Celebrating Turning 60 in Iceland

Our Iceland adventure is not quite a National Lampoon vacation, but close. Within an hour of taking off in our camper, we underestimated its height and assured my son it would fit under the roof of a parkade.

Apparently we were mistaken. We hit the scaffolding of the parkade and ripped two plastic covers off the camper roof. Did I mention it was raining?

Day two, my birthday, we headed back to the camper rental place to have plastic taped over the gaping holes in the roof. A big improvement!

We finally hit the road to the Golden Circle. Our first stop was Pingviller National Park where the views and history are amazing. The remnants of shelters built atop previous ones, date back to the Commonwealth Era (930-1262).

First family selfie in which my son said, “Stand up Mom so we can get you in the picture”. I’m already on tip

toes. Smart ass.

The paths up to view the Geysir at Sudurland were lined with bubbling pools of hot water and natural springs with water clear enough to see deep into the earth.

Every fifteen minutes the big Geysir blows, showering nearby tourists with mist and spray that smells strongly of sulphur.

We stopped and did the obligatory goofy hat photo while we tanked up on coffee, then moved on.

Our next stop was the Gulfoss Falls.

I found it amusing to see no guard rails anywhere in site. In the US there’d probably be 6ft wire fences and multiple warning signs.

Our last stop in the Golden Circle was “Secret Lagoon”, natural hot spring.

This was amazing! Filled with locals and tourists alike, we soaked and relaxed for several hours.

As we set up camp that night we discovered my sons tent had been stolen out of the back of our truck during the day. Have I mentioned this camper is sardine can-sized?

The four of us, 3 tall adults and one short person crammed in for a night of card games and little sleep.

We’re off to the southeast tomorrow to see what sort of trouble we can cook up!




  1. Adventuring at 60 is GREAT! Love this lighthearted look at the challenges of your trip. That hot pool looks like a wonderful place to ease some of the stress.

  2. What great fun and memories you all must be experiencing! I’d love to see a few pictures of this camper. Also, do you get a little of the Yellowstone Park-esk feeling ?? I think that this may be a step way more primitive than some of us would risk. Kudos to your spirit. Happy Birthday!

    1. This is way more primitive that camping in the US! Surprisingly so. I’ll post some pictures of the trailer soon.

  3. Happy 60th! You do look very glamorous relaxing in that hot springs! Beautiful photos. Fun time for all making memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy! Xx

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip in Iceland! Happy 60th Birthday! ????❤️???????????????? The photos are amazing!

  5. Good on you for still smiling despite the trials. What a wonderful family you have – your kids are just gorgeous, and what good sports to come with you and play along. Amazing scenery, this is a gift to see these pictures, thank you.

    1. They are good sports and the best kids! I’m so happy they could join us. They’re keeping me laughing.

  6. Happy Birthday! My goodness that picture of you in the hot spring is gorgeous! I can’t imaging you in a camper with 3 others, so I hope that doesn’t get too old, too soon.
    Enjoy that beautiful countryside

  7. Oh sounds like fun if you don’t take the mishaps into account. Happy 60th birthday. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Going over to Insta to see your pics as well. Much love Lillian xx

  8. Happy Birthday! Your pictures are gorgeous (love the aqua colored spring). Thank you for letting us share your vacation.

  9. Thank you for taking us with you on this birthday family trip!!!! You are doing one of my ‘bucket list’ places to visit, and seeing your glorious pictures I can’t wait to go-soon!

  10. Misadventures just make for a better story…after the fact. Lol Ohhh, that hot pool looks like heaven. Happy Birthdsy!

  11. As others have said -a bit trying at the time – but the things that memories are made of later!
    Glad you are getting to see so much of that beautiful country. And yes, I warn people all the time – they look upon you as adults – “don’t wander to the edge of the falls – don’t put your finger into the boiling water geysers – don’t walk off the paths and into the boiling mud flats!
    Enjoy ourselves!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!60 sounds SOOO GLAMOROUS to me.
    I have to laugh I would have thought you had enough “CAMPING’ , but what GREAT MEMORIES!You are missing ZERO here on the home front!

    1. I howled with laughter when I realized that sound we kept hearing was the roof hitting me the cross beams of the parkade. It must be my age, but I figured it’s only a truck and only money to pay the damages:) Of course we haven’t had to pay up yet!

  13. Oh wow, that’s some bad luck – hopefully you’ll have smooth sailing from now on. We will be doing a coach tour to the Golden Circle – those geysirs look kind of scary, and I hope I can avoid the smelly sulphur mist! We’ll be there mid-month, so I’m sure it will be quite cool then – how have you found the weather so far?

    1. It’s cool, misty and rainy many days. You just have to be prepared to get wet. The sulphur smell isn’t as unpleasant as you’d imagine. Have fun!

  14. Thank you for sharing your family vacation with us,
    I found myself smiling while reading about your adventures.

  15. So funny! My husband did the same thing in a rented camper. They had to let out some air from the tires to get us unstuck. It sounds like a fun birthday. Happy 60th!

    1. That’s a brilliant solution! I never would have thought of that, Joanne. I knew we weren’t alone with this mishap.

  16. These mishaps are what family adventures are made of . I love that you’ve gone together like this. My brother and I did a weekend away with our parents just 3 years ago. My brother said we could all do a saga holiday in a couple of years. That would be something. Parents and kids all saga eligible.

  17. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! Iceland is gorgeous, and your pictures make me want to visit this landl

  18. I loved hearing of your adventures & admire your resiliency! Just reading this made me want to start planning my own family trip 🙂 Have a wonderful time.

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