Deepest Denim

Happy Wednesday, ladies. As the weather warms up, I love the casual vibe of lighter wash jeans. But when it’s cold, and the days are short, I’m most attracted to deeper wash denim and it doesn’t get darker than jet black.

I discovered that black denim is not for everyone and some women actively dislike it. One reader told me she thinks they look cheap. Okaay…luckily there are options for all of us and we should wear what makes us feel confident.

casual outfit with black denim and leopard print blouse

Some black denim begins to fade the first time you wash them and you end up with a softer, grayed version, which I like. These are new so I don’t know how they will retain their color. If you want yours to stay as black as the day you bought them, through repeated washing, I highly recommend this high-waist option by Talbots, which never fades. These never-fade black jeans are great and also available in tall. My jeans come in sizes 24-32, I am wearing a 27 so they run a bit large.

woman wearing black jeans and leopard blouse

I topped my black jeans with this knit jacket that’s as cozy as can be. It’s a very soft oatmeal shade with a waterfall collar and front opening with turn-back cuffs. The collar and inside appear black, but it’s a very deep shade of charcoal. I love jackets like this because you can just fold the sleeves to the length you need. It’s available in regular and petite, sizes XS-XXL(16W), I am wearing a regular in small. I find Nic+Zoe tops run generously so you could size down.

woman wearing deep black denim

The leopard print wrap blouse is pewter so it blends seamlessly with the jacket. I hate wrap tops that gape in front so was happy to find this has a snap in the center to maintain your modesty. It has a blousy shape with a high-low hem which is 23″ long in the front and 27″ long in the back so it looks like you’ve tucked the front in. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL, I am wearing a small.


These booties have gotten much more wear than I would have expected when I bought them a few years ago. They seem to go with everything because black with ivory/white appears gray. Gray is such an easy neutral for me so perhaps that’s why I’ve worn them so much. The heel is low and the toe box is wide so I can get a nice pair of socks in them without squishing my toes.woman wearing leopard blouse and silver jewelry

I could have added a necklace but decided earrings and my stack of bracelets were enough detail with the leopard blouse and snake print boots.

more black denim

Are you a fan of black jeans?




  1. I wear my black and charcoal jeans year round. I like the crisp look of black jeans. I love my charcoal because they just go with everything. Yesterday I wore them with a purple top. A wise blogger told me once to have your neutrals in a light and dark version of each one. Works for me.

    1. I love the sound of purple with them

  2. Love my black jeans and your wonderful outfit especially those booties.
    I have stone washed black to jet black. My favorite are Walmart “Time and True”. They are leggings that look like jeans and never loose their shape or color. Love these, so comfortable.

    1. I love the Time and True brand!

  3. I love black jeans because they are so so versatile. If I had only one pair of pants I would choose a good fitting , high waisted, straight leg pair of black jeans. With the right accessories they can take me anywhere I need to go.

  4. I too, love black denim. You can wear black jeans with a dressy top and shoes and they look like dress pants. It’s so versatile. And I love Nic and Zoe too. I really enjoy seeing your posts and have been following you for awhile, but this is the first time I have commented. I think you must live near me (in the general area) because you’ve commented on certain shopping malls that I frequent as well. For example, the Ann Taylor store that is next to the Nordstrom that closed. 🙁. I have been hoping a Dillard’s would come in there.
    Anyway, I really like this outfit. I’m short, so I would probably stick to shoes or boots that match my pants, just to have a longer column of color, but I do like those boots!

    1. It was sad when the Nordstrom closed. I hope they replace it with something before the whole mall folds.

  5. I love black jeans! I wear them all the time. I am interested in the no fade jeans because I do have that problem with many of mine. I just don’t know what size to order. I have been wearing an 8 lately but don’t know what size waist that is.

    1. The measurements of jeans does vary tremendously in the same size so I suggest checking each website and phoning customer service for exact measurements.

  6. I love black jeans. I usually have to order online because I need a 34” inseam. My frustration is the horrible smell that some black jeans have. Multiple washings with odor removers often don’t work. If I hang them in a closet with other clothes, everything else stinks, too. If I didn’t have such trouble with getting a good fit, I’d return them all, but sometimes a stinky pair is the only option.

    1. I have heard of the oder problem with black jeans but not smelled it myself.

  7. Like many of the other ladies, I too love black jeans. My favourite brand here in the UK is Olsen. I have 3 pairs of their jeans in navy and black, which have ‘jewel’ detail on the back pockets. They have been worn and washed for over 4 years now and still going strong! The colour hasn’t faded and the fit is perfect for me 😊

  8. A funny black denim story. In other words be careful! My husband has a pair of very old Levi brand black denim jeans. Old as in more than ten yrs. I have very carefully washed them alone all this time, because they were the only pair of black jeans between us. Last month I put these very very faded jeans in a load with some oatmeal colored towels. Oops. My towels came out olive drab! I’ve washed them over and over with non-chlorine bleach and they are almost back to normal. So never never assume black cannot run. Here’s the rhyme and reason for this comment. I bought a pair of very dark blue Talbots high rise jeans last year. They’ve been carefully washed in cold with other denim. Monday I was cooking enchiladas and dropped some sour cream on my thigh. I took a damp paper towel to wipe it off and it turned blue! Rubbed the color off. These were supposed to be color fast. I’m surprised my couch isn’t blue!

    1. I love black jeans and have several pairs. Unlike the lady who said they look cheap,
      I think they are classier than blue (which I also wear) and can be dressed up. Put on a nice top that covers the pockets, add heels and jewelry, and they can take you almost anywhere.
      I always wash my jeans inside out with mild detergent to maintain the dark hue.

    2. Wow!! Blue? That just shouldn’t happen.

  9. I have been wanting to order your travel bag, is the metallic color a warm or cool color. I am ready to order this bag, looks so nice with all your outfits. Can you please send me the link. Thank you…

    1. It is a bronze tone that I find to be very neutral. It could lean warm or cool depending what you wear it with. The hardware is warm but not shiny.
      The website has lots of closeups.

  10. I have a very old and a very new pair of Talbot’s black jeans. The old pair is still dark black, so I’m hoping the new pair will hold its color as well. I have two pairs of charcoal gray Talbot’s jeans as well and find this lighter shade can cross seasons. I wear the black ones only in the winter really. I love the boots but they are a little out of my comfort zone still. Maybe when I am able to get out and about more and in the city, I’ll manage to be comfortable with them.

  11. I’m in the group that doesn’t favor black denim, in particular black denim with white stitching. Our preferences are why brands get to sell a variety of options. So, you black denim gals, enjoy!

    1. Luckily we have options and brand provide options for all of us.

  12. Not a look for me. Hope other women enjoy it.

  13. I also love and wear black jeans in the cold weather seasons. My issue is the bleeding of black dye on my hands, handbags, etc. even after the denim has been washed. Same problem with very dark blue jeans. I’ve tried solutions to “set” the color, as in the vinegar wash mentioned by another reader, but have not found that those solved the problem. Any ideas?

  14. I love black jeans. I think they look dressy and I sometimes use them as slacks. I wash them inside out but my friend used to have them dry cleaned. Your outfit looks really great and comfortable.

  15. Love black denim!! Looks a bit more dressy and always slimming… found this pair on Amazon and have purchased several pair and they have maintained their color. (and the price was right too!) https://shopstyle.it/l/bC8uu

  16. I like black jeans, and my favorite (and only) pair is rather faded. Still love them, almost more, since the softer black seems to work with more of my winter sweater colors. I like your outfit, the jacket is really cozy looking. Not sure I’m on board with the shoes, but I’m a one-animal-at-a-time girl so there’s that. I’ll have to look at some of your previous posts now! Thanks.

    1. I hear you ! One animal at a time is the way most women would style their looks.

  17. Ha, ha ! My sister in law calls those events That are just slightly dressier “black jeans” events ! Each to their own, but I really like your outfit, well put together !

  18. Good morning. I have two pairs of black jeans. One is a pair of Old Navy Always Warm (or something like that) Rockstar jeans that are fleecy on the inside and oh so cozy! I love them. I agree I do prefer black jeans to stay super dark. I recently read a tip to add 1/2 a cup of white vinegar to the first wash to set the dye in dark jeans. It’s still cold enough here in the great northwest to get a lot of wear out of the warmer jeans. I also have a black cigarette jean from Banana Republic for the rest of the year. Black jeans are a classic, in my opinion. They look great with a denim jacket without looking like you’re wearing a Texas tuxedo! (that’s what we called it when I went to high school in Canada!)

    1. Oh my gosh, Julia. It is so weird how we mock others without even thinking about it. In Burlington, Me, where there is kind of a love-hate relationship with our northern neighbors, an all blue jean-denim look is called a Canadian tuxedo, or at least it was when my son went to college there. I wonder if they have a name for it in Texas?

      1. Burlington, Vermont (not Maine)

  19. I find that I wear my black jeans quite often in the winter. I seem to have more sweaters and heavier tops that go with my black jeans but gravitate more to blue denim during the warmer months when I wear more navy and lighter colors. I, too, highly recommend Talbots jeans for maintaining their dark color.

    1. I agree Barb. I like black jeans for winter, too. Mine from Chicos have never faded either.

  20. Love black jeans. I actually like a little fade. I have pets and the hair shoes less on faded jeans.

    1. That’s a great point! I love my faded ones too 🙂

  21. Jeanne Claire says:

    I love black jeans and to me, they always seem a little dressier than blue denim. My favorites are a pair of NYDJ ones that must be close to 10 years old and still going strong. They have faded just slightly but they have held their shape well and they always look great.

  22. I LOVE black jeans, they elevate the most casual outfit. I tend to wear them as much as blue demin, I even have my husband wearing them now. Love your outfit from head to toe!

    1. I’ve been on the hunt for black jeans for my husband too but he is tall so a hard fit.

  23. I love black jeans! Super black that don’t fade! I am on the lookout for everyday black pants(retirement uniform) that don’t fade. I have worn and have a love/hate relationship with Women with Control brand ankle pants from QVC. The only thing I hate is how they fade.

  24. Black denim looks great! It can easily be casual or dressed up. I only wash when necessary, inside out, cold water, small amount of detergent and always hang to dry. Works for me and the black stays black. I found the perfect pair at Lands End.

  25. My problem with black jeans is that they have always faded immediately. Highly annoying. These no-fade black jeans may be the ticket.

    1. My Talbot jeans are still as black as the day I bought them.

  26. I love my Chico’s black jeans, what’s not to like? Everything matches black! I liked the fit of their Platinum jeans but they had to change it up, why? So finding a good Chico’s fit is harder; I’ll wear these until they disintegrate!

  27. If you want to wear a jean that basically disappears and lets your sweater or jacket be the focus, then these gorgeous black jeans fit the bill! Personally, I do prefer the softer black.
    Just wondering, are you letting your hair grow out a bit? It looks so soft and natural and would be very versatile for styling this summer.
    Love your blog Jennifer! It’s my favorite way to start my day on a positive note.

    1. Thank you. I just got a trim yesterday. My stylist had COVID so I was a few weeks late. I do want to grow it out a bit but am keeping it shorter until all the highlights are all cut off.

  28. This is a great outfit and looks wonderful on you. I have had a pair of those Talbots black jeans for quite a while and they have not faded, so you should be able to enjoy their blackness for a long time. While I wear black jeans, I do not wear black near my face any more, sorry to say.

    1. I have to bump up my lipstick a lot when I wear black near my face, now. But I still wear it:)

  29. Laurie B in Bartlett Il says:

    I love black jeans. I agree that the colder, the darker the jeans. This entire outfit looks great on you. I know what I’m wearing today!

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    I happen to love my older Ann Taylor black jeans! Love them equally to my darker wash blues ! I can’t imagine anyone calling them cheap looking —where I see them as casually sophisticated, paired with my beautiful black silk shirt, boots (or ballet flats) and the right jewelry ( either gold or silver) looks truly Lovely! I do think wearing black is an easy urban look. Add a scarf or belt in animal print and voila! Never cheap. Just don’t see it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. But we all have a mindset about particular fabric or colors, so I get it. I am not a fan of the fake suede jackets because it reminds me of what an old high school teacher of mine used to wear and that bias has followed me for the 40 years I’ve been out of high school! So to each her own.

    2. I agree! But each to her own.

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