Anniversary Celebration: What I Wore

Is there anything more useful in the summer than a cotton maxi dress? Their chameleon properties make them invaluable in my wardrobe. They hide a multitude of sins, are quick to pop on and dress up or down. I love to travel with a few because they’re so versatile. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing black maxi dress with blue denim jacket

I wore this Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing a black maxi dress with white denim jacket

It always cools off in the evenings so I topped it with a white denim jacket, added a straw bag and my Clarks wedges- similar. My sister-in-law got the white denim jacket memo;)

lobster meal on A Well Styled Life

The restaurant looks like a log cabin in the mountains, both inside and out. It has tons of atmosphere and a great menu. We had Maine lobster with drawn butter and veggies. Yum, I haven’t had that for years.

Jennifer Connolly and her sister-in-law wearing white denim jackets over jumpsuit and maxi dress
I love this woman

My sister-in-law wore an adorable jumpsuit which had me wondering when I was going to try one.

I seldom close my denim jacket because they’re usually boxy. bottom flounce on maxi dress worn by Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

I love maxi’s because I don’t have to worry if I’ve shaved my legs, been using my self-tanner, or worry about a slip because I buy maxi’s that are opaque.

My dress is available in regular and petite in black or a sunny yellow. I’m wearing a regular. The top resembles a tee and the flounces give it some extra swish at the bottom, which I love.


Many petite women avoid maxi’s because they think it makes them look shorter. I find the long line lengthens my silhouette, much like wearing a column of color.

Do you wear maxis?

Thanks for reading and have a great day


  1. Love the maxi dress and bought it in black petite. Also love the white jacket with it. I’m again duplicating or copying…. your look, Jennifer!! Outfit being packed for our cruise next week ! Thank you as always ! ? Rory

  2. Perfect attire for the occasion, hour and location IMHO not to mention; looking fab Jennifer as you wear both pieces well.

  3. Since retirement I usually live in maxi dresses or skirts, except coldest winter weather. Find them, feminine, modest, all day comfortable, silhouette friendly & flexible in that they may be dressed up or down.

  4. Mary Ann Doerzbacher says:

    You both look very chic! Black and white combos are always classy.

    1. It’s always one of my favorite color combos. I always feel stylish wearing black and white

  5. I occasionally wear one of my 3 maxis, but not often. Two of them are sleeveless tank top maxis in prints and one is a solid mocha color with a cold shoulder. If it is stifling hot and I have a social gathering to go to, they are cooler than wearing long pants. I’ve found the prints hide more bumps and lumps than the solid. I definitely have to wear more shape wear under the solid and that almost defeats the cool ‘no clothes close to the body’ feeling that the maxi gives. I’m taking the two sleeveless print maxis with me to New Orleans this week. They are great in heat and humidity.

    1. I totally agree about pattern hiding more than solids. The texture does the same but it’s hard to wear in hot weather. Have a fun trip

    2. I totally agree about pattern hiding more than solids. The texture does the same but it’s hard to wear in hot weather. Have a fun trip

  6. I don’t know why I haven’t tried a maxi but now I will. Perhaps, it’s because I thought they would only look good with heels and I wear flats.
    The problem with jumpsuits, when the need to use the facilities, is they tend to touch the floor. In public washrooms this is undesirable. I now wear mine only around the house.

    *Deets on the restaurant, Jennifer.

    1. I worry about that with full legged pants too. I gather the legs in my hands so they don’t touch the ground. We ate here. I’ve been coming here for years to visit my brother and never tried it. We will go back.

      1. I will definitely stop there next time I go through Parksville. As a East Coaster, I miss lobster dinners.

  7. You both look beautiful! Great styles.

  8. I’m 5’1 but I wear long skirts and maxis. For being short I have long legs and it seems to work. I love yours.

  9. Holly C Beaver says:

    I would love to be able to wear maxis with a jacket but I’m also 5′ and the look is not good on my short, boxy figure. I love the look on normal size people though.

  10. Perfect! Easy and comfy and stylish! ?

  11. Deborah Broughton says:

    Love the look on both of you. Adorable! And that’s my kind of dinner celebration!

  12. I wear maxis for all the reasons you mentioned, plus I don’t care for short skirts anymore because I have some ugly veins I’d rather cover up! I just bought a black, wide-leg jumpsuit and I can’t wait to wear it.

    1. Me too! They hide veins and cover up the pale legs.

      Note on jumpsuits, if you wear a jacket it’s one more thing to take off each time you go to the bathroom. This is in addition to talking dismantling the top part of the jumpsuit to get the jumpsuit off. Very awkward.

      1. The dismantling may be why I don’t have a jumpsuit yet. I do love them but I also have a long torso which makes the fit tricky to get right.

      2. @Jennifer: You can create the illusion of a jumpsuit by wearing a coordinated top and bottom. i.e. Elastic waistband (pull-on) bottom, with a straight cut top tucked inside or left out and even cinched with a belt.

  13. Cute outfit, and you were having a really good hair day! 🙂

  14. I don’t wear maxi’s at 5’2” . …Even in petite but I LOVE them on other women. This one is really cute and love the white denim jacket with it!

  15. I personally, don’t own a maxi but opt for palazzo pants in lightweight fabrics and or linen fir evenings out. But, seeing you in thus black cotton maxi with denim jacket….wow ! Love this look. Since we are of similar height and weight I may try one on….you look great. Hope I look half as good.

    1. I was in Montreal this summer and saw a woman in ochre palazzos, a simple, fitted black top and simple flat sandals.She was stunning and looked comfortable in the heat. I think the fit/proportions/color made her look. I also saw a man, in a loin cloth, on the Metro.

      1. On the metro? That must have been something;)

  16. I don’t wear maxis. I’m only 5′ tall. I feel like I’m playing dress-up when I have one on. If I do try to buy one – even in a petite size, it needs to be hemmed. You look really cute in yours.

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