Cozy and Warm Lands’ End Down Coats at Kohl’s

A big thank you to Kohl’s for sponsoring this post.

I’ve been on the hunt for a cozy and really warm coat for our visits to Vancouver, and I hit the jackpot online last week. I zeroed in on Lands’ End for these warm coats because I know the quality is very high, and the prices are always great at Kohl’s.

I love to partner with Kohl’s because women have varying budgets, and I know great style is available at all price points. Kohl’s carries an exclusive selection of quality merchandise from brands you know and trust. They’re famous for their amazing sales and deals that save you money on everything from women’s fashion to elevated home decor.


I know I need a coat that’s water-resistant because it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. That’s why everything is so lush and green! I spotted lots of women and men wearing these very long puffer coats on my last visit, so this long, down coat caught my eye immediately.


It’s available in four colors in sizes X small – XL Tall. I love this navy because it’s light enough not to be gloomy on a dark day and is a very pretty shade of blue. Some navies are so dark they might as well be black. It has a water-resistant shell and hyperdry, 600 power down fill, with a temperature rating of -45° to -13° Fahrenheit. I’m not used to the cold, so this seems perfect for me.


It’s designed to hit mid-calf but is longer on me, which is fine with me because I’m not used to cold weather and want all the coverage I can get for my daily walks. It has convenient zippered side vents to raise for ease of movement, plus the front zipper also raises from the bottom if the weather isn’t frigid.

long down laneds' end maxi coat with faux fur trimnmed hood

I just love the look of the faux-fur trimmed hood, and it’s removable if you don’t need it. I ordered a small and a medium to compare because I figured I might need room to layer. It turns out I do prefer the medium.


Next, I found this petite down waterproof long winter coat. It comes in three colors, sizes XS petite – XL petite and the regular length version is here. I chose this gorgeous teal which will certainly be bright looking on a gray, rainy day. It also has a 600 power down fill, plus a cozy sherpa fleece lined hood. In fact, the entire body has a fleece lining.

A placket covers the front zipper which keeps out more of the elements and is always a good idea in waterproof coats. There are velcro straps to snug up the sleeves and multiple pockets both inside and out. It also has lower side snaps to open for ease of movement. The hood has a serious closure under the chin so I feel like this offers maximum protection.

back view of lands' end expedition waterproof down long winter coat

There’s an interior bungee cord at the waist, so you can snug it up and give the silhouette some shaping. This hood does not remove. Although the temperature ratings are similar between these two coat, this one seems to be better for blustery weather because of the exterior fabric and detailing.

black lands' end waterproof down long winter coat

Here’s the same waterproof down coat in black in a small petite. It also fits well, but I’d feel pretty stuffed into it if I was wearing a heavy sweater. Quite frankly though, I can’t imagine needing a heavy sweater under this coat.



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Which coat do you think would work best for my time in the Pacific Northwest? I am leaning towards the teal. Many of you live in colder climates than I do so you’ll have an idea of the features I need.


  1. pj hinton says:

    I was having a pretty rough day until I read Bobbi’s comment: “When I quickly glanced at the photo I had to chuckle, I thought it was a sleeping bag you could walk in (with the side zippers) – please, no criticism meant, just a fun little laugh when I realized it was a coat.” That made me laugh until I cried!! Certainly lightened up my day and made me feel so much better, so thank you Bobbi!! I am not making fun, so don’t take this wrong. I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow, so anything that lightens up my day is a positive, for sure!! Happy holidays!!

    1. LOL. Good luck tomorrow! Getting a colonoscopy is no fun but so important.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    For winter and rainy days in Vancouver I just wear a jacket and use an umbrella when wet. I go on lots of walks. I have one jacket fleece that is really good for cold days and the other fleece jacket is lighter. I seldom wear rain boots. Have waterproof shoes. I add a hat/gloves/scarf when necessary. I have one pair of waterproof pants and the others are just “regular”.

  3. I love the really long coat…. I’d love to find a waterproof one to cover more of my 5’9” frame. I agree with your other PNW readers to make sure to get WATERPROOF. I learned the hard way it’s not the same as water resistant. I have a lot of waterproof outerwear more, coats, pants, boots, walking shoes and even a hat I the last time I was at Roberta’s in Victoria! My overall favorite winter coat is a reversible puffer on one side & waterproof on the other from Columbia.

  4. Love these coats! I live in northwest Washington very near the Canadian border so I think you’ve done a great job finding coats for our climate. Almost every coat I own has a hood – it’s been years since I used an umbrella.
    You said, “I know I need a coat that’s water-resistant because it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest.” Yes, we have a lot of wet days, but did you know that New York City and Washington DC get more rain than Seattle? Most people are surprised that it can be “raining” here all day but we only get 1/4 inch.

    1. I didn’t know that!

  5. Get the teal! Great color on you!

  6. Great post – love the details on each coat! I have two puffer coats for travel – I live in Southern California, but visit weather so I have to have a coat wardrobe. I have a Land’s End puffer coat that hits mid-thigh and works well when I vacation as I can usually wear thermals and pants and boots. I got a long one from Uniqlo that is great for travel, particularly business travel when I might be wearing a skirt, thermal tights and boots. I like that the long coat goes past the top of the boots, so I am super warm and it protects from the wind and chill. At first, I thought it was too long, but came to appreciate how practical it was to keep you warm. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Vancouver. Thank you for such great blog content. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

    1. Thank you so much, Pat. Wishing you a wonderful hoilday too!

  7. From a Vancouverite – faux fur gets wet and drips into your face when it’s wet and windy. When a down coat gets soaked through, the down clumps together and no longer provides any warmth. For daily walking, a coat that’s below the knees is best – rain drips down your coat and you don’t want it to soak your legs. If you’re planning in walking in all weather, waterPROOF and wind resistant will keep you warm and dry. If you’re walking down the block to have coffee, then fashion is fine. I like both coats – the teal for my long daily rambles with the dog; the down for driving or a walk down the street for lunch or coffee.

    1. Great advice, thanks!

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Let me first offer my congratulations on your beautiful apartment in Vancouver. Lucky you. It’s an amazing city that we visited often. We lived in the Seattle area for 9 years before recently retiring back home to the Central Coast of California. I’ve got coats and vests for every season. When we first arrived in Seattle the first thing we were told was to NOT ever use an umbrella. Total tourist standout. So everything had a hood. All that being said my vote is the teal coat. It’s so lovely and not the traditional black, navy, etc. Plus it doesn’t appear to be as bulky as the puffers and I think walking in it would be less cumbersome. Practicality aside you look so pretty in it! Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks so much Katie. Teal is one of my favorite colors.

  9. Hi Jennifer! I have worn North Face and Patagonia mainly for skiing but still have fleece coats that zip into the waterproof schells. They are quite old now but look new. I also have a knee length version of the navy blue with faux fur hood trim. Great winter coat but not for wet snow or rain. The expedition in black or even the lighter teal version would be my choice for windy, wet weather here in Colorado. I have the expedition from years ago. It is still a very warm coat and it has lasted. I love LE coats and more expensive versions from LL Bean.

  10. As I Live in the PNW i would go with waterproof!

  11. Linda Shearer says:

    I love that green coat. Does it come in regular sizes Im 5’7”.

    It’s a good color for your coloring.

  12. I think the long blue coat would be more suitable for Alberta where we get -30C temps in winter. Vancouver is wet, not really what I call cold! lol! The waterproof teal, would serve you better, just layer beneath it. Don’t forget waterproof boots too!

    1. I was thinking along similar lines, Lesley

  13. Bobbie Van Hoeck says:

    I also love Land’s End coats! Always good quality and prices. I was so sad when Sears went out of business but with Kohl’s picking up the brand it made my day. I like the teal coat on you Jennifer; the color is wonderful. The long, long puffer coat – uuhh not so much. It’s the style and thank goodness we don’t have to follow all styles. When I quickly glanced at the photo I had to chuckle I thought it was a sleeping bag you could walk in (with the side zippers) – please No criticism meant just a fun little laugh when I realized it was a coat.

  14. I didn’t think about Kohls for coats. Luckily we have 2 Kohl’s here and I’m looking for a longer coat. Those are all really cute and functional!

  15. Thanks for the info about Lands End being available at Kohl’s! I had no idea. Their garments used to be sold in Sears stores, now a thing of the past. . Nice to be able try things on in store.

  16. I’d prefer the teal coat since it’s waterproof, not just water resistant. I’ve gotten completely soaked before wearing a water resistant coat and that’s not fun at all because then you’re cold and wet.

    1. Thanks Kim. I thought that might be a very important difference between the two.

  17. Midwesterner here, I have both coats. I’m a similar size to you. I like the long down for camping. (I’m a scout leader who camps in all weather.) I think mine is a MP and I have room for layers. The expedition coat is my dog walking coat. It is more water repellent and blocks wind very well, including the hood. Mine is SP. It’s LE’s answer to Canada Goose, though probably not quite as warm. I don’t buy much at LE anymore but I am thankful for petite coats! I also think buying at Kohls is the way to go. LE’s shipping is high and they charge return shipping even for exchanges or defective merchandise. Plus Kohls cash!

    1. Thank you for your help Shari!

  18. The teal coat looks good on you as does the black one. The navy, puffer coat is a thumbs down. Way too bulky and loooooong on you!

    1. It is really long yet I saw a lot of that on the streets this fall in Vancouver.

  19. Beth Crawled says:

    I have had the Landsend puffer coat for many years and I love it ! I live in Michigan so I wear it a lot in the winter. I have the same coat in a parka length that I wear if it’s cold but not frigid. Both coats are made really well and I wear them a lot.

    1. Great to know. Thanks Beth

  20. Well, I think that teal coat checks a ton of boxes and would be a perfect option for cold, windy days. The color looks beautiful on you and the neck wrap will be so useful if you’re out walking on a windy day. I just purchased a Columbia, longer winter coat and love it for my days walking or running errands. It hits me just above my knees, is warm but a lighter weight. Some winter coat are just too heavy and bulky that you can barely move your arms or comfortably sit in your car.
    We are having unseasonably warm weather for the upper Midwest. It may be in the 50’s over Christmas!
    A warm and safe Christmas to all! I can’t wait to see my grands and great grands! Oh, my kiddos too! 😂

    1. That’s exciting to see everyone. Merry Christmas Jan!

  21. Hi there,
    I’m a young petite 74 and love your sense of style. I bought the teal coat for my daughter for Christmas through Lands End sale…can’t wait for her to open it. Got one for myself too🤣 we live in Texas but 2 years ago we had a 2 week zero degree freeze and I wasn’t prepared …also we travel to places like Iceland and northern Scotland, etc. Ready to pack this packable coat. You picked the best! You look great in the teal. Merry Christmas
    Sandra Winfield

    1. Thank you Sandra. Those are great points!

  22. I have a Land’s End black parka with detachable hood that I purchased probably ten years ago. It is the warmest coat I have ever had!
    Thanks for this post, Jennifer. Good to know that Kohls carries a great selection of coats.

    1. They carry a lot of great coats. I was delightfully surprised.

      1. As another Vancouverite I say yes to waterproof but no to the fur hood ankle length puffer. Overkill, it screams Winnipeg to me. Some winters here we barely/never get below 0C. Layers and dry is all you need. Same with footwear haha, think Vessi not mukluk!

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