Cropped Chino’s And Girlfriend Cardigan

Happy Friday ladies. We’re on the home stretch for the weekend I’m thrilled that we’re getting a balmy one here. Shorts or crops may not be in your immediate future but when the weather heats up, they’re the go-to option for many women. Today’s OOTD is a pair of cropped chino’s with a bright cardigan. I’m dressing this up a bit because that’s just how I roll…but it could easily be dressed down with tennies and denim jacket.


woman standing by flower garden wearing crop pants and bright pink cardigan


These wider leg chinos are super comfy because they’re a cotton spandex blend that gives when you move. The leg is full but I wouldn’t describe it as  w i d e. The pant rise is above the natural waist which drastically reduces the chance of muffin top action.


woman walking in white chino's and pink cardrigan


*On the subject of muffin tops…you can have one at any weight because it’s based on the firmness of your flesh and your silhouette. Women with short torsos struggle with the muffin top because they have so little space between their bust and waist.  I have a long torso but I still struggle with it because I have a straight figure. Most pants are made for women with a defined waist that narrows. I don’t narrow where the pants do so I struggle with a muffin top no matter my weight.

These crops are in sizes misses or petite, 2-18. I’m wearing a 4 petite so they run TTS.


over 50 blogger jennifer connolly wearing cropped chinos and pink sweater


This girlfriend cardigan was flying off the shelves at Talbots last week. It’s bright, cheery, and the perfect third piece to layer on during fluctuating spring temperatures. It’s available in tons of great colors but this True Pink was calling my name:) It’s sized XS-XL in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite. I’m wearing a small in petite. I l love a V-neck anything but most especially a cardigan.

The pink is so bright, I dotted smaller touches of it throughout the rest of my outfit to provide some visual balance.


woman wearing scarf as belt with pink sweater and white pants


I dug out a bright pink lipstick so the cardigan wouldn’t wash me out and swapped my leather bag for this vintage Kate Spade wicker one with pink leather handles. I’m a huge fan of straw, raffia, and wicker bags in the spring and summer, aren’t you?  They remind me of holidays, beaches, and happy times.

I can’t find anything close enough to call it “similar” to my bag so rather than disappoint you, I’m just going to share some fun shapes that are available.





jennifer from a well styled life wearing Talbots pink sweater and white crops


To keep this outfit from being too sweet I popped on a black tank to tone things down and tie in with the scarf. I love scarves but the warmer it gets, the less likely we want to wear one around our neck. They’re fun to wrap around your hair, tie on the handle of a handbag and this large rectangle is perfect to thread through your belt loops. It was too long to just go around once so I passed it back and forth through the front loops twice and simply draped one end over the other.


woman standing in sun carrying wicker handbag and wearing pink sweater



woman wearing pink cardrigan over white crop chinos


Because I’m short, I went with nude-colored wedges to help elongate the look of my leg. These cork wedges are a few years old and a bestseller for Clarks. They bring them back every season in multiple colors. A dark or white shoe would have drawn attention to my feet more than these flesh-toned ones.

See also: How to Look Taller and Slimmer

My white frame sunglasses are several years old. I did try to find some similar but didn’t have much luck.


blond woman sitting on bench wearing pin sweater, black tank and white pants


A simple silver necklace, thin hoops and I’m good to go. It’s pretty hard to compete with this bright pink but you could add some fun pink earrings or tone everything down with classic pearl studs. I have my eye on these, but these studs do the trick just as beautifully.

Do you wear cropped pants or do you just go straight to shorts?



  1. That shade of pink in the cardigan is just beautiful. I am a Kate Spade fan from way back. I had a red wicker bag I loved that was a victim in my house fire. I have been trying to replace it but no luck. I’m going to keep an eye out for that pick one in my continued searches.

    1. I hope you’re able to find one. They are real collector items

  2. Cute, Cute outfit on you! And I mean that in a “Chic” way not condescending. The sunglasses make it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Happy Friday

  3. I totally agree with the other comments—you look absolutely lovely (I wanted to say ‘cute’, but wasn’t sure if that was the best choice of words). I’m curious about your lipstick colour. Is it a warm pink? Or a cool pink? I had a favourite shade of lipstick I wore for years, which was discontinued and I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement, ever since. It was a cool pink with blue undertones. Thanks.

    1. This is pink with blue undertones and I am devastated to find it discontinued!! I bought 5 last time, just in case. I’m on the hunt for an alternative so I will let you know what I find.

      1. Thanks so much! You’re very sweet. I found a pretty close second, MAC amplified lipstick, in the colour St. Germaine. It’s quite wearable, but just doesn’t quite brighten my face the way my previous colour did. Also, if you contact the cosmetic company directly via the online chat or email, they’ll direct you to a replacement colour. I’ve done this, but the colour they recommend hasn’t been available. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada, or maybe the in-store stock is low due to the pandemic. I had a coworker years ago who was able to order a custom colour by sending in a sample of the colour she wanted. I don’t remember the name of the company, but you could google it. Anyway, great idea to stock up on a lipstick when you have one you like. I was planning to do that, but was just a little too late. Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to respond. Your kindness is very much appreciated! 🌷

  4. Cathy Looney says:

    Great look! Thanks for reminding me to use my scarves for belts. Minus the cardi, this is my spring and summer look! It’s already in the mid/high 80’s here.

  5. This is such a cute outfit. I love that shade of pink! The floral scarf / belt adds that “little something “ extra to bring it to the next level of style. Would have been a nice outfit w/o the scarf but just looks so much sassier with, and a little sassy never hurts!

    1. I am a big fan of sassy:)

  6. Francesca B. says:

    Jennifer you look so healthy and happy and just so lovely just had to share! Whatever you are doing it is working friend! Love the outfit, time to go shopping:) I adore pink; and that cardigan and scarf wow. Talbots has done it again.
    Happy weekend 🙂

  7. You hit the ball right out of the park with this outfit!!!!!!!!
    I love it!

  8. I love the outfit it looks so happy. I also have short torso and longer legs so I tend to wear shirts outside. Can’t wait to go shopping after seeing your outfit.

    Thank you for your all your ideas.

  9. What a beautiful spring look and it looks amazing on you. I have a short waist but I can pull this off by just not tucking and tie the scarf over my hair Grace Kelly style. It would look good here walking on the beach. Winds can kick up and you need a scarf.

    1. I am envious of your beach proximity!! Enjoy

  10. Love this outfit on you. That pink is just so pretty.
    I also love the scarf detail as a belt. Great tip.
    Also like the tip about (muffin top). I have a shirt torso and long legs so it is a problem that I try to deal with.
    Sometimes you just have to deal with what you have and keep smiling 🤩

    1. I go straight to shorts, just above the knee. In the Deep South we barely have a spring, not much winter either. I have a very defined waste. This comes with challenges as well. Belted pants. And when I find nice fitting wide elastic waist pants, shorts or crop, I am constantly readjusting the waist. I love Brahmin purses. You just can’t wear them out. They do have woven straw too. If you’re like me and love stepping out of the box (not only do I step out of it, I jump on it and kick out of my way), the colors are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend ladies.

    2. Yup, smiling is key:)

  11. judy parker says:

    Love your hair, love the cut. I have thin hair and I think I will try for this cut.

  12. You certainly do take an outfit and up the look with your special touches. This is a fun look and I love the pink. As to your question, shorts are a no except for just below the knee, and usually I just go straight to skirts when it warms up. I wear blush tone or nude most of the time on my feet unless I am trying to make a statement with footwear. I am always on the search for a pant style, like you, that works for a waist that is only a few inches smaller than my hips. The ones that fit the waist are all wrong from there down and I am not altering every pair I buy, so therefore I get very excited when I find a pair that actuall works. Muffin top is real, but not when the proportions are right.

  13. I love the happy pink color. Is it the True Pink or the Peachy Pink cardigan? It’s hard to tell from my monitor. Thanks for doing my shopping for me. I always look forward to seeing how you will style your clothes.

    1. I’m sorry, I thought I said, it’s True Pink.

      1. You did! I missed it since I hurried to the Talbot’s site. Haha
        Thank you again.

  14. I love this outfit on you. One of my all time favorite outfits that you have posted. You look radiant today! I will look thru my closet and see if I can pull together something similar. Love that handbag too. Kate Spades’s team would be smart to bring it back!

    1. I agree. Her original styles were inspired. Kate was brilliant!! Have a great one.

  15. Phyllis Hughes says:

    Oh my, I do love this outfit! Pink is my favorite color so it really rang my bell. I did think the pants were a light periwinkle blue instead of white. I would prefer the light periwinkle blue only because white pants are such a stain magnet on me. You look beautiful!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. I do look twice before I sit down in white pants 🙂

  16. Very cute outfit. Exactly my style. I own a lot of pink for spring and summer. Makes me happy! BTW your hair looks great. Any new products? Happy weekend!

    1. Funny you should ask. I switched hair spray and went back to my Kevin Murphy! I prefer it:)

      1. I’m not familiar with that brand but may have to chec it out. I normally use Sabastian

  17. Charlotte Sanders says:

    I love everything about this post! Pink is definitely my color and I have been searching for a lightweight cardigan. I am 5’1″ but have a much thicker waist. I plan to wear the cropped pants and have some from the last couple of years but they are fitted. So I will definitely get a pair with the fuller leg. That length is better for my older legs. I will be digging through all my scarves to wear as you have shown. Too cute!

    1. I think the wider ones will be cooler in the warm weather too:)

  18. Anne Bopp says:

    Love the outfit! You look great!

  19. Donna Maurer says:

    Your hair looks great!!

  20. Ugh, I’ve given up shorts. I stick with crops. 🙂 Cute outfit, I’d totally wear it. As a matter of fact, I’m mentally perusing my closet to see how close I could come to putting it together. Have a blessed weekend!!

  21. Hi. Love the pink and black combo. The wide legged crops look cooler for summer, I would be more likely to wear them. Have avoided tighter fitting bottoms in summer. I don’t wear shorts, due to melanoma above my knee at one point, and tend to wear very light fabrics in crops. I love the sandals, but all of a sudden I cant wear higher wedges anymore. Will look for something comparable. The rattan bag is great. I tend to get a lot of wear and tear on my handbags and not sure it would hold up. Thanks for showing us a happy, pretty, look.

    1. Sorry to hear about your melanoma. That’s a frightening diagnosis. Mine was found early so I was very fortunate.

  22. Love that cardigan on you. Pink is such a cheerful color. It’s still too cold here to wear any spring clothes but this makes me want to get a jump on it!

    1. It’ll arrive eventually so it’s fun to plan.

  23. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    I go straight to skorts and shorts!
    I need to look up girlfriend sweater as I’m not certain what that means.
    You look great as always!

  24. I am even more convinced that you are psychic … lol! …. as am on the hunt for nude sandals (as well as white) plus a bag in a natural fiber (also another reason why I was browsing The Loft website a few days ago). Do love the outfit you put together Jennifer and admire your bracelet. As to a scarf like the one featured; in place of a necklace and/or to add some color/pattern to an outfit, one can also knot its ends and wear it like an infinity scarf. (Also for sheer/lighter weight fabrics; similar can be done with a square scarf by folding it first diagonally then horizontally and knot its center plus both ends. I often do this for summer wear in lieu of wearing a necklace and/or because a lot of my tops are plain.) Excellent tips BTW to look slimmer and taller! -Brenda-

    1. I love doing that with my scarves too! They’re so versatile. Happy Friday Brenda

  25. Each of these pieces you featured would add so many additional options to a spring/summer wardrobe. I need to try the modern chino crops! That wider leg looks to be a cooler fitting option. I really like the girlfriend cardigan too. It comes in a peachy pink that would be fantastic. I would pair it with a white tank, light denim crops or jeans and a longer necklace.
    You look so good with the scarf detail too!
    You know, investing in a quality wicker handbag is not a bad idea. I love the fun touch that it adds to the total look! Yes, let your personality sparkle and shine!

    1. Several of mine are over 20 years old so I’ve certainly gotten my use out if them. Happy Friday

  26. Love everything about this look! Thanks for sharing.

  27. You look stunning this morning!! Bright colors are so beautiful on you. The scarf idea Is great, would have never thought to loop it like you did. You are just amazing with your styling tips! Have a great weekend Jennifer 🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸💐💐

    1. Happy Friday Dianne

  28. I love the pastel pink and white with the black tank underneath. The print belt really makes a nice accent! Although I do not like to wear crops that are wide at the leg opening, they look good on you! It is nearly impossible to find ones that fit tighter so I rarely wear them. I will probably have to reconsider since at my age wearing shorts isn’t very appealing either!
    I agree, your hair looks great too! It’s a nice style on you! I am working towards a similar style myself.

  29. Love the scarf worn as a belt!

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    You look adorable /beautiful in this pink cardigan over tee! What a great late spring early summer look (I’m in New England) ! Your hair look great too, Jennifer.
    My next quest is to find nude sandals and espadrilles to help elongate my total look.
    Thanks for sharing this outfit!

    1. I love New England! Have a great day my friend xx

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