Dressing Room Diaries at Loft

I stopped into my local Loft this week for a small dressing room diaries. DRD is when I go into a local store and try on their newest clothes so you can see how they look on a woman over 25 who wears a size much larger than a zero. The lighting is bad, I am usually barefoot and the photos are often blurry… but you’ll get the idea.

I started with this floral blouse. Dark base floral prints are very popular this fall and the Loft has lots of them. This neckline is flocked and high which is not a flattering look with my broad shoulders. The sleeves have a gathered cuff with small ruffle at the bottom.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing dark floral top in the Loft changing room
floral smocked henley blouse / high rise skim pocket skinny jeans

It has a poet shape so would look nice worn untucked. I think this blouse would look better with white jeans for more contrast. This dark floral top would have been a better shape on me because of its V-neckline and shorter length.

causal outfit of blue tee, jeans and floral scarf on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
floral scarf / vintage soft tee / high rise skinny jeans

long blue duster, blue tee and skinny jeans for a casual look from Loft on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

This long knit duster is very long on me which I happen to love Dusters feel dramatic at this sweeping length, but if that’s not your thing, they’re also available in petite. This is a medium so I think they run a bit large. This duster is featherweight and a great way to get a fall look when the weather is still hot.

casual outfit on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in Loft changing room
open sweater vest

This long vest is heavier and cozier. It’s a soft gray speckled fabric which has a very casual vibe. This is a medium which is a bit roomier than I would like so I would size down. This would be fun over a black turtleneck, black jeans and booties this winter.

The Loft is having a great sale on their new fall/winter collection right now so it’s a good time to take a look.

Do you like the long over lean look?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.



  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    I have a similar build to yours and I have the V-neck printed blouse you linked and love it! It has wonderful colors that will transition to fall and seems to be generally flattering as it doesn’t hug my misplaced curves. I love the print so much, I bought a mixed media shell in the same print to wear under cardis. In Louisiana, it will be a couple of months before we have cooler weather, but a cardi is almost always needed in the office. I’m also about 5’4″, so seeing the duster on you is a good gauge for me. I do like it, but wish it was about 2-4 inches shorter. We’re heading to Italy in about 2 weeks and undecided on the duster for evenings.

    I love your DRD posts! Thank you!

  2. I haven’t been able to see any of the pictures attached to post since you switched over! Large empty gaps between text where pictures should be. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Are you in a laptop! I see them on mine. Try refreshing the page

  3. With our Fall season (here is Canada) being so short and somewhat cool I don’t personally invest in long version sweaters/sleeveless vests which extend beyond jacket/coat length , as get very little usage out of them. As for the Loft itself; do wish they had more branches in Canada as even though I do live in a metropolitan city, the closest location is 500 miles away. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Your dressing room photos are not loading for me, so I am just following your provided links and do like their selections.

    1. Oh no! I’ll have to see what’s happening. They do load in my phone.

  4. Love the jeans, scarf and the pretty color if the tee. I might wear the vest in another color. I love florals but don’t usually wear them. I feel like solids are better for me with silver hair. I think you look nice in this one. The duster would not work for me but I do love the long over lean look on others. I would no doubt get my heel caught and break my neck.

  5. I love these looks on you and hopefully on me. I just ordered the jeans, T-shirt and scarf. Thanks so much for your DRD.

  6. I really like all these outfits on you. Yes to the duster! As someone has already mentioned it kind of finishes an outfit making it complete. The scarf too! Very nice!

  7. Freda Witt says:

    I LOVE the long duster. I also love that it comes in petite sizes. At 5’1″, the regular size would be too long. I just bought a forest green one, can’t wait to wear it. I like the second floral top better also. I have broad shoulders and really need a v- neck, or at least something showing to break up the width. I like both scarves. I am not a really big fan of animal print, but I will break down and wear a scarf, or maybe shoes.

  8. Love the looks in this post, just my style !!! Love the long duster. Have a great week

  9. All my pants are from Loft. Including the ones I am wearing as I write. They have two cuts, Julie (for curvy women) and Marisa (for straighter hips, like yours). I am a Julie. I can wear a size 6 Julie and not be able to pull a size 12 Marisa over my butt. Yet if I do manage to pull up a Marisa, I could fit another person in the waist. I’m pear-shaped, with a small waist, small bosom and wide hips. I adore that Loft accommodates my figure and yours. (Unless they got rid of Julie and Marisa! It’s been years since I’ve been able to shop at Loft!)
    My Loft pants have been through a lot with me. I think the oldest are 15-ish years old and the youngest are now at least four–the last time I was in the U.S. Despite having some stretch, they haven’t sagged. When the jeans fade beyond my taste, I just use dye to bring them back to deep blue or black.
    I have tried on many other pants, but they never fit. Only Loft works for me. Dear Loft: Please open a store in France.

    1. I will cross my fingers that Loft keeps these pant shapes for us! I assume they’re popular so we may be in luck.

  10. I really like the print blouse on you and personally prefer the dark jeans. Any white jeans I do buy usually end up in the donate box ! The long dusters are a staple in my wardrobe despite being 5’3″ Love how they finish an outfit. Am so happy you are the one trying ‘stuff’ on. . . . . .

  11. I love the loft jeans, t shirt and scarf. I bow down to the east to thank the universe that high rise jeans are available this year. A year without tugging and pulling.

  12. mary jo tesch says:

    I love the blouse on you with the dark jeans! I think it looks fine on you without a scoop neck. like the duster too, thinking I may need to try one. always thought it would look dumb on y 5’4 height but you just proved me wrong..looks great on you! love the DRD…my favorite posts.

  13. I love everything you tried on today!
    I am a huge fan of loft, even though I am over 70!
    The flowers blouse was delightful & I think the duster would be a great addition to any fall wardrobe

  14. Jennifer I don’t know if it is the perfect angle or what but I absolutely love that first dark floral on you, with the dark wash jeans! Summer gives us the fun of colors to pop against white but now I’m looking forward to the rich fall colors. (I have no neck so could never wear that collar. ?) I too love the drama of an ankle grazing coat or duster even at 5’ 3”. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for DRD

  15. Absolutely love the print top, but like you, would need it in a V-neck or deep scoop. The rest are great too, except I’d not wear the knit vest myself.

  16. I love the blue duster on you (( and for me) as well as the blue scarf. I would really like to see the blouse with a collar or lower neckline. P.s. you have such cute feet, not at all damaged by the wrong shoes over the years.

    1. Oh Diane, I wish it were so about my feet. I’ve had 2 bunions surgeries on my right foot and due for one on my left. I’ve broken several toes on my right foot which are getting more bent by the day. I tortured them in toe shoes for too many years but I’m very careful now.

  17. The long duster over powers you. The other other outfits were amazing on you!

    1. Karen Gaston says:

      I agree with this opinion regarding the long duster on you..

  18. Jennifer,

    I’m a huge fan of the Loft!
    I think the duster and vest are terrific!
    And, I love the blouse too, but I now know my style. Whenever, I purchase floral prints, I wear them once and they don’t make it into my repeat rotation.
    Lastly, your Dressing Room Diary is one of my favorite reads!

    Rosemary Davis

  19. The duster looks fantastic – the style, the length, the color, all of it! I also like the scarf. I’m not big on floral tops but that one looks good. The dark background helps and the stripes on the sleeves adds interest. Happy Sunday!

  20. I love the print on the blouse…the neckline, im afraid would call attention to my neck, though.
    i do love the duster, with some skinny jeans and booties, i think i could carry that with dignity.
    i use to make fun of my mother when she would talk about getting too hot and sweaty in dressing rooms, I am not laughing anymore!

  21. Carole Winningham says:

    I really like the duster. It helps my look because I am very short. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Also Jennifer says:

      I love the prints at Loft! I just have to be careful when the tops in those prints have ruffles and/or smocking. I can’t wear too many fussy details these days. Ironically when I was younger I wore plain black sweaters and t shirts all the time.

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