Coated Canvas Anorak For Spring

Happy Friday ladies. Has spring sprung where you are? I know, I know, many of you are knee-deep in snow and it isn’t exactly balmy here, but we are being spoiled by some pretty nice weather these days. Today I’m sharing this coated canvas anorak in a fresh pretty color that’s perfect for perking up gray, dreary days.


blonde woman wearing blueanorak jacket with blue jeans and striped tee shirt on gold course path

It’s the perfect weight for in-between weather because you can wear it open for cool breezes. Or you can, zip, snap, cinch the waist and pull up the hood for gale force storms

woman wearong hood up on blue rain coat


I’m wearing a small petite, but the drawstrings are above my waist so I would prefer the misses version. This is one of those times when my long torso and arms require a longer length. It’s also available in plus, size XS-XL. And if blue isn’t your thing, check out this stunning Nectarine or Citrus Honey here.




I spotted this Gratitude Necklace in my Talbots store and want to share its meaning with you. Talbots often donates to good causes which support women, and this year is no different. 100% proceeds of sales of this cheery necklace will go to Dress For Success who empower women to achieve economic independence. They provide professional attire for low-income women to support their job-search and interview process.


talbots gratitude necklace


close up detail of blue striped tee


If you’ve read me for any length of time you know that I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like, and this T-shirt is no different. It’s just a simple scoop neck tee that comes in black and white, khaki and white, or this two-tone soft blue. But what’s really cool about this T-shirt is the inverted knot (doesn’t bulge outward) at the waistband.


woman wearing blue stried top, blue jeans, and blue coat

They call it a knot but it’s really just a slim seam that pulls in the excess fabric. It still covers your waistband and tummy but shows some of your silhouette. I know some of you aren’t fond of the half-tuck so this is a great alternative. I’m wearing a size 1 (8-10) so it runs TTS.



woman walking up the stairs in blue anorak and blue jeans


I love the fit of these straight legs jeans. They have a classic shape that’s slim through the hips and thighs, with a higher waist for a modern fit. They also have a built-in slimming panel through the tummy which I always appreciate. The lighter Shore Wash feels perfect for spring and I love that it doesn’t have distressing. I like some distressing but it just doesn’t fit my style. I am wearing a 6 petite so they fit TTS and feel great on.


woman leaning on railing wearing striped tee, blue jeans and coated canvas anorak


These are the same sneakers you’ve seen me wear many times. They’re super comfy and roomy enough for my wide feet. I’m coming up on owning them for 3 years but they look almost as good as new because I keep them clean with these simple Mr. clean erasers. Have you tried them?

Do you have a lightweight jacket for March showers?


  1. Love all the clothes on this post!
    This is one of favorite looks!

  2. I had been eyeing that Blue Anorak on Talbots website but wasn’t sure. But after seeing your photos wearing it so well my mind was made up and I ordered it online. I also got the jeans. Unfortunately, my local Talbots store closed recently so its hard when I can’t see clothes in person and try on. Appreciate your posts.

  3. Love the anorak jacket, blue is so beautiful on you. You always have such gorgeous backdrops in your blogs. Makes me want to visit each one!!

  4. Love this outfit. When Spring arrives here I think I can pull three similar pieces from my closet. I will try the button trick on my T-shirt.
    The magic eraser cleans purses as well and is great on showers.

  5. Love that blue jacket. Don’t need one, but I am the “coat girl”. Have to see if I can sneak it in the closet. (husband will say “another coat?”).
    The rest of the outfit is awesome too.
    Love my stripes. Always in! The white sneakers are great. Need to get a pair. Love that they are leather.
    Another use for Magic Eraser – cleans the inside of the oven door in a jiffy.

  6. I love the outfits from Jill yesterday and today’s jacket and jeans. I do need new jeans so will look into, I have a jacket and I stay with black so it goes with my black, white and pale pink closet.
    Thank you for your ideas.

  7. Linda Henderson says:

    The colors are so pretty on you. Good job!

  8. Ginger Whelan says:

    Is the raincoat lined? And is the hood removable?

  9. Jennifer you look especially pretty, thin and your skin is amazing! You must have found a great hair stylist, your hair is perfect! Love everything about this outfit, color, stripes and lighter wash jeans for spring. I must check out the Chico’s shirt, I need that style. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Marilyn Foster says:

    H Jennifer,

    Love all that you have shown today. Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!

  11. Great rain jacket! I need one like it! All the colors are nice!

  12. Do like all that you modeled today and feel ‘blue’ is definitely your color. As to sneakers; due to issues of an old back injury am currently on the hunt for a quality pair of tea cup/ballet styled pair. (Yes I am getting lazy in my old age as cannot be bothered with lacing so prefer slip-ons not to mention and speaking namely for myself, I have thin ankles/slim calves so feel that my feet look like I am wearing shoe boxes particularly when wearing high cut bottoms …. lol!)

    Re the ‘T- with the inverted knot. On occasion to give my pullover sweaters a different look (works well for other soft fabrics) I use a (clear ponytail) hair elastic. Method — About,4″ to 5″ above the hemline (or knitted band hemline) and ‘working from the inside’ bunch the fabric to create what I will describe as a ‘bunny ear’ (☺) and loop/secure with the elastic. Tuck it back inside the garment and take the excess fabric below it and tuck it into your waist band as you would a half-tuck.

  13. The soft spring color of the jacket is beautiful on you. I like to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. The cute necklace from Talbots would do just that. It’s good to know the proceeds from sales of the necklace will go to help women in need. Knowing this (plus their great product selection), makes me want to shop Talbots more often.

  14. Great look! Now if it would just rain here! SoCal doesn’t see any substantial rainfall and some days I crave a rainy day as an excuse to stay in and read. Talbots does a beautiful job with these jackets. It looks like white shoes/sneakers are here to stay. I finally found mine at Ecco. Thanks for the cleaning tip! I’ve ordered all the Keds from Talbots thinking the canvas may be better in the heat and if I can squeeze an arch support in they may work. Headed to Chico’s to try those tees on!

  15. Love the color of the blue jacket, really wish I needed one. I’m glad you said you would go to misses, I thought it looked like it was hitting above your waist. I would have to do the same, 5’ but long torso with short arms and legs. Wouldn’t know what todo without rolling up sleeves.
    Going to order the tee shirt, it also comes in five solid colors. I haven’t mastered the half tuck, have a bit of belly always feel self conscience about showing it so seldom tuck anything in.
    I did see on Pinterest a trick to make a little tuck like shown on the shirt. Take a button or coin, place on the Outside of top, push to the inside and wrap with small rubber band to secure. It does work just takes a little practice and adjusting to get right. You do need a full fitting shirt for this trick.

    1. I’m going to try your “trick”! Thanks

  16. What a great look. I love the blue and I think it’s a blue color that most people could wear. I do love stripes in my tee and a regular button up shirt. You just can’t beat this look. I’ve always loved white sneakers. They just have a youthful feel about them. When I wear a necklace, I like for it to make a statement and this one does. I like it but it’s a bit pricey but it is for a great cause.

  17. Love everything you showed today. The jacket looks very versatile for spring. I have a similar one in olive green. The gratitude necklace is also very pretty. I always gravitate to stripes too. To me they never go out of style!

  18. I don’t wear light blue, but the jacket in yellow is stunning! So fresh for spring, especially this year when we need a lift.
    Thanks for sharing the gratitude necklace as well. What a great initiative!

    1. The Nectarine really appealed to me too and I never wear that color. They’re just cheery.

  19. This looks great on you. I am with you on the straight leg and boot cut styles and always have been. I may have to go for the slightly lighter wash for a change as most of mine are in the dark or indigo. I do like an anorak jacket but personally I like the ties to snug it up on the inside after having both styles. I could not tell on the website if the domes on the sides actually work, or are they just for interest. I like that the hem is not straight with that little detail.

    1. My go-to has always been dark wash so I’m loving the the lighter ones this spring.

  20. I am totally on board with every piece in your featured look today! The simple details on this jacket and that gorgeous blue color just make it an item that I would reach for over and over. The striped T-shirt and straight leg jeans create a basic style that never grows old. There is a bit of youthful spirit that goes with a striped T-shirt.
    Yes to the vintage, gratitude necklace! What an awesome message that could help so many deserving ladies.
    I use the magic erasers for so many cleaning challenges. From freshening my sneakers to cleaning coffee stains from the coffee pot.

    1. You know, it’s funny but I’ve never used them to clean anything but my sneakers! I better put some under the kitchen sink:)

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