Crayons and Peanut Butter: Reminders of Simple Pleasures

Round 2, or what I really wanted to say…:) Yesterday was the most therapeutic day for me. I spent it with my grandson…who I don’t see nearly enough. He’s 2 1/2 and the most delightful…if I do say so myself…little guy. He’s usually at daycare during the day, so when the garbage truck came hurtling down the street we raced outside to watch.

Simple Pleasures


It seemed like a great idea to just sit out front and marvel at the wonders of life in suburbia. We found and followed ant trails, chattering about where they were going and what they were doing. Watching how persitent they were, reminded me not to give up, if it matters.

The gardener’s were pruning a neighbor’s hedges and he was thrilled to watch. I enjoyed watching the clean edges being cut and crisp shapes emerge. I really do like orderly things…maybe I’ll organize some closets.

The UPS man waved, then honked…trucks are pretty cool when you’re 2 1/2. It reminded me how easy it is to smile, be friendly and make someone’s day.


Crayons and Peanut Butter: Reminders of Simple Pleasures

We disclovered how fun it is to watch an enormous bee collect necter from flowers. It really was the largest bee I’ve ever seen.

He collected rocks and counted them repeatedly. He was just as excited to reach #10…each and every time! Why do adults lose delight in their accomplishments?


Simple pleasures


I was charmed when he told me, “You go second, Granny. Be patient.” Clearly he has learned sharing and the fairness of taking your turn. Some adults still struggle with this.

During the course of our day I got peanut butter on my dress, crayons under my nails (lifting the paper edge, so he could peel them) and reminded to slow down and enjoy small delights along the way.

Crayons and Peanut Butter: Reminders of Simple Pleasures


It was the best day I have spent in a long time.

Take time today to marvel at something you usually take for granted. I’m convinced it lowers blood pressure and loosens wrinkles around the mouth.


Have a great day!

xo Jennifer

Post script: today I saw my newly retired husband, salute the garbage truck driver as he came by. I’m sure it was just a thanks… Retirement is an adventure!


  1. Rather liked your first post with bloopers and all – made me feel better about our blog post typos. Why is it so easy to spot other peoples, but not your own. And you are so right, simple pleasures and time spend with family is just the best.

  2. What a sweetie. Look like a wonderful day!

  3. What a perfect day! Grand children are such a gift!

    1. It really was! They are a delight and pure joy.

  4. Jennifer just what I needed to read! ❤️ Precious!

  5. Canuck on says:

    This is timely. My little boy used to rush to the window to watch the garbage truck. He dug deep holes in the flowerbeds, and buried toy dinosaurs, hoping they’d turn into fossils. He learned that bees in the flowers wouldn’t sting if you gave them space. And tomorrow, he graduates from high school. So why am I crying? I will miss those days. Like that bee, it’s time to set him free and let him have space. Maybe in a million years, someone will discover a fossilized plastic toy. We never know how things will turn out in the end, but we can remember what was, and the joy we shared. Now I must wipe up these tears and get ready for tomorrow.

  6. Lisa Bayne Astor says:

    What a beautiful post. Much of what you describe is exactly what mindfulness is all about, being present in the moment, letting go of other, noticing the now. What a great depiction.

  7. What a sweet little boy! Glad you were able to enjoy a day with him!

  8. What a sweet blog post. It reminds me of the “good old days” when my son was young.

  9. Gail Russ says:

    Jennifer, I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have a grandchild to share things with. I think my blood pressure lowered just reading about your lovely day. What a charming post! And an important reminder for all of us — those with and without children or grandchildren — to enjoy the small things that life offers each of us each day. Thank you!
    Warm regards, Gail

  10. Love this! Aren’t they just the greatest? We have 2 1/2 yo grandson, too, and he is just a joy to be around. Enjoyed reading about your day.

  11. What a beautiful story, Jennifer, so simple but powerful in its message. It’s such a joy to see the world through a child’s eyes. Ours are so jaded and cynical, we often miss the roses for the thorns 🙂 xoxo

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