Casual Weekend Wear and Chilling with Friends

I’m off to Lake Tahoe this weekend and not a moment too soon. The weather is turning chilly again, (typical late spring weather here), so I’m bringing layers. Sweaters and scarves will be my friends this weekend. I’m packing flat shoes, one hat for the drive and comfy clothes. It’s all about chilling with friends and decompressing.

We hit the library yesterday to load up on books. I got several but the one I’m most looking forward to is The Swans of Fifth Avenue. It’s all about the scandalous, headline making relationship between Truman Capote and Babe Paley. He betrayed her confidence and it didn’t go well for him! I love that kind of soap opera stuff when I’m looking to unwind.


Relaxing by a fire with a good book is my idea of unplugging
I cracked it open last night, and know I’ll love it


I’m taking my Chico’s jacket and necklace to dress things up a bit, if we go out to dinner locally.

Casual Weekend clothes from Chico's

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere at Lake Tahoe so this passes for dressed up in most places.

these will be changed

When we arrive, I’ll switch these flats for my Uggs because I just heard they are expecting snow! I’m packing my knitting too. I love to sit by a fire and knit, if someone puts the TV on.

My daughter’s flight just left Paris for Casablanca so I’ll be holding my breath a bit until she arrives safely., then I will really start relaxing!


See you tomorrow for Style Sweet Spot!

Have a great weekend!

xo Jennifer

Disclaimer: Chico’s provided my necklace and jacket, the opinions are my own. affiliate links in this post may generate revenue for AWSL.






    1. I have some E books on my Ipad but really love the feel of a book in my hand. Old fashioned yes, but more enjoyable for me. Plus this is a car trip so there’s no bag limit 🙂

  1. Hope that you have a wonderful time! (And also that your daughter’s flight takes place without incident.)

    Your “dress-up” outfit looks great. Would love to see a complete packing list, especially since you’re packing for a range of temperatures. Always a challenge.

    1. She arrived safely thank goodness. I always worry until she gets home. I brought sneakers, jeans, 2 pair ponte knit pants, 2 cashmere sweaters, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 2 pair flats, I pair uggs, down vest, parka, 1 silk/rayon scarf, 1 cashmere wrap, wool fedora, I chambray shirt, 3 tank tops for layering, pj’s, robe and slippers. Whew that sounds like a lot but it fit in 1 small bag plus a tote.

  2. LOVE putting leapard shoes with jeans and jacket! LOVE this look altogether!

    I especially like those sunglasses…wish I could find something similar in “reader” type sunglasses as I’d totally do them!

    You look amazing!

  3. Hope you also brought chains for your car as well as some snow shoes! It’s more like January, not late May, in Tahoe this weekend.

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