Casual Cashmere, Sneakers and Pearls Outfit

Happy Tuesday ladies. Our weather has cooled off since I was away and it’s begun to rain here, which I love. California really needs it! I may finally get to wear the rain boots I purchased at the Nordstrom anniversary sale 3 years ago! Today’s ootd is a casual outfit of cashmere, faux suede, sneakers, and pearls with a special story.

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woman wearing casual cashmere sweater, faux suede pants and pearls

The weather was bright and sunny but cool enough for a cashmere sweater, faux suede pants, and a favorite scarf. Yay, sweater and scarf weather, my favorite season of all. I had a day of errands and here’s what I wore.

Cashmere, sneakers, and pearls

woman wearing cashmere, sneakers and pearls

October is breast cancer awareness month so it’s fitting that I also got my mammogram yesterday. My mom had breast cancer and was lucky enough to be able to treat it with a lumpectomy and radiation. As we know, many, many women are not so lucky. To be honest, my mom died just a few years later from Hep C so we don’t know if her cancer might have recurred.

I always dread getting my mammogram, do you? Not because it’s uncomfortable, but because it seems like I hold my breath from the day of the test until the day I get the results.

Last year they scared the daylights out of me when they decided something didn’t look quite right and I needed another test for a closer look. My insurance company refused to pay for it for weeks, which sure caused some sleepless nights. They finally paid, I had the MRI and everything was normal, but whew.

As you know, I love pearls. Real, faux, south sea, freshwater, baroque…they all add an elegant touch to any outfit. It felt fitting to wear my new bracelet from the Freshwater Pearl Company. They’re a new, small company that was started by a young man to keep his mother’s legacy alive after she lost her valiant battle with breast cancer.

woman wearing blue gown awaiting her mammogram appointment

This bracelet is made of 14-15mm freshwater baroque pearls and is available in white, natural, silver, or dark gray pearls. I am wearing white. It also has a removable pendant you can hang on any necklace, which is a fun way to mix things up.

Several of their earrings coordinate beautifully with this bracelet like the Amosa, Halai, Akoni, and Dione. To be totally honest, I’ve heard a rumor that they will be making a coordinating large baroque necklace and it has my name all over it:)

cashmere and pearls

The Freshwater Pearl Company has generously offered my readers a 15% discount on your whole order with the code firstorder15. It’s a one-time use coupon only and can be used on your entire order. Because the cost of shipping and materials are all going up, Brian tells me that he has to raise his prices on November 1. That makes now a great time to treat yourself or purchase gifts for the holidays.

You can read more about their donation to the American Cancer Society on their website.

Thanks for reading and remember to get your mammogram and wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Jennifer, thank you for bringing attention to the importance of getting mammograms. My breast cancer was discovered early in a mammogram, and was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation. I am 14 years cancer free! I love the pearls story. They are beautiful!

    1. Congratulations, Ruth! That’s such good news

  2. Due to a high incidence of breast cancer in my family (mother and four cousins, (three deaths and two survivors), I have a mammogram and a breast MRI every year. It eases my mind.

    1. I’m glad the Dr’s are wise enough to give you that MRI annually, to be thorough

  3. Karen Kasberg says:

    I just went through a very similar scenario after my mammogram. I needed an MRI and my insurance refused to pay for it. Because my mom died from breast cancer I knew I needed to have the MRI done for my own peace of mind, so I paid for it myself. I’m fortunate that I have the means to do that, but I feel for those who don’t. It’s very sad that insurance can choose to decline payment on preventative medicine.

    I’m happy to report the MRI was negative. Glad yours was too.

    1. I was flabbergasted to have my ins company refuse a rest they said I needed. It’s appalling! So glad your results were negative.

  4. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    As a 71 year old whose English Mother had breast cancer and did well for several years until it appeared elsewhere, and an Aunt on my Scottish Dad’s side , I am on a yearly check up list with BC Cancer for the past several years .
    A mobile clinic sets up nearby and it’s just so convenient.The new machines are so much better than older versions. My results are sent within a reasonable time, and I believe that with new on-line health system I can also check myself.
    Now about that lovely scarf… did you purchase it on a holiday? Or was it a gift?

    1. I saved and scrimped to treat myself to it last year. The artistry in it is so amazing.

  5. Robyn Lloyd says:

    I enjoy all of your posts and all of the effort that you go to. It always inspires me to put in a bit more effort with my outfits. I have a mammogram every second year around my birthday as a gift to myself .💌

    1. Thanks for being here with us, Robin.

  6. Ramona Baron says:

    Ladies please get your mammograms. My first occurrence was so small doctors told me it might have taken years to grow large enough to feel a lump. Taken care of with lumpectomy and radiation. Second occurrence 17 years later had to have double mastectomy but lump was caught by regularly scheduled mammogram because I couldn’t feel the lump.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and encouragement with us, Ramona. I’m so glad they caught it!!

  7. Yes. In BC it takes 2 weeks to get the letter in the mail. Our coverage is all free here but…..
    I had to wait a year to get a lump removed a few years back to see what it was. Luckily not cancer.

    Very stressful.

    1. Oh, that would be sooo stressful. I’m glad it was ok.

  8. Barbara Burr says:

    I am a three year breast cancer survivor….get those mammograms!!!!! one saved my life!!!!! And, love seeing you wearing pearls….they are not just for old ladies!!!! You made me get mine out and wear them again!! Thanks so much!

    1. Double yay! Congratulations and I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying your pearls.

  9. Katherine says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    You are in my thoughts that your mammogram results turn out to be negative. I totally
    appreciate your concerns.
    I am always happy when I get the results as well, having had some speed bumps in the
    past, however nothing proved to be bad. It’s always good that they are investigative.

    1. I agree!! I want them to investigate any and everything they feel necessary.

  10. Oh, the waiting for mammo results can stress a person out!
    My healthcare system gives results on the “My Chart” computer program and I know within a day what the results are. Dense breasts like I have can result in a recall for more tests. Ask for the 3D and have your doctor write that on RX. It’s more accurate/sees more.
    Love pearls and thanks for wearing them with casual looks.

    1. “My chart” is where I will get mine too. I do prefer when they have you wait and give you the thumbs up that day.

  11. Cashmere, sneakers and pearls, oh my!
    Twice, I had to have follow up testing after my initial mammogram. Each time everything turned out fine. I have always paused to reflect on how grateful I am. My heart aches for those who have been less fortunate.

    On a follow up to your Christmas idea list, if you are shopping for grand or great grand children, take a look at the Fat Brain line of products. Awesome games and activities that are so fun! I loved all your ideas too. Small problem though, so many were exacting what I wanted! 😂

    1. Mine does too, Jan. It is so terrifying. I will check that line out. My grandson is at the top of my list:)

  12. Ginger Whelan says:

    I have been looking at this very handbag in this color, which I feared might be too “dressy” for daytime. Are you happy with it? Roomy enough for travel?
    Also loving the freshwater pearls!

    1. I LOVE this bag. I’ve carried it every day for the last few months. It was the only bag I took on my 6 weeks trip to Canada this summer and is perfect.

  13. Dear Jennifer,
    Good luck today! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

    1. Thank you, Barbara.

  14. We get to wait for a letter in the mail for mammogram results. Getting a phone call means bad news.

  15. I love pearls also. I have all kinds of them and I wear them regularly. They just seem to go with everything. Love that your bracelet also had a pendent, very clever. That outfit looks so nice on you!

  16. Yes, very stressful waiting on tests. A couple of years ago I had to do a repeat because of dense breasts. Thank goodness it was nothing. Hopefully yours is nothing as well.

    Today I go for routine bone density. I was osteopenia years ago, not sure how I will feel if is osteoporosis.

    Take care and good results.

    1. I need to redo mine again this year too. Hopefully your density is improved! Bones are so critical at our age. Good luck

  17. Christine Simpson says:

    I’m a 5 year breast cancer survivor on 12/7 this year. I had stage 3, so chemo, radiation and mastectomy. I just had my mammogram on the lone stander this month and YES the stress is so bad until you get the results back!! I wish they could streamline it and give same day results!!
    Hope you get an all clear 💕💕

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming 5 year anniversary! Your mammogram must be very scary each year. Sending prayers and hugs.

  18. Jennifer,
    Hate the mammogram for the same reason as you. Procedure is fine,….. it’s “the eternal breath hold” until an all clear comes in.
    Wishing you good results.

  19. Praying that your mammogram results are normal Jennifer. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Ann Dietrick says:

    Love your OOTD, casual, comfortable! I get my mammogram every December, a Xmas gift to myself!

  21. Melissa Ritchie says:

    Mammograms are necessary but such an unnerving time for me. I get a callback every year! I have cyst and dense breast I have had a biopsy and always an ultrasound. I just wish mammogram and ultrasound would be scheduled at same time for someone like me.
    Love your outfit and checking into the pearls!
    Have a great day!

    1. Knowing you have that doesn’t make it easier, it makes it scarier. I’m sorry. It seems they should know to schedule them together.

    2. The same has happened to me (but not yearly, thank heavens… you have my sympathy). I wish they would let anyone who has required an ultrasound in the past to skip the mammo and go straight to an ultrasound which, from what I’ve been told, is a better, more specific test.

  22. Sheila Hawks says:

    Jennifer, this comment is about your gift list post from last week. I am speaking as a Grandmother in her seventies and there is not one of those gifts listed for Grandparents that I would want to receive. At this time in my life I have plenty of picture frames and I never want to receive anything that is monogrammed with a Grandparent title. Why not check out special interests of the grandparent and gift accordingly?

    1. I’m not sure what gift selections you’re referring to. I didn’t publish a gift list last week. What is the list called?

      1. Lorrie Orr says:

        I saw a post in my feed with a long gift list with links, too. I thought it rather odd, as it didn’t sound like you. But it definitely looked like your blog. I wonder what could have happened?

      2. Sorry, it was the gifts under $50. List that you published on 10/25/2021. Just so disappointed in your list for grandparents.

      3. I’m not clear what you mean. I did not publish a gift list for grandparents. If you’re referring to the potholder comment, it was not intended as a grandmother gift. Just a reference to older style potholders. I reworded it for you.

  23. I feel bad for you and anyone else who goes somewhere where you have to wait a day or two for your mammogram results. My hospital gives IMMEDIATE (within minutes) results. You need to find a place near you. No one should have to wait!!

    1. My place in the Bay Area was quick too. Maybe because this is a teaching hospital. I’m not sure.

  24. Paulette Levy says:

    Hello Jennifer. You look amazing in your neutrals and those pearls- love the back story but especiallylove that bracelet and necklace! Pearls just cast a certain light or brightness on whoever wears them…a bit of positive energy.
    I’m behind schedule in getting my mammogram. Yes, the two day wait drives me crazy…waiting, waiting….it’s always been fine. Fortunately, there is no breast cancer in my immediate family.
    Have a wonderful day….

    1. I forgot my last appointment so I’m 6 months overdo but it sure feels good to have it done. Have a great day Paulette

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