and I have used eye-creams for years and some are too gel-like so I really like a lotion or cream more and anything that smells good is always a plus. I feel like anything to help my puffy under eyes these days I will try and I’ve heard good things about caffeine. Plus the price is great on this.

    PS – I know what you mean about your makeup and eye-shadow not staying put after lotions/eye-creams etc. Use the Makeup Forever High-Definition Microfinish loose powder over your eye-shadow and it will stay all day! I’ve used it for years and it works, even during the Texas summer. 🙂

    Thanks again and hope you’re doing well,

    1. Hi Dale! Great to hear from you. That’s a great tip about using powder. I never thought to use it over my eye shadow. I’ll give it a try. You’ll love this stuff. Good enough to eat :). How is that little darling of yours? xo

  2. I can tell you that used chilled tea bags work better than anything for under eye puffiness. I tried everything and then the tea bags and they were the only thing that worked for me. But we do all need to use a moisturizer under our eyes too. Use the tea bags first, then the eye cream. These tea bags are great for my puffy, itchy eyes I get during spring allergy season.

    1. I have never heard about the tea bags helping itchy eyes, Lynne. I’m going to try them. My allergies are driving my eyes crazy here in Palm Springs! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Suggestion: Post a close-up photo where you’ve applied the product to only one eye for us to see the difference.

    1. Good idea, Jill. The effect is subtle, it’s not an eye lift in a tube:) I am realistic about what I expect of creams and lotions.

  4. I’ve tried several in the past year, but they irritate my eyes and they just get puffier.i have to try this. Wondering where I would find this in BC.

    1. My daughter is hunting it down there too. It may have to be ordered online.

  5. I haven’t been using one for awhile as I’ve never noticed any difference. However, I just ordered this one from Amazon. Thanks for your recommendation.

    1. Let me know what you think, Donnella.

  6. Have you tried eye primer before putting on eye shadow to make the shadow stay? I felt like you did about eye cream. Nothing will make huge changes but it does moisturize those lines. So I use it all the time now.

    1. I tried a primer from Whole Foods, but it creased! Maybe I need to find a higher end brand, designed by a makeup artist to try.

  7. I need to find it in Canada! So amazing.

  8. Do you know if this is available for purchase at Whole Foods? Going there today, might pick some up!

    1. It’s not at my Whole Foods. They do have stand alone stores in a few places. You could google to see if one is near you.

  9. Debbie Carr says:

    Jennifer…..I use it and agree….love the smell. I was shocked when I got it in the mail though, the tube is a lot smaller than it looks.

    1. Although it seems small compared to the tube, I think it is a great value. Plus, I love how it works!

  10. I have used All About Eyes for years. I find if my normal face cream gets to close to my eyes, it irritates them and they water all day or until the cream is washed away by tears. Ha! I’ve tried several other brands, but this is pretty much the only one that doesn’t irritate my eyes over time. I will check out the caffeine one, though. Interesting.

    1. I find if they have a lot of fragrance added, they sting my eyes too! These natural products seem much less irritating, Laurel.

  11. I do need to evaluate my makeup & beauty supplies, and try to go more natural. I never thought it would matter, but duh! What we put on our skin does get into our system (it takes me years to realize the obvious–ha ha)!
    Thanks for this Jennifer!!
    I’ll have to try it.

    1. I think you’ll like it Jodie!

  12. There have been studies saying that applying tea bags directly to your eyes will reduce puffiness.
    I think this is a better solution!!
    Have a great weekend Jennifer!

    1. And this solution won’t drip all over 🙂 Plus it smells awesome. Have a great weekend too, Robin!

  13. I tried this product and like it. I always use eye cream. When I don’t, those pesky lines just begin to deepen. So. I am a big fan of eye cream.

    1. I am an eye cream fan from now on!

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