Monday Musings- What’s Sweet

Happy Monday ladies. Today I am musing about all things sweet and too sweet, for me. We all know that too much sugar isn’t good for us so when my husband’s blood sugar levels began creeping higher, we decided to remove sugar from our diet. I was a dedicated Tab drinker back in the day, but those chemical sweeteners like saccharin or aspartame make me nervous now, so we’ve been experimenting.

Sugar Alternatives

We started with simple stevia packets that I found stashed in the back of our pantry.  It was almost impossible to determine how much to put into a cup of tea so it ended up either way too sweet which left a bitter taste or not sweet enough…probably why the box ended up stashed back there. My morning tea is rather sacrosanct to me so this was not going to work.

stevia products

Then I bought organic steevia drops which are much easier to use. I also found these flavored liquids which are great for flavoring my Chia Pudding, smoothies, etc.

swerve and sugar bowl

The problem is I wanted to use my grandmother’s sterling sugar bowl and spoon and if I gave sugar up for good, (not a bad idea), they would become unused relics gathering dust in my cupboard. I am firmly committed to using the ‘good stuff’ because if not now? When?

My brother had us bring him some Swerve to Mexico and once we tried, we knew it was a winner. It measures just like sugar and even carmelizes when baking so now it’s our new go-to sweetener.

Too Sweet?

Puffy and statement sleeves don’t seem to be going anywhere this spring. I don’t have a problem with the statement sleeve. In fact, I love when clothes make a dramatic statement. Puffy sleeves are so far from my style wheelhouse, I feel limited by how many I’m finding. Are they your style? Because if they are, I will search out and style them for you.

Blue Sweet Blue

Someone, somewhere said that women over 50 shouldn’t wear blue eye shadow. I sure hope it wasn’t me because I’m breaking that rule starting now. Blue eyeshadow is making a comeback and dominated NY Fashion week. I’ve been using neutral eyeshadows for so long, I forget what it’s like to wear color…and that’s a shame.


I’ve been on the hunt for some fun eyeshadows to experiment with and am thrilled to discover Morphe. I’d never heard of the brand until I wandered into Ulta to pick up my eyeliner. Morphe offers a complete lineup of cruelty-free makeup and artistry tools so I decided to refresh some of my brushes too and discovered the quality is great!

“Founded in 2008 among the artists and influencers of Los Angeles, Morphe earned its reputation for a bold approach to makeup that honors individuality and self-expression.”

morphe colors

So far, I’ve used the opening act, headliner, the sky’s the limit, celeb status, and self-azured. They are heavily pigmented so a little goes a long way and wow, are they fun! I’ll share some pictures once I get the hang of using colored eyeshadow again.



I seldom buy large palettes because I never use all the colors, (who does?). But this huge palette is just $20 so I felt I could risk it and so far love every color I’ve tried.

Do you wear colored eyeshadow?




  1. I never stopped wearing blue eye shadow but I apply just a hint of color so that palette would last me several lifetimes. Love those blues even though I have green eyes and usually wear sage/olive eye shadow.
    I love ruffles and poofy sleeves but not with elastic at the wrist or anywhere else on my arm.
    I’ve cut back on sugar so I don’t add any to my tea, but can’t seem to get used to my coffee without sugar. I need it in the morning to get me going!

  2. Your story about the Stevia you found in the back of the pantry reminds me I need to clean my pantry as I know there are items in there that I have forgotten or that have long since expired. I am addicted to all things sweet, and every time I think I will end it, a holiday or special occasion comes around or a granddaughter is selling Girl Scout cookies, etc. etc.
    I have a practical reason for saying no to puffy sleeves, and that is that sweaters and lightweight jackets just don’t fit well over them.
    Love your musings and style experiments!

    1. You are right, those puffy sleeves don’t fit under anything

  3. Yes, I do wear colored eyeshadow on occasion. I like a lilac palette and I have some pink that I experiment with. It’s fun to try new ones. I’m considering the blue palette you’re showing. Hope you’ll be modeling some of the colors for us!

    1. I will share pictures as I get the hand of them

  4. The sweetener dilemma!! I gave up sugar in 1980 and have been wrestling with sugar alternatives since. We settled on monk fruit which is the least problem with tummy upset, but have real issues with the sugar alcohols. Have not tried Swerve yet.
    Most keto snacks contain a problematic sweetener so I’m ready to give up on those and save a small fortune!

    Puffy or dramatic sleeves don’t work for me with my size. 5’4” size 6. They overwhelm me but I think they are perfect on tall lean women. I keep my sleeves very streamlined.

    I’ll be looking for that eyeshadow palette. Not sure I would use blue but who knows!?

  5. Looking forward to seeing your blue eye shadow on you since you have blue eyes. I have brownish / hazel eyes and blue does not flatter my eyes. Taupe , golds, peach, soft brown, plum, look good on my color eyes.

    I use stevia. I think the stevia is the most natural, and less processing than other sweetners. Drops work well so as not to get too sweet a dose.

    I am not into those real big puffy sleeves, but I have two poet long sleeve cotton blouses with a slight fullness in the sleeves.

  6. On the rare occasion I wear eyeshadow, it’s greens and browns. My eyes are green-forward hazel, and I don’t like the blue shadow because I think it clashes. I only wear shadow if I’m going all out for a special event.

  7. Agree with Paulette on eyeshadow colors. Neutrals and mauves work best. Do try the greens occasionally. No on puff sleeves just not my style, more a tailored classic person.
    In my quest to limit sugar intake, and recommended by others sweeten some of my teas with local honey, as it helps my allergies. Also use maple syrup with stronger black teas and cream, actually oat milk. Lol. When baking agree cut by 1/3 or 1/2 and use raw cane sugar or honey, pumpkin or applesauce depending on recipe. But as down to one don’t bake that often unless having guests.

  8. I like a bit of “sweet” a few ruffles, a not overdone puffed sleeve. But, with statement sleeves I can’t wear a jacket or sweater… so your stuck with just the top on its own. Don’t get that? Also, if you are eating , well- just be careful!
    Would love to see some of the eye shadow colors you have tried.

  9. beth byrd says:

    I’ve never worn puffy sleeves as they don’t seem to be my style — I’ve never tried them so I don’t know for sure, though.

    A few years ago I started experimenting with different eye shadow colors. I like using a liner brush and lining with blues, greens or purples. Makes my eyes stand out a little more behind my glasses.

  10. I don’t think there are any “rules” regarding eye shadow anymore. I’ve noticed very colorful eye makeup on tv and in print. I have very dark eye sockets. I started wearing the highlighter color from palettes as my lid color. It seems to brighten my face.

    I’m a no with most gimmicky sleeves. They don’t layer smoothly.

  11. I am a fan of gently puffed sleeves in the 1940s style for summer. They protect my shoulders from summer sun and give visual balance to my narrow shoulders. I like the more feminine look at a time when much of style is masculine and oversized.

    1. That makes perfect sense. Very pretty looks

  12. Never have used sweeteners but use little sugar. As to puffy sleeves, not for me as well since most have a gathered sleeve cap which never has personally appealed to me. Last but not least; looking forward to your eye shadow tutorial as seldom wear it now myself due I have deep set (hooded) eyes and takes awhile to properly apply so with exception of mascara and a bit of liner avoid it unless a special occasion so can use a little inspiration. Also I would love to know if you are keeping the same brow colour during your transition to your natural hair colour. (Thank you.) -Brenda-

    1. I am keeping the same brow color (ash blonde) but the white cat whiskers slipping in are getting harder to coat with my Tinted Brow Gel.

  13. No to puff sleeves. I have strong shoulders so they don’t suit me.
    Interested in the eyeshadow palette. Do they ship to Canada?

    1. I’m not sure of their shipping but Amazon carries some so check Amazon.ca

      1. Thank you Jennifer!

  14. I like a certain amount of puffed sleeve. The reason being that I have small shoulders and larger hips. It balances me a bit. However, I am over 70, so it would have to be for a mature look. Any ideas?

    1. They do offer a great balance with narrow shoulders. I would look for ones in solids, rather than sweet prints and be sure the fabric isn’t too stiff. A little goes a long way with puff shoulders so slight gathering into the shoulder and a fuller sleeve.

  15. Puff sleeves are everywhere. I like some of the elbow length ones b/c they hide upper arms. It’s sometimes hard to tell from the pix but there can be too much fabric in all these bigger sleeves. I’ve found customer reviews to be really helpful. I agree with others that full-length voluminous sleeves aren’t practical. As someone who has a tendency to dip her sleeves in her food (LOL) , I find they are just too much trouble.
    You can cut sugar in recipes by 1/3 and you won’t notice the difference — try it!

    1. I’ve been known to dip my sleeves too 🙂

  16. Just NO, to puffy sleeves for me! I’m puffy enough. LOL

    1. LOL. Happy Monday, Pamela

  17. I do wear colored eye shadow, and have tried a blue palette from Bobbi Brown. Like you, I don’t quite have the hang of it yet. Great price on Morphe! I also ventured into wig wearing this year. My bio hair is curly, and I like to wear straight hair a couple times a week. Thanks for the post!

    1. Wigs are fun…my mom enjoyed them in all shapes and colors. I may give one a try

  18. I gave up sugar years ago. Gradually, I reduced my sugar in my tea until I could drink it without. Now, I would not enjoy sweet tea. Have you thought of doing that?
    I have never worn eye shadow. For me, it’s mascara only. I have thought of using a light touch of eye liner though but would need someone to show me the best way for old eyes. 😉
    As to puffy sleeves, I think they are cute on others but too foo foo for my classic style.

    1. I am using less and less sweetness in my tea so hopefully, I will be able to forgo it soon.

  19. You asked: No, I won’t wear puff sleeves and mostly not ‘statement’ sleeves as I’m not ‘into’ making a statement when out in public — LOL. I truly think ‘understated’ is classy-er!

  20. I’m excited to see your new palette in action. I wore blue shadow in the 70s and am willing to keep an open mind that I might try a light touch of it again. (Hey, I just bought both blue and mint green nail polish and love them. A few years ago if you’d told me I’d be wearing anything but light pink I wouldn’t have believed you!) No thanks to puffy or even bell sleeves as they get in my way… I prefer an uncluttered look.

    1. I surprised myself last month by buying and loving periwinkle nail polish for my toes!

      1. I’m sure I would like periwinkle too. 🙂

  21. I really enjoy tea also but I don’t put anything in it. Since we don’t use much sugar we just use the real stuff. I really like the look of those eyeshadows. I’ve been using Beaute Basics sweet taffy but now cannot find it in that color. I have Green eyes and I have used green before. Guess I’ll try something different now. Statement sleeves are everywhere, it’s tricky!

    1. Green eyes are so fabulous! Lucky you, Rose

  22. I’m awaiting photos of your blue eye shadow! Its not a color that complements my face but your post made me think that I have worn only neutrals for the last 2 years and I need to shake it up a bit. I had positive results with reducing my blood sugar by reducing sugar use but also reducing my carb intake. My diet is not perfect but reducing carbs made a difference. Good luck and please post some photos of your blue eyeshadow use!!

  23. Paulette Levy says:

    I only wear taupe or pale brown so a 4 palatte works perfectly….occasionally I add a light burgundy. My eyes are grey-blue. I was once told ( decades ago, of course) that I should use an opposite tone to bring out eye color?
    I only use sugar, not substitutes, but don’t add it to my own coffee or to tea. It’s pretty much reserved for guests or to use in baking recipes. I buy Siggi yogurt which is fairly low in sugar but does contain it. My oatmeal is plain (gF ) and I add fresh berries and walnut pieces. Sadly I can’t have much in the pastry, cookies, scones or muffins family as of Celiac Disease. The upside is I don’t get much added sugar unless I bake. Rarely do.

    1. Any yogurt will contain sugar because it’s naturally occurring (vs. added sugar). Just check the portion size because some yogurts quote carbs by the cup; some by 3/4 cup; and some by 2/3s. Oatmeal is really high carb, just something to be aware of. Having said that, yogurt + berries + walnuts or oatmeal + berries + walnuts is really healthy. I have to count every carb so yogurt is my go-to, but I eat some oatmeal in the winter months.

      1. Paulette Levy says:

        I’m fairly thin since celiac disease and work with a certified nutritionist. Carbs in my diet are so few it’s okay. I eat gf oatmeal and beans and a few gf grains. . I avoid regular pasta, no pastry or pizza, no sweet snacks like cookies, cake or pie.

    2. Celiacs is a tough one. I know several people who have it and have to be sooo careful everywhere they eat. I’ve heard the same about opposite-colored eye shadow.

  24. I used blue eye shadow years ago. My eyes are Brownish-green so blue does not complement my eye color. But for someone with blue or gray eyes, blue makes them pop.

  25. I like the look of statement sleeves but so far haven’t found any I’m comfortable wearing. The shoulder fullness is too much on my frame. And the fullness lower on the sleeve I feel I would end up catching on things. I did not buy any bell sleeves for the same reason.

  26. I look forward to seeing how you are applying the blue eyeshadow. I haven’t use coloured eyeshadows since the 80’s and would use forest green or navy (I have brown eyes) as a liner. I would try navy again.
    I have to echo what Jan said in that I admire your willingness to experiment.

  27. I will look forward to try the newer sugar substitutes that have been suggested. My husband and I are very conscious about reducing and limiting the sugar in our diet.
    I wear only neutral, matte, eyeshadow colors. So far…but ….it will be so fun to see how you apply and enjoy these new colors. I try to use a much lighter application of all my makeup and maybe, this would be add a bit of fun to my predictable routine. Just a light touch a hint of color?
    I just purchased a denim shirt from the Loft that has a slight puffy sleeve. And shock, it also has a mini ruffle row around the neck, down the front placket and at the edge of the long sleeves. Who would have guessed that I would wear this?
    Well, I love it!
    I credit you Jennifer, I don’t want to be stuck in a box and not willing to look or maybe even try something new.
    Your opening comment the other day about not being the same person you were a year ago, it really made me pause. I feel that’s a good thing! 😊

  28. Marsha Gibbons says:

    I am not a fan of little puffy sleeves for women of a certain age. However, big, dramatic puffs are different. Chico’s has some really cute tops with just such sleeves this season and I really like them!

    1. I saw those tops at Chico’s too and am heading out to try some on soon:)

  29. Puffy sleeves are everywhere but inside my closet…they just do not appeal to me or look good on me. I would like to see some dramatic sleeved tops styled, please. I don’t bother with make-up at all so eye shadow is not on my radar either. I say wear what you like but I don’t like to see it applied with too heavy a hand. Have a great week.

  30. Linda Conner says:

    We have given up sugar as well as gluten, which has been a challenge to find products that I can bake with that actually taste good! I found a product that works really well and tastes good called Pyure. It is a stevia that doesn’t have that overly sweet or bitter taste, and may be another alternative for you to consider. I’ve purchased the regular Pyure, the powdered version, and the brown varieties to bake with. Originally I only ordered this on Amazon, but recently have found it stocked in our grocery stores. I do enjoy Swerve as well, but I’d encourage you to give this brand a try!

    1. I use a lavendar and purple eye palette that works with my pale cool skin tone. A soft application works. I bought two puffy sleeve t shirts. The t shirt is fairly straight and skims over me. Tailored slim pants or skinny jeans (which I am not giving up) balance out the puffy sleeves. I am looking forward to see your new eye shadows in use.

    2. We have given up gluten as well and feel so much healthier because of it. Thanks for the Pyure recommendation. I will order some to try it.

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