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Clothing sales can be dangerous territory because they’re usually filled with stuff no one else wanted. The leftovers. That blouse that fit everyone wrong or the color that flattered no one. Those low prices can be pretty enticing so we may buy things that aren’t our style or don’t coordinate with anything in our wardrobe.

But there is one sale that’s fabulous to shop… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s your opportunity to save on some of the best brands and new fall merchandise before the season even starts. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This year the early access begins today, August 4 for selected card members and opens to all card members on August 13th. Shopping begins for everyone else on August 19 so it’s clearly smart to be a cardmember. I have a Nordstrom Visa card so I get to shop early. If you don’t have a card, you can sign up here. I buy groceries, gas, and most everything with that card which racks up Nordstrom notes to spend in-store.

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This year Nordstrom is allowing everyone to preview the sale merchandise online and even put it into your cart! Then when you become eligible to purchase, you just hit buy now. Things can sell out fast but Nordstrom often restocks, so keep them in your cart and wait for notification.

Here are some fun looks I made with Anniversary Sale Items.


I put this hat in my cart and sincerely hope it’s still available when I am able to purchase.


Stretchy faux suede leggings are a luxe look with a super comfy look. I have two pairs of these leggings but have eaten myself out of outgrown them so I have a larger size in my cart.

You can preview the Anniversary Sale with early access here.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you shop:

  • What did you love and wear often last year that needs refreshing this year?
  • What items did you not have that you wished you did?
  • What pieces were so successful that you would like them in a different color this year?
  • Is there a look you admired on others last year that you want to try this year?
  • Has your shape changed so that you need new sizes in your favorite items?

Here’s a link to my Nordstrom Looks Page which I will continue to update with fun outfits.

Are there looks you would like me to create for you?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident!




  1. Lucretia Roletta says:

    I am not that enthused about this year’s Nordstrom’s sale,too bland and repetitive. I understand completely where retail is coming from with playing it safe. I am the last group to purchase and already a large part of my wish list is gone! I understand there will be returns and etc. I have been very happy purchasing Nordstrom’s sales of late and many other retailers are having great sales!

  2. The shopping options in our location are extremely limited. And our climate does not allow for fall/winter fashions more than a few days a year. So we do a considerable amount of online shopping but it is geared to spring/ summer attire only.
    Unless we plan a trip to a cooler climate. Which I dream about daily.
    I love the first outfit featured on the post. My style Love everything. Including the hat. I get so inspired seeing things like this.
    Missing wearing warmer clothes year after monotonous year is enough to make us want to move!

  3. I like looking at sales, especially when the clothing is modeled by bloggers like yourself. I really have little reason to buy any new clothes right now. Last year’s winter wardrobe will suit me fine. I may add an item here or there when something is just too good to pass up. I live in a small rural town and folks just don’t dress up much here. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me from making an effort to look stylish when I leave the house, but I have plenty of still in-style choices. My thing is to add in new accessories from time to time. Way less expensive and just as fun.

  4. Francesca B. says:

    Love so many of the outfit ideas on the Nordy site thank you Jennifer ! I have my eye on the suede leggings and the Madewell bag but I have to say concerned about the economy so maybe just window shopping for now!

  5. I don’t see a lot that I need really and I can’t justify buying wants right now because of this miserable virus shutdown. Where would I I wear them? I do love seeing them though and I get ideas on wearing what I own already. I do like the suede leggings and that is a good price.

  6. Oh I love that bag! Has room for everything!

  7. I’ve gained too much weight to shop. 😢 This Covid Life has lead to stress eating. But, I bought a Fitbit in hopes it will motivate me to get out and walk more.

    1. Joanna, a Fitbit is very helpful – stay with it – good luck!

    2. Love my Fitbit!!! You will get addicted to it. It is amazing how the steps can add up in a day. Good Luck!!!

  8. Linda Simpson says:

    Great minds, as they say. I have the Dr. Scholl’s shoes on my wish list. They look like they will be comfortable, and that’s what I look for now. I may have to look at that Tumi tote and the hat as well.

  9. Susan Rosati says:

    I rarely shop at Nordstrom because the petite department at my store ( West Hartford, CT) is ridiculously small and limited. I should try online, just to see if they carry a full selection of the better brands that they have in regular sizes. I’m just under 5’, so only an occasional pair of pants works in regular sizes. And I have to cut off 6” of the legs!

    1. Online is the best way to go for many reasons, selection being just one of them. I prefer online shopping, especially with Nordstrom because they offer free shipping both ways.

  10. That was me! The lady shopping the “post season” sale racks looking for that “too good to be true” purchase. Sometime, at a later date, I would quietly slip those “treasures” in a bag to donate!
    I will do some online browsing and maybe drop a few items in the cart. I can then later review these choices and hopefully do much smarter shopping.
    We’re enjoying a couple days of cooler temps. Can’t believe it’s already August!

    1. I think we’ve all made those mishaps with sale shopping. Give yourself some time to be sure things will go with other items in your wardrobe.

  11. Paulette Levy says:

    Sales anywhere and everywhere—sounds great to me!

  12. I never really get excited about this sale. I live in a very warm climate and I need more “winter” clothes like a need snow boots!

  13. Vanessa Connolly says:

    OBSESSED with Nordies. Can’t wait for you to see the Vancouver store!

    1. I’ll see it next week! I’m more excited to see you! xoxox

  14. I’m usually a Macy’s girl. But the annual sale gets me over to Nordies. No card. But maybe I should have one. ;-)))) thanks for the heads up.

    1. It’s a great sale!

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