Holiday Gifts Under $50

‘Tis the season to gift so let’s get this party started. Apparently, some of you are almost finished with your shopping but for those of you who aren’t, I have some holiday gifts under $50 to get you thinking. I’m including gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for everyone on your list in this guide…maybe even a few things for you:) Let’s start with some gifts for her.

This reversible tote is soft, stylish and looks much more expensive than it really is. I love reversible anything for versatility. I’ve carried this tote in gray/silver for years, and still love it! The faux leather is substantial so it doesn’t collapse when you set it down.

traveling with a tote and rolling spinner
circa 2018

These Ugg socks are super soft and will keep her feet warm and toasty, and since they’re Ugg, they’re more luxe than regular socks. Here’s where one-for-her, one-for-me hit the mark because cozy socks are a luxury we all deserve.

Everyone could use new makeup brushes, and these are not only pretty, they’re a great deal! I keep mine out in a pretty container so how they look, matters as much as how they make me look.

Once she tries this rapid dry hair towel, she’ll thank you for all the time it saves her. My hair is super thin so I don’t need it, but two ladies on my list have thick hair and will love this. FYI, the more moisture you can remove from your hair before you start blow drying, the less damage you cause with heat.

This set takes all the guess work out of the popular layering necklace trend. It’s also perfect for a stocking stuffer.

A simple gold bangle is such a thoughtful gift that she’ll treasure forever.

Gorjana jewelry makes great, modern jewelry at an affordable price. These small bar earrings are a fun new alternative to a stud earring for when you just need something small that won’t compete with a larger necklace.

This sherpa cardigan comes in several colors and is a fun jacket alternative for milder climates. It’s also perfect for days around the house and yard for a touch of extra cozy.

The smaller size of this popular fragrance is perfect to keep in your bag to refresh during the day. I brought this set of my current favorite No.4 perfume and can’t get enough of it.


Kate Spade has done it again by taking her popular glitter studs and turning them into hoop huggies. These are also in my newest obsession, Rose Gold:)

This would be a funny gift for someone that doesn’t have the greenest thumb but still likes to have some greenery 🙂 Insert my name here, because my black thumb is legendary.

Take her Apple Watch to the next level with this leather watch band. On that note, I have been wondering if I would love an Apple watch. Do you have one? Yay or nay?

She’ll love the gift of a self-standing dimmable LED mirror. Perfect for the ladies on your list who don’t need a magnifying mirror.

Now let’s look at some under $50 gifts for the men on your list.

Update his winter t-shirt game with this popular long sleeve. It comes in 6 colors and is great quality.

These are the softest pj’s he’ll ever wear, and they come in several patterns. They landed in my cart for 2 fellows I know:)

This wallet not only looks cool, is available in several colors, but also provides an extra layer of electronic protection.

A Cashmere blend sweater for under $50? Yes, please. This Nordstrom sweater is a lightweight blend of cotton and cashmere that gives it a soft feel.

This all-in-one wash will leave him smelling great, and he’ll love being able to hit everything at once:)

Half-zip sweatshirts are super popular this fall and this one by Columbia will keep him warm at a great price.

Give him the gift of a fun casino night with everything he needs in one box! We are big game players in our house so I expect my 8 year old grandson will beat the pants off us in this game. He beats me at cards all the time!

These next under $50 gifts are great for anyone on your list.

This bottle really does it all, keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. I could not love mine more

These aren’t the old-fashioned oven mits I’m used to and we all know the old, stained oven mits we are using are due for an upgrade. Mine are:)

These LARGE wine glasses are a great gift for any wine drinker.

This turns your TV into a smart TV by allowing you to watch all the streaming platforms using only one remote.

We all need one of these which keeps track of whatever you stick it on using the “Find My” App. You can use it with your iPhone, iPad, your wallet, your keys, you name it. I am ordering several of these!

This indoor WIFI camera will keep an eye on any room you’d like day or night.

This does it all-works as an alarm clock (tap the top to snooze), plays music, and can control any of your compatible smart home devices like temperature and lights.

Who doesn’t love the gift of an amazing smile? This toothbrush will keep their pearly whites in top condition.

What have I forgoten that you recommend as a gift under $50?



  1. karen kirkland says:

    Oh! Another favorite little app on my watch is the mindfulness “breathe” reminder. I LOVE that little reminder throughout my stressful day. It brings me back to … me.
    Just like your other devices, you can customize them to be beneficial for your needs. And as others have said, it saves me from missing a call or other notification.
    I have a very gorgeous Michele band from Nordstrom that I was gifted, and some pretty ones I purchased on Amazon for under $10!

    1. Sold…I need that reminder right on my wrist:)

  2. karen kirkland says:

    YES to the Apple Watch, Jennifer! I didn’t think I’d want one or like one, but a family member gave me one in July 2020. I absolutely love it – I use the timer frequently, I get notifications of phone calls and texts from my daughter – we KNOW how important that is to you, I check the outdoor temp, watch my heart rate, and I use the workout app at the flick of my wrist. And you can make pretty and/or interesting faces and add bands. I prefer the smaller size. So much for my Tag watch!

    I’ve had an Aquis hair wrap for five or six years and LOVE it, even with my quite thinning hair. It holds my hair and definitely hastens the drying process.

    Lots of nice goodies on this list! I’m a major Hydroflask fan too! Now I’m eyeing those LL Bean flannel bottoms!

    1. Thanks for the vote on an Apple watch. I didn’t know they came in a smaller version so I will look at them. It sounds so helpful and convienient.

  3. Thanks Jennifer.
    Great gift ideas. ✅

  4. Finished shopping? Hahahahaha! It’s nice there are organized people in the world. I’m going after those Ugg socks…

    1. Yeah, I’m not one of those highly organizes folks either:)

  5. Wonderful gift ideas! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

    I have an Apple Watch and love it. It’s so much more than a watch and you can change the bands from sporty to dressy.

    I bought one for my husband for his birthday. He didn’t think he needed one but now won’t go without it.

    1. Yay, thanks for sharing

  6. Hi, Jennifer. I have an Apple Watch and enjoyed using it for awhile. But now it sits in a drawer, so I guess I would call it an expensive toy. Did you see the NYTimes article about what the money spent on a new iPhone could turn into if invested in the stock market for a number of years? It was an eye opener and helped me understand that what I spend versus what I save could make a difference to my future. (These words are coming from the mouth of someone who buys too many expensive clothes!)

    1. I hear you Bea…I am buying less and less these days, but better quality

  7. Thanks for the gift ideas. The suggestions for men are much appreciated.

  8. Francesca B. says:

    Great gift ideas thank you Jennifer. We have all started gift searching in our house especially with family in other states. Happy week enjoy the rain:)

  9. Love the choices today! Bought 2 sets of earrings already, and am toying with the Apple Air Tags😁

    1. Those tags belong on everything my husband owns:)

  10. These are some great ideas, Jennifer. That soft sherpa cardigan has my daughter’s name written all over it, and I’ll get several North Face tees too.

  11. Thanks Jennifer! Some great finds here that will move my shopping along. Have a good week

    1. I love my Apple watch series 3. Use it every day with the exercise info, heart rate, props to move or get up out of chair, etc. Also can answer my phone if not too far from the phone but can’t get to it quickly. It was a Christmas gift several years ago and just love it.
      The list of gift ideas are great, but I actually have most of mine done. I have a houseful of great gifts which I re-gift as I find out what they like. We have been in this house for 35 years and after 53 years of marriage it is time to let someone else enjoy mine and husbands items. House is also full of priceless antiques that I know they will want. House is huge with 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so we have more than me need.

      1. Wow, that’s a large house and sounds like it’s full of treasures

    2. Happy Monday, Deanne

  12. Yes, I love my Apple Watch. It’s a 3, so I’ve had it a while. Don’t like to carry my phone ,especially when gardening. Great to keep me moving with the activity rings too.

    1. Yes to Apple Watch, I also have a series 3 and it does give me good information to keep me moving. Never thought I needed it, and my nice watches now languish in the drawer because I’m addicted to the activity info.

  13. I have an Apple watch and love it. It’s virtually a computer and phone on your wrist. Ive never been one to carry my phone on my body…it’s in my purse. I have missed important calls because of this. No more. I can answer on my wrist and feel just like Dick Tracy every time!

    1. LOL, I love that. Thanks, Ann. I wondered if it would keep me off my phone a bit more:)

  14. These are some good suggestions, Jennifer. Thank you.

  15. Love the gift ideas—thank you!

  16. These days I mostly give monetary gifts to each family so they can do something special (4 kids and spouses, 9 grands between 18 months and 23 years). The one thing I do every year is give the grandkids a silver or pewter ornament that has some connection to family, ancestry, special interest or our country (Canada). By the time they are adults I hope they will have an interesting and loving collection for their own homes as well as nice memory of grandma). Love your ideas and enjoy your blog.

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