Comfiest Shoes Your Over-50 Feet Will Love

The older I get the more important it is to have comfortable shoes, but I want them to be stylish. New technology and modern products mean we no longer have to suffer for stylish shoes. Today I’m sharing some of the comfiest shoes your over-50 feet will love. Cindy and I are joined by Annie and Mary Anne for our Over 50 Style Edit this month.

Older feet can suffer from bunions, fallen arches, corns or calluses, hammertoes, and/or plantar fasciitis which make comfortable shoes a must. I’ve got several go-to brands that fit my bunion-ridden feet and have rounded up some other great options for you. Let’s start with sneakers and walking shoes.


woman wearing ecco shoes

I’ve been a fan of Ecco shoes for years. I own the lace-up version in 3 colors and last year I added the slip-on in a metallic which I find myself wearing all the time. The Ecco lace-ups come in 4 colors here, 3 two-tone options here, and 5 colors with color-coordinated soles here. The slip-on version comes in 7 colors here. Ecco’s have a cushioned insole with arch support and leather upper/leather and textile lining/synthetic sole. The insole is also removable so you can use your own custom orthotic.

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woman on swing wearing allbirds

I love my AllBirds which flex easily and offer tons of cushioning. They’re available in lots of colors and options, including wide width. Their lightweight top is made from eucalyptus fiber which breathes and is super stretchy. They have a cushioned midsole for all-day comfort and support plus they’re machine washable.


isle jacobsen shoes the comfiest shoes your over 50 feet will love

These little beauties are simply magical. I now own them in 3 colors. This super-comfortable slip-on sneaker has a suede upper that’s whipstitched to a flexible rubber sole. They stretch to mold to your feet and are cool in hot weather.



I tried Birdies after my daughter recommended them. They make the mules and slippers in varying patterns every season. These starlings come in medium and wide widths in tons of colors and patterns. I find the medium plenty wide for me. These mules were last year’s version and I have my fingers crossed they’ll come out with more embroidered options this year because the linen is perfect for summer.



fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing madewell outfit with rothys' shoes

I’ve worn these Rothy’s animal print flats more days than I can count. In fact, they’re now the shoe I leave by the garage door to slip on if I haven’t planned what shoe to wear for the day. They go with everything and are amazingly comfortable. The pattern has changed subtly over the seasons but Rothy’s always makes an animal print.


Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and they won’t stretch so you need to buy the size you normally wear. They’re all machine washable and seem to last forever! The new driver style has my name all over them so I just need to choose a color.


I’ve worn Paul Green sandals for years but didn’t know incredible comfort until I tried their sneakers last spring. These are pricey for sure, but I can wear them for an entire day and my feet never get fatigued.

woman wearing paul green sneakers

Paul Green believes in making shoes that will last a lifetime, not just for one occasion. They’re handcrafted in Austria with only the finest Italian leather. I’ve worn these metallic ones on the beach, sightseeing, climbing on rocks and they still look almost as good as new. When they do die, I will definitely save up and replace them.


I’ve been wearing Eileen Fisher shoes for as long as I can remember. The leather is soft, the footbed cushiony plus they are wide enough for my medium/wide foot. In fact, I do not recommend them for women with narrow feet.

woman walking down sidewalk in nic+zoe sweater

Sweater and fabric top shoes are personal favorites these days because they stretch where my bunion bulges and never pinch.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life touring Prague Castle with Viking Cruises

I wore these sports sandals day in and day out over hot cobblestoned streets on our last cruise back in 2019 and am still wearing them today. EF makes this shape every year in various colors with a small twist to the sole. This year they’re in 4 colors including a pretty metallic.

Gentle Souls

I’ve worn and loved Gentle Soul shoes for as long as I remember. They’re designed with a well-cushioned footbed and arch support perfect for long days on your feet.


The best walking shoes for older women

Wearing the right footwear is critical to getting the most out of a walk, which is one of the best, low-impact ways to stay fit. Look for shoes that offer a wide enough toe box not to crimp hammertoes and bunions. They need to provide arch support for stability and extra padding for cushioning.

yoon comfiest walking shoe for over 50 feet

This Yoon Walking Shoe gets high marks for its breathable, flexible uppers, easy slip-on design, air cushion insole, and durable midsole that provides enough buffer between feet and ground. They come in 14 colors, size 5.5-12. I just ordered this gray for my fast walks up and down my neighborhood paths.

Some other popular options you might consider are Hoka, Sketchers, New Balance, Vionic, Aerosoles, Clarks, FitFlop,

Let’s check out what Cindy at Cindy Hattersley Design, Annie at Most Lovely Things, and Mary Ann at Classic Casual Home are sharing about comfortable shoes.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I still love great looking shoes, but know my limitations regarding price and comfort. I’ve had plantar fasciitis for over 12 years and my go to brand for comfort and style is Clarks. I’ve tried many other brands and have some Sketchers and a couple other miscellaneous brands, but I have over 25 pairs of Clarks, in all different styles. I can walk for miles and miles without pain in the right shoes. I take advantage of sales and often buy multiples at a time. Thankfully, I am pretty much pain free at age 75.

  2. Diane aEllis says:


    Thanks for showing so many comfy shoes. I just returned from purchasing two pair of Ecco shoes. They feel wonderful on my feet, give support and are very cute!


  3. Maribeth conklin says:

    I will be shopping for mother of the groom shoes this summer. Formal gown not yet purchased. Bad feet, high arches, bad lower back. Dreading this purchase.

      1. Maribeth Conklin says:


      2. Good choice!

  4. Thank you for all of these great options. I recently purchased the Paul Green metallic sneakers (at your suggestion) and I am so happy I did. They are pricey but I have no regrets. There are plenty of areas in our wardrobe where we can skimp but footwear is not one of them.

    1. I agree! I’m so glad you tried them. Mine are soooo comfy

  5. I took your advice last fall and purchased a pair of Birdies due to my bunion. I decided on the black velvet embroidered ones. They felt and looked wonderful!! So I also purchased the black leather ones. THEN, my son’s family gave me the cheetah ones for Christmas……not knowing I already had two pair! They are the only shoes I own that don’t hurt my feet!! Thank you so much for the suggestion. PS: they also come in a cute box!! 😍

    1. They do and I love them too. I have the cheetah but haven’t had a chance to wear them yet.

  6. Kathy up north says:

    I love your list of so many good choices! I have to make a comment on the Rothys. They were somewhat of a splurge for me. I read all of the reviews and was encouraged by them to go up 1/2 size, which I did. I’m glad I did as it’s needed in length. Due to not stretching, they are still not comfortable after quite a few wearings. They seem to run narrow (my foot is not wide) and I only have a small bunion issue, which is being caused be these shoes!

    1. No shoe is worth irritating or causing a bunion. I would donate them today.

  7. With high arches and pronation Aetrex shoes and orthotic inserts are another excellent choice. Be sure to find shoes that have removable insoles in order to replace with Aetrex inserts. I agree that many f the soft and flexible shoes don’t offer enough support for high arches.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I also love ECCO and many of the other brands you cite in this post, but I have had very mixed experiences with the Ilse Jacobsen tulip shoes which IME are very inconsistent with sizing. I own several pairs and they are not alike in size! Plus they stretch so that most of them need an insole to stay on my feet! Just a heads up for anyone thinking of ordering them online without trying them on.

  9. Sue Hickey says:

    Thank you for your shoe information. At age 77, I need a half size bigger shoe as my feet have gotten longer and wider. I went from a size 8 to 81/2. Unfortunately, my heels barely fill an 8. I’m small boned and my heels slip. My podiatrist says that heel slippage is a common complaint with older women.
    Adding heel inserts kinda works. Do you know of any brand of shoe that have narrower heels with medium widths? Thank you

    1. I do not but have you thought of adding a padded stripe to the inside of the heel to snug it up? That might help

  10. Thanks for some new ideas. My current go-to: Cole-Haan Zerogrand. They’re available in many styles and colors, and I’m loving the black loafers with white soles. Also love Beautifeel shoes- awkward name but fantastic shoes, particularly sneakers. Thanks, Jennifer, for ask the time and thought you put into these great posts, so helpful!

  11. Wow! So many shoes, so little time! Thanks for all the help finding great shoes. I am going to look for some of these.

  12. You might look at Calla shoes, specifically made for bunions. Very stylish, pretty shoes. Free shipping, returns. Story is the founder suffers from bunions as well.

  13. I love Mephisto shoes and sandals.
    Excellent arch support.

    1. I do too. I only have one pair and love them

  14. These are all really cute options and I have tried many of them. My personal walking/athletic favorites are New Balance FreshFoam – super cushioned! Another great brand for older feet is Bionica, especially their sandals and snow-proof winter boots (LOVE my Demee boots!). People should be aware of what their own feet need, and try shoes accordingly. Most of the shoes listed (but not all) are quite cushioned, which is nice, but have very flexible footbeds and little-to- no arch support. For those with pronation (very common), or a tendency to plantar faciitis or other common foot conditions, they may feel good at first but provide inadequate support when walking for long distances or wearing all day.

    1. Thank you for sharing these brands, they are new to me

  15. Mary Ann Pickett says:

    Such a great, comprehensive post, Jennifer. I was sitting next to one of the founders for Allbirds at a sailing race last weekend and I heard him say all the New Zealand team were all wearing Allbirds (made with New Zealand wool). He founded the company to make shoes with a sustainable product. Anyway, I want yours!
    I love Birdies too and thank you for all the other great sources.

    1. How exciting!! I love them

  16. It’s all about comfort these days. I cringe when I think of how I tortured my toes to look good for work … for decades. Love the slip on walking shoe and will order!!! xo

  17. Would like some suggestions for narrow feet. Loved some of these shoes but do any come in narrow width.

    1. I am not sure but I’ll look around for some narrow options

    2. Elaine, I have a very narrow heel and have found several brands of shoes I like. Munro has really nice narrow and slim shoes, as well as Trotters. Clarks has some shoes in narrow, but my favorite brand is SAS (San Antonio Shoes). SAS has come a long way since my mother wore them. They are expensive, but they are very comfortable, and I often get compliments on them.

  18. What a comprehensive report on comfy shoes. I’ll be looking into some of these.

    FYI The Isle Jacobsens don’t fit those with narrow heels. Your feet will slip. Both myself and a friend tried them on and that was the result.

    1. What have you tried that does have a more narrow heel?? That is my struggle!

      1. Southside Girl says:

        Ryka shoes have a narrower heel and a bit wider toe box for women’s feet. Their walking shoes were great for me. I also love the fit and comfort of Traq by Alegria. Amazing support for my bad feet.

    2. Good to know. I’m sorry I don’t have more intel on narrow feet for you ladies

  19. Jan Ellis says:

    Have you ever tried Vessi shoes? They are waterproof which makes them a good tennis shoe for winter snow days. I only have one pair because they are pricey, but they are very comfortable and the waterproof feature makes them unique.

    1. They sound wonderful, I will check in to them, thanks

  20. I love your choices! I had issues with my feet where I had a lot of pain when walking even short distances. Add arthritis on my big toe and I’m sure you can relate. I found sketchers air walk shoes and they changed my life! I hike, walk, play pickle ball and have little pain. Love sketchers!

  21. Elizabeth Sternberg says:

    Very informative and important. Thank you dear Jennifer.

  22. Being on my feet all day for many years as I taught school, I now pamper my feet. I absolutely love my Isle Jacobsen shoes. Thanks, Jennifer, for more feet pamering brands!

  23. Spot on! However, slim feet are really challenging and take a lot of time and $$ to fit correctly. Being over 70 with a new knee and repaired opposite ankle up the challenge.

    1. Congratulation on your new knee!! Stability is so important. Sorry I had no suggestions for slim feet. I will see what I can find for you.

    2. Hi Sj You might try looking into Monroe shoes. They run in slim and narrow. They are the only brand that fits my slim foot these day. Good Luck. Pam

    3. Munro carries slim and narrow widths. Also Marmi shoe stores carry Vaneli and Sesto Mucci in slim and narrow. Both have online websites and Munro’s are also sold at Nordstrom and some make it to The Rack.

  24. Miss Louise says:

    Jennifer, do you wear socks with your sneakers? If you do, can you please recommend some no-show socks? I can’t find no-show socks that work for me>
    I’d like some platform sneakers, but my feet need socks with sneakers (except All Birds.) Thank you!

    1. These Sheec are my favorites, hands down. I have several styles and love them all.

  25. Very important topic about mature feet and showing our appreciation for them for having served us for so long. Style and comfort in those you’ve chosen, Jennifer. I love all my Skechers—super comfortable throughout the day, flat to keep myself safe from falling, and completely washable. Midrange in price, they’re footwear I can definitely afford. I’m still hooked on shoes—just not platforms and heels at 67 years old—but I love feeling healthy and safe and still stylish. Your posts are always amazing and instructive. Thanks!

    1. My feet are really giving me trouble these days and I know I’m not alone. I used to have sketchers and loved them. Things do get lost in a move so I will need to replace them.

  26. Annie Diamond says:

    Your last line…remember to wear what makes you feel confident! That is so true! You have so many good options for stylish comfortable shoes. I have been a fan of Paul Green loafers for years, but had no idea they made a sneaker! I do love Allbirds, and your go to pair of Rothy’s are fabulous!

  27. thanks for all the options! However, 99% of the shoes shown I cannot wear due to the fact I have to use orthotics in my shoes. I mainly wear New Balance sneakers for walking, and for casual, “dress up” I wear ECCO sneakers. cannot wear dress shoes at all! You show a nice pair of ECCO lace ups at the beginning of the post. Even those I cannot wear because I have bunions and the toe box on that style is too narrow. Ah, the trials and tribulations of having feet problems! But I have adjusted and try not to agonize over the few choices in footwear that I do have and just get on with it. Just be grateful that you can wear all these styles you mentioned.

  28. Munro Shoes! And Stonefly from Italy if you can find them!

    1. I love my Munro booties!! Sooo comfy. Stonefly is new to me, thanks

  29. Thank you for this post! I am really struggling with foot issues and shoes right now. I have a couple to add to your list. In the summer, I love Fit Flop sandals and I’ve also just discovered Aetrex. I ordered their Blake sneakers and Sydney wedges and love them both! Did you size up in the Isle Jacobsen sneakers as suggested by Nordstrom? I think they’re calling my name!!

    1. Yes, I bought a 40 which is a bit larger than usual for me.

  30. Jan Correll says:

    I have worn many of these but you turned me in to some new brands! Thanks Jennifer!

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