Monday Musings- A Quick Visit To The Desert

Happy Monday, ladies. My brain is buzzing with many things this week. I just got home from a very quick (48 hr) trip to Palm Springs. I arrived wearing colors and clothes that fit where I live, but after an hour in the desert, I began to feel like I was wearing boring clothes:)

Palm Springs


It wasn’t hot, but the vibe seemed to call for brighter colors and more relaxed shapes. Removing my structured blazer helped, but not enough. I wanted to be wearing flowing, bright cheery fabrics but the one caftan I brought never saw the light of day during this trip because it’s a style stretch for me.

woman sitting under gysyland sign
These Bi-stretch pants traveled like a dream and never bagged out, even after being shoehorned into a cramped airline seat. I’m wearing the navy which appears black, but I may get the gray just for a lighter option as we head into spring.

To fly home, I pulled out all the stops and wore my blue sweater! Still not vibrant but more colorful than neutrals.

And why was I in Palm Springs? A color analysis that blew my mind. I shouldn’t be surprised at the results, but I am. I have much to absorb about what I learned and I’ll share more in the near future. I expect this will be my last color consultation for some time because I finally found one that convinced me of my true season.


I’ve been meaning to read A Course In Miracles for many years and have been intimidated by its length. My friend kept insisting I needed to get into it so when I found great reviews for this abbreviated audible book, I decided it was a great starting point.  Have you read A Course In Miracles?


wow shine spray

This Wow hair shine spray is simply amazing! It’s not the least bit oily or greasy and does not change the texture of my hair. It’s the last thing I spray on my hair in the morning and gives it a sparkling shine. It’s one of my best finds in a long time.

pink and pinker
3 bare mineral pink lipsticks

I’ve been slowly building my collection of Bare Minerals lipstick over the last few months and loving them. They’re hydrating without being goopy and stay on very, very well… which matters under a mask. I’ve been focusing on the pinks but plan to dive into other shades as well. My latest is the Creativity which is so pretty on.

What’s in a name?

I think of myself as modern and as progressive as the next woman. For some reason, the name of some beauty products disturbs me. I was shopping for eyeshadow on Saturday and found one I liked by Urban Decay. I assumed I wouldn’t buy it because most of their product names are edgy. I was thrilled to discover it is simply called “Mushroom” so I bought it and love it. It looks very metallic but goes on fairly matte, go figure.

They make a great mascara called Perversion which I stopped using because that name bothered me. I know those types of names are part of their branding message, but I’m determined to bring beauty and elegance into my life this year, and they turn me off. Am I alone here?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Hi, Enjoyed your post as always.
    I would love the name of the color consultant you had an appointment with in Palm Springs.
    We only live a bit over an hour away and would love to book an appointment on your recommendation. I am 62 and think I had my colors done in my 20’s? Needless to say I need a refresh & PS is always a good idea. One of our favorite places. Did you stay anywhere special or dine anywhere special?
    I understand about how you felt about your clothes in PS.
    I wear mainly black so have to always lighten it up when we go to the desert.
    Thanks in advance for your reply and delightful blog.

    1. We didn’t stay anywhere special and grabbed quick meals at a very ordinary restaurant. The trip was so quick we honesty had time for very little fun. PS is always a great idea. I will email you.

  2. Laura Rutledge says:

    I’m so glad you got to experience the desert! Yes, there is a difference. We live in New Mexico now, although I’m from Seattle and I “get” subdued (all black). There is something a bit child like about southwest Santa Fe style, fresh light colors and fabrics, a bit ourdoorsy, and embroidery, eyelet, cotton and linen tops, jeans of course, along with more dresses are worn here. Flat shoes, any manner of sneakers and leather or sport sandals, booties too. Only the most casual of coats, a vest or cardigan when needed, never a blazer, rarely a scarf (dang). But the simplicity is infectious, makes you want to go out and play! How ’bout a post on it?

    1. We have been talking about a visit to Santa Fe and your description has me itching to go. My mom took me once many years ago but my children were small which put a different spin on it for sure. Lucky you!!

  3. Cheryll Sampson says:

    I had a similar experience years ago wearing my AL clothes in MN. It was somewhat positive, though, as people were stopping me and asking where they could get a purse like mine or other items I was wearing.

  4. I sometimes pick products based on names, especially nail polish, such fun names. I would never buy a product with an offensive name though. Obviously, they are targeting the young. I find it strange that products are geared to the young when our generation has the buying power. Perhaps, it’s because the young buy more. In many cases, they are not afraid to rack up debt. When in Sephora, I noticed most ladies are young. I’ve never had a problem with service at the Ottawa store. What has your experience been?
    I’m assuming Wow hair spray is only for color treated hair. I’d like to find a product that adds shine to grey.

    1. Wow adds shine to all hair. Not just color-treated so it’s great on gray hair.

    2. Linda Moorhead says:

      I would love the name of the lady you saw also. I live about an hour from there and would love to get my colors done.

      Thank you.

      1. I sent you an email

  5. Julie Brown says:

    You always look beautiful and I love your candor!!!!

  6. Linda Robertson says:

    I am a fan of Pam Grout and I’m reading A Course In Miracles Experiment.
    I am also a fan of your blog. Thanks for continuing to give us great advice

  7. Well, through my monitor you look like a “Light Summer” with your ash blonde hair. No matter how many quizzes I take that’s what I test as. Personally, I don’t like the season. I just find the colors too bright and not very sophisticated.

    1. Each system has different criteria and palettes. I don’t like some of the colors in mine, so I just don’t plan to wear them.

  8. I like things that surround me to have uplifting names. I’m the same with perfume. I don’t like the name My sin but Joy, now there’s a name I like. I think I’ll give that shine spray a try. I love for my silver hair to be shiny. I usually wear neutrals because I like them but there’s no doubt that color belongs in our wardrobe. Total neutral is boring. Wearing a burgundy sweater with leopard trim makes me feel happy.

    1. And no matter our season or coloring, we need to wear what makes us happy!!

  9. Mel Walsh says:

    Here’s an idea: use us as color consultants. After looking at you in many different colors over the years, we know what looks great on you. Here’s my take….besides cream and ivory, you look wonderful in soft blues. Also soft pinks, light soft greens…certain grays…but soft soft soft….and same for the kind of fabric. The harsh geometrics of a Nordic sweater are not for you. If I had to pick one color, it would be blue.

    I have never believed we are one season or another. I think we are too individual for that.

    Would like to hear the opinions of others about what colors really light you up and what ones don’t.
    I think our best friends can be our color consultants.

    1. LOL, I suspect few will be surprised at the season I was typed, however, it is more specific than most. This system has some checks and balances to be sure it’s accurate. Not everyone wants a palette but I had been typed in so many different seasons, I felt the need for some professional clarification.

  10. When I think of Urban Decay, I thought they were targeting a younger consumer base so never have been curious to even try it. Too many other competitors out there that seem better suited to my age and my taste.

  11. I am a frequent visitor to Palm Springs, my daughter has a condo there. I’m very interested in your color consultation, I could use one now that I have stopped coloring my hair.

    NARS has a blush that is called Orgasm, I wonder about the thought process in choosing that name.

    1. I was thinking about that as I wrote my post too.

    2. Let’s face it; you’ll never forget THAT name! I guess that’s a plus! 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    Yeah, the name Urban Decay does not really make one think of polish or beauty, however they do have a good quality product. Their eye shadow palettes are great. I have one of the naked palettes, with “natural” shades, and one called Wild West that has more vivid earth tones, along with some teals. One does have to use some of the colors sparingly. Very pretty. As for the Perversion mascara, I have some, but don’t like it. It’s so thick going on it invariably clumps. I guess the names of their products could be less outrageous, but to your point, it’s marketing to those who like things edgy. One just has to pick and choose.

    1. I’ve used their one of their Naked pallets for years and love it:)

  13. I absolutely love visiting Palm Springs ❤️ hope you had some fun. Looking forward to hearing about your color consultation. I always wondered about the names of beauty products also but I suspect they think the edgy names might stick in your mind.

  14. Jean Sautter says:

    About make-up color names. Several years ago a friend was worried about buying Christmas gifts for early teen step granddaughters. I suggested OPI polishes from ULTA, but to check color names to be sure they were appropriate. She did as I suggested, and was very pleased with their reaction.

  15. I can’t wait to read about your colour analysis. I used to think I knew my “season”, now I’m not so sure. I was amused by your take on Urban Decay. I have their lipstick, eyeliners and eyeshadow and couldn’t tell you the names. I do love them though, but I understand your point. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now, and especially like your videos with other bloggers.

    1. I’ve discovered it’s more complicated than we may like depending on how precise you want it to be. I had to get a definitive answer because of how many seasons I’d been given.

  16. Looking forward to your post about the color consultation. I always enjoy your posts as your style of clothing is very similar to mine. Love your dressing room diaries.

  17. I like those lipstick colors. I might try one of those. I don’t notice, or have seen any offensive names on cosmetics yet. The names are so small on the lipsticks that I can hardly read them anyway.

    I have been to Palm Springs for my daughter’s wedding several years ago. We went in May and it was around 103!
    We went to the state park in the desert which was so fun. The trees, plants and wildlife were amazing. We went early in the morning to avoid the heat. We did dress in summery bright clothes that time of year. We hung out around the pool a lot . I found it a great experience.
    We did a driving tour of the famous homes of famous movie stars. The place has a 50’s vibe.
    We flew into LA and drove to Palm Springs. This was my first desert experience.

    1. I do love Palm Springs! There are so many fun things to do.

  18. Can’t wait to read all about your color consultation!

  19. What fun pics! Wow. Looking forward to you color analysis details. Having your colors done in such a colorful environment is so appropriate!
    If I’m looking for an usual color in makeup, I have to ignore the “ name”, but I do like some of the funny titles on nail polish, they make me smile.
    What a fun journey.

  20. Can’t wait to hear more about the color analysis!
    I love the Urban Decay- Perversion Mascara! I’ve never really noticed or thought about product names being a variable in whether/not I’d choose a product. However, a perfume with the “F-Bomb” for a name….that might be over the line.

  21. A huge yes to your ethics on the names of their products. I feel so sad for young women who get used to this thinking it’s the “norm”. It’s not the “norm” and hopefully will never be. I too will not buy for that reason and I am anything but stuffy! Thank you Jennifer!!

  22. I have just discovered prime lash mascara. It is both lengthening and volumizing and by far the best mascara I have ever tried! My lashes look like false eyelashes! The product is geared toward the more mature crowd who might be experiencing sparse eyelashes, but even my 17 yo who has thick, full eyelashes, loves it.

    1. Laura Heitz says:

      What is the brand of the mascara? I’d love to try it!

      1. Hi Alison, I hope Laura doesn’t mind if I jump in, there is a brand that’s called Prime Cosmetics that has “Primelash” mascara. I think that’s what she’s referring to!

  23. When will this “shock factor “ of advertising certain brands ever end? Just when I feel that they can’t possibly go any more rogue, they do! The topics that are advertised on tv are a perfect example. Seriously, if you are really interested in any of these, can’t you simply search them out on your own.
    I join you and the other ladies in boycotting any offensive messaging that may be evident on certain brands. Who is the target of this movement? I totally agree with Suzanne, my mother, daughters and granddaughters deserve more from me.

    1. Mary Wilson says:

      I don’t buy any “Urban Decay” products because that name of the entire company indicates a very negative aesthetic and as a southern lady I simply need elegant and tastefully named products and there are plenty of these makeup products available. As a plus size woman my money has been ignored by retailers all my life so I am used to looking for what I need outside of the trendy brands. Stupid mistake on the part of these retailers! Looking forward to seeing your post on your new color analysis.

      1. It boggles my mind that plus sized women are as ignored by brands!

  24. I understand your comment about fitting in with your environment. Many years ago I took my AZ wardrobe of bright colors to NYC on a visit & wow, did I feel out of place on the subway with all the black & navy! Lesson learned if you don’t want to look like “you’re not from around here”.
    I studied the Course in Miracles 30 yrs ago & had trouble grasping much of it. I’m ready to return to it & thank you for the author recommendation.
    It looks like the Palm Springs area that you visited would make for a great trip with girlfriends…

    1. A perfect trip with girlfriends!

    2. I did the same thing in San Francisco in the mid-90s. Showed up in white pants and a blue and white seersucker blazer in June – totally appropriate in Texas. The hotel employee made a comment about it.

  25. Palm springs looks like a fun place, and very colourful. I am eager to hear of your latest, and maybe best, consultation. It has been a long and interesting journey to get to one that feels like you, so will be waiting for your report. Bare Minerals has been one that I have not used for some time, so will have to revisit that if the lips stay on under a mask. To tell the truth, Urban Decay has never tempted me due to the names and packaging, but I am sure the products are good.We are under many many inches of snow this morning and continuing for today and tomorrow, so those shots of a warm bright place cheer me up.

    1. Wow! Stay warm. This time of year I’m grateful to live where I do. In August when it’s 109, not so much;)

  26. With you on the product names! I won’t by anything with a vaguely creepy, dark, or violent name. Why would I want that in my life? On the flip side, I *have* bought something because it shares a name with my children or dog!

    I would be curious on a post of what you had wished you were wearing in Palm Springs. I love a good packing list! Even if it’s just kitchen table travel.

    1. That would be fun! I’d choose less structured garments in paler colors for sure

  27. SuzanneGabrielle says:

    I am totally with you on the branding. I refuse to buy a famous designer’s perfumes for that reason. Do I really want something with the F bomb on my dressing table? The thought of my mother (who passed away a year ago today at the age of 90) or my two daughters and granddaughters seeing it was enough to say “no, never.”

    1. I so agree about that perfume name! The young clerk at Nordstrom laughed when I said I hated the name.

      1. The sales gal make find it humorous but we speak with the dollars we spend 🙂

    2. On the dressing table would be a big no for me.

  28. I’m with you on the product names……..I have used some Urban Decay products and they were good, but I just can’t get past the name. I’m a sucker for pretty/elegant/clean packaging and they just come off looking very Goth to me. But then again, I guess we’re not really their target demographic—even so, you’d think that they wouldn’t want anyone put off by packaging and naming.
    Eager to hear all about the new color consult!

    1. I’m guessing you’re right that we’re not their target audience. They do make great products 😉

  29. I am so curious about your colour consultation – please share soon. I love Bare Minerals lipsticks and I wore their powder foundation for many years.

  30. I think of myself as a modern trendy 60-year-old woman as well but I am also offended by a product named “Perversion.” The connotation is negative and crass. I think we can all use more kindness and positivity!