Let’s Style This Mannequin and More About Me

Happy Tuesday ladies. Today I have a mixed bag for you. A mannequin and a bit more info about me. I’d like to start doing some question-and-answer posts. Are you curious about something you’d like to see covered? Curious about me? If you have questions just hit reply to this email and ask away.

Today I’m answering questions about me.

Did I work as a stylist in a store or individually?

Yes and yes. I  managed several intimate, high-end boutiques for many years. I did the merchandise buying along with the owner and helped ladies find the right garments for their bodies. It was extremely rewarding and I loved helping them. They began to ask me to come into their homes and help them organize their wardrobes and help them decide what should stay or go.


I realized this would be a fulfilling career change so began my studies. I trained with several image masters, tested, and received my certification from the Association of Image Consultants, better known as AICI.

“AICI is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Our members counsel both, individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication, and soft skills.”

I ran my own Image Consulting business for several years, helping women clean out their wardrobes and discover the gaps they need to fill with garments and accessories that will help them look and feel their best. We would shop together to find what they needed.

When the economy hit a nosedive I decided to retire and start a blog so I could share online, what I had been sharing with paying clients.

Now enough about me, let’s have a look at a mannequin I came across and see how you would style what she is modeling.

mannequin modeling black top and jeans

The blouse is semi-sheer chiffon with a ruffled neck and cuffs. You can click through the links above to learn more about the items.

Would these pieces work for you?  Would you wear either one and how would you style them to work for your shape, coloring, and lifestyle.

Let’s have an exchange of styling ideas and inspire each other.

Thanks for being here and making this community such a warm, sharing place for women to discuss fashion.

Have a great one ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Denise Thibaudeau says:

    I love the soft feminine with the bootcut jeans! Sheer arms are nice for me, as my skin has started to (ahem) sag in the upper arm region, so it is nice to still show a little skin in that regard. The high neck throws me off a bit. As one of your responders said earlier, she saw something similar with a V neck – now that would suit my taste much better. I really like how the waistline of the blouse is not fitted but gently lays where it does. Lovely!

  2. Thanks for your bio information, it is helpful to know more about different bloggers experience and education. I looked online to check the “stats “, fabric content, rise length, and see the details. I like bootcut jeans, but these are too low rise for me, I need 12”. And back pocket design, I avoid because I’m a pear shape. The top is polyester fabric, which I never wear, it’s neither warm in winter or cool in summer for my body’s comfort. The high neck and design I like, I bought one similar in silk from Vince about 5 years ago in mink brown , my “summer” color, as a summer, I have very little black/ dark navy in my wardrobe, I prefer greys and mink browns. As a triangle/ pear I’m opposite of your inverted triangle, but I have similar “ coloring” to you and enjoy seeing light blue or pastels posted, for that, I thank you.

  3. Very pretty yet simple outfit. Love the mix of casual and pretty. I’m a boot cut and boot fan and petite too. I’d wear this with nice hair, bolder earrings and either a bold bracelet or long necklace.

  4. Wow, I never would have paired chiffon with denim. Those two fabric weights seem incompatible to me. Jennifer, I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

    I would pair the blouse with a skirt or fluid trousers. It’s very feminine.

    And, as such a blank canvas, I would add a long silver necklace as a contrast to the black. Something delicate, not chunky.

  5. Love the outfit. Add earrings, an envelope style bag, and some stylish booties or pointy high heels.
    High necklines make me look shorter and heavier, I prefer more open necklines like a boatneck or vee. A great fitting pair of jeans, bootleg or straight, is a great investment. I have yet to find them 😩

  6. I would style this with a pointy toe black bootie with a heel. I would add some dainty .dangle ,sparkle earrings and you are good to go!

  7. I would wear this look. Some diamond hoops and a small bracelet to jazz it up. At Nordstrom’s when I looked at this blouse they had another blouse which was same material with sheer sleeves and a v neck that was pink with small flowers I would like better for Spring. Love that bootcut jeans are back!

  8. Linda Henderson says:

    I like the outfit but wonder about the neckline of the blouse. Would it accentuate an aging neck? I don’t know but would have to try it on.

  9. The blouse very pretty, but I’m not sure about the high neckline on me. Although it would hide my neck wrinkles! I really like the sheer arms. Casual but sophisticated. As far as boot cut jeans, that’s a no for me. I feel that my legs are too short. I much prefer a slimmer cut. Thanks Jennifer for giving us background on your careers. I very much like your fashion sense.

  10. I love those sleeves, so pretty and feminine, and the sheerness hides the fact that my arms aren’t what they once were. I also like that the blouse is navy rather than black, and I’d wear it as shown with long boot cut jeans, probably a dark wash, booties, and a long necklace. The blouse would be pretty with a skirt too.

  11. I also like the look of the outfit. However, even though I can wear black, navy seems to drain me. I find that fabrics and certain styles just don’t feel comfortable to me any more. Also maybe the year in lockdown has me balking at anything remotely uncomfortable.

  12. It’s a happy thing when one’s career brings joy to you and your clients! I’d love to shop with you, Jennifer!
    The out fit still jangles me as the mix of sheer with jeans. Shows me what new things I need to incorporate maybe?
    No one has mentioned a third piece. I wonder if a long lacy over piece…ruana, vest, shawl, scarf…..would add to the look. I think earrings need to be a standout!
    Is there a way to repurpose some old dressier tops with jeans??

  13. Joyce Reardon says:

    I like the outfit!!
    I knew you had to have experience but I think you’re a natural!!

  14. Violet L O'Brien says:

    I do like the outfit, not sure if it would look good on me. Very interested in hearing about all the things you’ve worked at to get where you are today. We are definitely in good hands with you and your know how. Thanks for bringing so much to women who are searching for ways to look good at any age.

    1. I love to help women so find this very fulfilling. I’m so glad you’re here with us.

  15. I like this simple but elegant top with the jeans. Pointed toe boots or chunky sandals and big silver earrings are all it needs. I don’t like necklaces over high necked tops, but a tight bracelet peeking out from the cuffs could work.

  16. Paulette Levy says:

    I would wear this in a heartbeat! ❤️ Although the blouse has a high net neckline (I prefer lowerscoop or vee neck) it’s a yes! Like others I love the contrast of jeans and a dressy top! Never thought I would, but I do
    Rather like thus and see myself wearing it. I would need to deepen my makeup palette, however and find some pretty and large earrings too !

  17. Your job sounds like an amazing experience. Although hard work, it is great to do something you love and have a gift for. Thanks for sharing and creating a wonderful blog.
    I like this outfit. Very classy. Still on the fence about the bell bottoms. But willing to give them a try (again).
    This blouse would look great with a Jacket or sweater. Maybe a print or texture knit.
    I think it would be a useful addition to my closet.

  18. I have a question. I often wish I could redo how friends dress when the colors/styles they wear don’t flatter them and when they could look so much better. But is there any way to graciously lead people into more flattering appearances when not asked for an opinion? I assume color is more important to me than to some others and I know I should not try to foist my views on them but it is amazing how unsuitable colors grate…. if you were an image consultant, perhaps you encountered this and have some suggestions.

    1. That’s a tough one. I find people do not appreciate unsolicited suggestions so it is safer to keep them to yourself.

  19. Thanks for sharing your journey with us today. It must be a shock to the system to go from being with people every day advising them and then being alone with your research. Oh how I wish I could whisk you away to our area for some one on one with a few friends and myself. It is the shopping conundrum that usually gets me. As for this beautiful blouse, I really like how the jeans make it more casual. Depending on the opening, not sure if I could get it on over a shoulder that refuses to cooperate. I would add a chunky/jewelled necklace that sits just below the collar bone and some short boots. This is so me.

  20. I like the look a lot just the way it is but it’s just not for me. The jeans are great but i don’t feel comfortable in sheer arms anymore at my age and the high neck would bother me. Id be tugging at it. Sheer and high neck just rule it out for me.

  21. I do like the contrast of a dressier blouse paired with casual jeans but…. this may not be the blouse for me. I really like it in the navy color but the sheerness of the overall blouse is just not my favorite look. I also don’t want a top that is so short that if I were to raise my arms or bend over a bit, I may expose more than I am comfortable with. The neckline gets several negative reviews on the web site. I guess, ultimately, the negatives outweigh the positives for this top for me.
    Yes to the jeans although I am not in the market for more jeans in March. I am looking at more warm weather pieces to add to my closet. We are edging closer to 50 degrees this week! Yahoo!

  22. Thank you for sharing your bio, agree it makes me feel in good hands. I love this look and welcome longer boot cut and straight legged pants to balance my tall frame and heavier bottom. I feel more elegant in pants that are well fitted vs snug or loose. I love boots with boot cut pants vs dressy heals, though I’m loving boots more and more.

  23. I really like the top, but not on me as the neckline is too high and I am trying to move away from wearing black so close to my face as it is draining. I concur with one of the other comments about boot cut jeans. I rarely wear jeans, as I don’t care for them, but when I did buy a pair last year (first pair in 30 yrs), the bootcut and boyfriend jeans reminded too much of what I wore during the 1970s and ended getting some very slim leg jeans.

  24. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the look. Would wear the outfit as is with the addition of some silver hoop earrings or perhaps a long silver necklace and baby or black shirt boots with a block heel. Thanks git sharing your background.

  25. Love the blog! The high neck top would probably not work with my double chin. It also looks to be too short in length. I am having a hard time getting on board with the return to the bootcut Jeans, while they are flattering, I feel I just got on board with skinny.

  26. The blouse is dark navy so cognac colored belt and ankle boots – huge diamond studs in ears – that’s all

  27. Love the look! Could not wear the neckline.
    Thanks for introducing your career history. We’re in good hands on this blog.

  28. I agree with Shelly; it’s a classy, casual look and would be interested in learning your take on deemphasizing a large bust on short-waisted women.
    Thanks for your efforts. Love the blog!

  29. Cute outfit. All it needs is a long silver necklace with colorful beads and black suede pointy shoes.

    1. I clicked on the link. The blouse is navy!!! That’s a win win for me with those jeans!

  30. I like the entire look for going out to dinner or an evening event that’s not too formal. Black near my face makes me look sallow, so I would either switch the colors (deep blue blouse and black bootcut jeans) or just change the color of the blouse. Some kind of jewelry could be added too; maybe a long necklace or just some interesting bracelets. I would also be able to wear both items separately, with the blouse (in another color) working under suits for work, and the jeans working for the many days I currently work at home, as well as on the weekends.