Look of the Week: Tourist Style

Traveling has its wardrobe challenges whether you drive, fly or cruise. I over packed for this trip to Palm Springs and yet never seem to have what I want to wear! I packed several scarves which help stretch outfits, but this is only week one, and I imagine I’ll be pretty tired of my clothes by the end of week four.

I’m happy to wear my outfits the same way if I’ve found a formula I like. But if I do that too often… let’s just agree, no one likes a boring style blogger! I have my work cut out for me this month.

casual style for sightseeing

Yesterday we toured the Annenberg Estate and Gardens in Rancho Mirage. The gardens were a beautiful combination of wide green spaces and symmetrical rows of cactus, succulents, and desert plantings.

the gardens at the Annenberg Estate

The dress code ranged from exercise leggings and a sweatshirt with sneakers to a casual dress, flats, and sweater. My outfit fell in the middle.

Walking the grounds of the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage

Because it was a walking tour, I needed to be sure my feet would be comfortable but didn’t want to wear sneakers. Luckily I had a pair that’s just as comfy but slightly dressier.

Wearing- hat // shirt // jeans // shoes // tote bag //

Eieen Fisher shoes at the Annenberg Estate

These Eileen shoes are virtually flat with a thick rubber sole for cushioning. I chose long jeans, soft blouse, big hat and my every present tote.

touring the Annenberg Estate and Gardens

My jeans are a straight-legged high rise, so bulkier than usual. I needed to slim down my shirt to improve the proportion so rolled the sleeves and initially tied the shirt front at my waist. That quickly got annoying, so I bit the bullet and tucked my shirt in.

touring the Annenberg Estate

I might have worn a belt if I’d thought to pack one

Fashion for sightseeing

I accessorized with two bracelets and my mother’s earrings. What you don’t see is the camera was hanging around my neck, which is why I didn’t wear a necklace.

sightseeing at the Annenberg Estate

After the tour we relaxed on the patio with a cup of tea.

enjoying tea on the patio at the Annenberg Estate
I bought this favorite blue bracelet in a small boutique in Bornholm, Denmark two years ago.

What do you wear for sightseeing while on a casual holiday?

Do you wear sneakers to go sightseeing?


  1. Lillian Plummer says:

    Comfortable shoes are my biggest challenge when travelling. I have one problem foot caused by a pair of shoes I wore years ago but because it matched a silk pant suit I loved I wore them anyway. So regret it now as it will take surgery to rectify. I don’t like bulky shoes! Gone are the days I could tuck my shirts into my jeans so it’s loose fitting silk shirts over slim fitting white pants for me these days when travelling. Always pack 5 pairs of white pants and try and launder as I go along. Works for me.
    Enjoy your blog even though I don’t always comment. Best wishes dear Jennifer.

  2. You look great (as usual!). I have problem feet now so find it a real challenge to find shoes that will work for all day walking-touring. Trying on shoes in the store for 10-15 minutes in no way indicates they will be good on my feet for hours. It is a real challenge. One piece of advice I got from a podiatrist is to not wear the same shoes 2 days in a row or not the same shoes for all day and all evening (when possible). I follow this advice and do find it helps!
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Stylish shoes are a big challenge for me too!

    2. Cameron Cooper says:

      What a great tip about switching shoes. Also, my physical therapist said if ever we have foot trouble we shouldn’t go without proper arch support. I spend a lot of money on a few options and found very stylish Danskos, Birkenstocks, Naot and other Euro designers with fashion and function. Thanks for your advice, Jennifer!

      1. European brands are frequently very comfortable. I’ve seen Naot but not tried them on yet. I’ll give them a try next time I see them.

  3. Great post, thank you. Also liked the suggestions from readers about comfortable shoes.
    When you plan for a trip how many pairs of pants/jeans do you take?

    1. Since we were driving, I was less limited to I brought 4 pair of jeans, 7 pair of shoes and 4 pair of sandals. When flying is pack considerably less.

    1. It was the color that attracted me to this top!

  4. Annette Alcocer says:

    Could you possibly do Dressing Room Diairies from Palm Springs? I am sure they have some nice stores down there. I haven’t been in 40 years when I was in college in Southern California. Have a great vacation!

    1. What a great idea, Annette!

  5. Susan Bartlett says:

    I also don’t like to wear tennis shoes when I’m traveling. They’re bulky to pack, too casual and not very versatile.
    I really like Hotter shoes out of the U.K. They have stylish shoes from sandals to flats to heels that are all comfy. The comments from other buyers are really helpful. Many styles also have removable insoles. They’ve served me well on several trips to Europe.

    1. That’s a brand I’m not familiar with, Susan. They sound great. A tiny heel can may such a difference with skirts or dresss. When flying, I wear my bulkiest footwear.

  6. You look comfortable and well-prepared – just right for a day of sightseeing. I’m glad you don’t do that half-tucked-in shirt trend. I wear athletic shoes with orthotics on days that involve lots of walking. Not by choice, but because high arches and bone spurs make them a necessary evil. Munro Travelers with dress shoe orthotics are fine for short excursions. I’d love to find a collapsible hat that looks similar to yours so it can be packed for a flight.

    1. We have to dress for what’s best for us! I put orthotics in most of my shoes these days. Look for a hat that can be rolled. Or pack upside down in your bag, then support and fill with clothes.

      1. Ah, good ideas, thanks Jennifer!

  7. The clothing travel challenge is tough…I remember packing in a carry on for 3 weeks in Paris and the south of France…I did not get tired of my clothes because I wore mostly black and had a few scarves.
    I do not wear sneakers for sightseeing…I have several pairs of Clarks which are sturdy and comfy…all are low heeled or flats.
    The Sunnylands estate and gardens looks beautiful.

    1. You looked very chic on your trip! Always stylish. All black does make a perfect canvas for scarves and accessories!

  8. We’re buried in snow so these pictures are warming me up. Lol I love the pop of red in your tote against the blues.
    Do you not wear a belt with your jeans, Jennifer?

    1. I adore the snow. So pretty. Yes, I do wear a belt, Joanna. But as I said in my post, I forgot to pack one 🙁

      1. Sorry, I missed that line. I should know you would finish an outfit. I was heading out to the hospital for a bone density scan, so it was a quick glance. My apologies.

      2. O M Gosh, Joanna. Please do not apologize. I miss 50% of what I read:) I hope everything is OK with your bone scan! xo

  9. Happy New Year! I enjoy your blog. Nice outfit. Is the straw hat in the color “bark” or “antique”? Thanks!

    1. Happy New Year, Susanna! My hat is in Bark. It’s a cool taupey beige and goes with most things in my wardrobe.

      1. Thank you! I just ordered it 🙂

  10. I like to see your shirt tucked in your jeans. 4 weeks is a long time to pack for I would be totally messed up.We have a touring caravan, and usually go away for a week, and I still take to much stuff.

    1. I like tucking things in if my pants aren’t too tight:) I would have worn a belt too, Pauline. I forgot to pack one 🙁 This will be a fun challenge for the next few weeks. I just may need to find that outlet mall nearby…

  11. You look great! (My favorite piece: the beautiful blue blouse.)

    My sightseeing outfit: long-sleeve button front shirt (mostly for sun protection), usually worn open like a jacket, layered over a short-sleeve tee, generally paired with long pants. On my feet: Merrell encore moc pro tec in black nubuck. A little bit clunky looking, but really comfortable. (Sadly I think that they may have been discontinued.) Also either a tote bag or a backpack.

    By the way, right now I’m putting together a packing list for an upcoming trip to southern California. I was going to take a light blue shirt, but now I’m thinking about substituting a French blue shirt instead. (Based on the color of your shirt!)

    1. Your outfit sounds like something I would wear too. I do like wearing shirts open as lightweight jackets. I’d forgot to mention in my post, this shirt came out of the commercial washer and dryer looking just as you see it. No ironing at all! Have a fun trip, Kris.

  12. Lesley Watson says:

    Take a tip from Fred Astaire use a scarf as a belt. He used neck ties and that was his trademark. I envy you the warm weather. Colorado is struggling out of low teen temps and snow, Defiantly layers weather. Enjoy

    1. Funny you should mention that tip, Lesley! I did think of it and have the perfect scarf for it! I’ll do that in a remix of my outfits latter during this trip. Stay cozy!

  13. I too am vacationing in Palm Desert, for a week. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful pink sun rises…it’s early but so worth it! I’m happy I have my light weight winter clothes with me (from the travel days) as I’m using them for the cooler days here. I’m wearing my merino tee, layers and puffy coat. I love the climate here but next time I’ll be the wiser and pack accordingly. (I thought it may be warmer.) I’m on the hunt for a casual walking shoes. I find a ‘go walk’ sketchers work for my finiky feet and allow me to for walk miles. Enjoy!

    1. I have been enjoying the sunrises, Robin. Stunning! A merino tee would be a welcome addition here.You are preaching to the choir about Scetchers. I brought 2 pair, and found a dedicated store in Rancho Mirage! Have fun.

  14. Jennifer – I rarely wear sneakers to go sightseeing. I primarily wear my Clark’s clogs, which have just the heel height that is comfy for me, and work with my dressier jeans. I feel good in them. We have traveled in our RV for a long time (we have had two 2-month trips to Alaska). And, by the end, I am sick-to-death of the clothes I have brought with me!

    1. I love Clarks, Barb. I brought a lot of what I took with me to Canada this summer, so I was sort of sick of them before I left home 🙂

  15. Barbara Lembo says:

    Speaking to shoes when being a tourist, when weather is cool enough (not shorts weather) I wear a pair of Mephisto lace up shoes purchased several years ago but are still in good shape. Famous for being good for feet doing lots of walking. No fun if your feet hurt!

    1. I love Mephisto’s, Barbara! So, so comfy. If my feet hurt, it ruins the whole experience for me.

  16. I admit that usually at the end of a vacation, I’m quite tired of the clothing I took and wore! I guess I love my variety too much!
    That being said, I would say that your situation is the perfect excuse for a small shopping trip?

    1. Me too, Jodie. This will be a fun exercise in creativity. I like how you think, there is as great outlet mall somewhere around here 🙂

  17. I do not wear sneakers as a rule when traveling and touring. For an extended trip into the Smokies last year, I found an extremely comfortable shoe that fit in the middle of style. It is Bzees’s Balance Black slip-on with side zipper by Naturalizer. It weighs nothing and has extra cushioning and memory foam arch support, nice thick rubber sole and is machine washable to boot. Found here: http://www.naturalizer.com/en-US/Product/EC0221704-3015483/Bzees/Black+Fabric/Bzees+Balance.aspx

    1. Naturalizer makes some really comfy shoes. These would be great with long jeans or black pants, Libby. Arch support is so helpful too.I have one pair of machine washable shoes and love them. Perfect for camping.

  18. Perfect look for a walking tour! I try not to wear sneakers on tours…they just look too casual to me. But I understand why people do. They are the most comfortable option for my feet. That said, I rely on EF, Paul Green and Ecco for days with more walking involved. I also have a pair of Naots that work.

    I’m envious of your weather, although we finally got out and did some cross country skiing yesterday. If we’re going to have winter, we have to use it. 🙂

    1. Cross country skiing is on my “learn to” list, so I am envious, Laurel! Paul Green is amazingly comfortable. I just love them and they’re so stylish too!

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