Wide Crops- Breaking the “Rules”

The wide cropped leg trend has been around for over a year now. I find it takes a season or two for my eye to become accustomed to the proportion, style, or fit of a new trend. The longer I see it, the more I decide to either discard, as not for me… or give it a try.

As a petite woman, I was worried wide crops would make my legs and me look shorter than I am. But I kept seeing and admiring these crops on others so I finally tried a pair. I tried them on in DRD here for you and decided I needed the petites.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual fall look with denim jacket and wide cropped pants

My husband is tall so these pictures are taken from his height which does make my legs look shorter. However, in person, they make my legs look exactly like my legs are. Narrow ankles showing under wide crops. Imagine that! This is probably the best angle to show how these looked.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing wide cropped pants and denim jacket
this is probably the best picture angle to see the proportion.

Do these make my legs appear shorter? They may. Do I care? No. There are proportion truths but there are no hard and fast rules so we should choose what we like.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual outfit with denin jacket and wide crop pants from Ann Taylor

I chose a cropped denim jacket and tucked my top in which helps the proportion. Does this make my legs look longer? Yes. If I wore these with a longer top, you would see less leg and pant which would shorten them visually.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life showing the proportion of cropped pants

I opted for a nude shoe which always elongates your look and lengthens the look of your legs. These Clarks wedges are incredibly comfy so for a woman who can’t wear much of heel, these are awesome because they also help you look taller.

casual outfit showing proportion of wide crops on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

This nude shoe doesn’t have as low a vamp (portion on the top of the foot), as some of my other shoes. But the color, combined with the wedge and style make these my best look for this casual outfit.
Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing wide crops in a casual look

I chose sunglass frames to coordinate with my bag and move the eye around the body. Alligator and crocodile prints are on trend this fall. Honesty? They never went out of style. They’re a perennial favorite of mine so this bag gets brought out every fall. casual outfit of denim jacket and black crops on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

I feel totally confident, stylish and modern wearing these wide crops. Does it bother me that my legs aren’t being highlighted to look as long as humanly possible? Not one bit.

I like how I feel wearing these wide crops and they’re cooler to wear on warm days. I’ll be wearing them with boots or closed-toed shoes this winter because the fabric is year-round.

What style proportion truths do you ignore?



  1. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the cropped wide-leg pants. But now I think they are a great alternative. Actually it’s like wearing a midi skirt thats panted. I do think the right shoes/boots are key to making it come together. Being 5’1″ I often avoid styles that I feel make me look short. But I finally have accepted that I am short and just try things on and have fun with them. Clothes should be functional, comfortable and make us feel good about ourselves. So, yes, I think they look great on you and others, and it’s a change for most of us which I think is kind of fun.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for getting back to me about the sunglasses. No need to publish this reply!
    I find that what looks good on you (eyewear-wise), looks good on me. Your blue Aspire eyeglasses are terrific, too — I am tempted to order the same frame for my next pair of prescription eyeglasses. Thanks for all the inspiration and guidance you provide.

  3. Sarah Quinn says:

    You look fantastic. One of my favorites for you! I just bought some wide-leg cropped pants so your styling tips are really helpful. Thank you!

  4. How do the wide-leg-crops look & feel when you are sitting down?

  5. They look great on you, but on me, I think not.

  6. Some of the wide crops look like a skirt on me. Great! I look at them as an alternative to a jumpsuit, too. I can’t stand jumpsuits because of “crotch pull” that comes with the combination height and a long torso.

  7. im still on the fence but it has more to do with not liking my ankles. My husband says I’m crazy but I just don’t. They do not make your legs look short at all. They look cool and comfortable.
    I have too long legs that ends up in a very short waist with hardly any distance between breast and waist. It’s not alway great to have long legs. I would rather have a nice midriff.

  8. A style proportion for my size and height that I sometimes ignore is 3/4 sleeves. My arms are somewhat short and I’ve read that 3/4 s are wrong. But I always roll my long sleeved shirts to 3/4 and and it just feels right to me. Ive never been accosted by the fashion police.

    1. Lol. The fashion police need another career. 3/4 sleeves are my very favorite! Wear what you love!

  9. Rose Brock says:

    Unless this trend becomes really popular I will not be trying it. Very flattering on you but I’m really short with very skinny legs. I just can’t see it.

  10. I love the wider pant leg. I’m curvy and slim leg pants cling in areas, well, that I’d like to avoid. When I wear a wider leg pant, I’m comfortable and feel elegant.

  11. Jennifer, I love this entire look. Would you please share more details about your sunglasses (if possible, the brand/model no.)? I’m not keen on the sunglasses in the link you provided, but the ones you’re wearing are right up my alley. Thank you.

    1. My sunglasses are from Diff, last summer. They make inexpensive sunglasses that are polarized but their styles change often.

  12. I’m only 5’3″ but love the way the AT crops fit me. I own four pair and wear them often. Much cooler and more stylish than jeans in the summer, IMO. Hope they hang around awhile so I can get my money’s worth.

    1. They do fit beautifully! I think they’ll be around for awhile.

  13. The best rule to break is “follow the trends.” I have very narrow, thin shoulders so the pants you wear so well would probably make me look unbalanced. I did just purchase some crops that are slim through the leg and just slightly wider at the bottom, and love the look on me.

  14. I love those shoes and have a dozen pairs of similar style that I wear all Spring and Summer. I can never find a platform/wedge style in a closed toe. When Autumn comes all the shoes seem to be flat or spike heels. At my height, under 4’11”, I’ll take as much height as I can get, but I can’t wear high heels anymore. Platform shoes with a bit of a wedge are absolutely perfect for me, but with a closed toe in cooler weather.

  15. The proportions are very flattering and the whole look really works on you. I’ve been wearing the Everlane wide crops for more than a year and love them.

    1. I’m a big fan of Everlane but haven’t tried their crops. I’ll have a look.

  16. To answer your question and ‘not’ to offend those who choose to wear them I ignore the wearing of exaggerated high heels. Reason being; for my generation (age 73 years) I am relatively tall to begin with. (Currently 5′ 5½”.) Also at this stage in my life needless to say, I do not have the psychological need of empowerment or the desire to accentuate my female gait … ☺. That being said; for myself and in a nutshell I feel confident and stylish enough without them regardless that I may be breaking some fashion rule created by (dare I say it); a male who has never worn a pair of platform, stilettos etc.! As for your wide cropped pants, you wear them well.
    Wishing you a beautiful day.

  17. Being short, (161cm), I was initially very sceptical about wide legged crops. However, Inhave changed my mind after managing to buy a pair of black linen ones which much to my amazement looked both flattering and modern. I found some nice v neck striped linen tees which were perfect – not too tight, nor so baggy that I looked dumpy. I think proportion is important especially if short as I am. By the way, you look really great in your crops and a previous post where you modelled a pair (in a dressing rom) had me revisit a look I thought I couldn’t do. Thank you Jennifer

  18. wow. You look fantastic in those pants! I am 5 ft 5 inches so I was not sure I could wear this type of pants. Your outfit is perfect. Tucking in the shell elongates your legs. Shoes are perfect.

  19. The width of the leg is very flattering to balance out your lovely shoulders. Wish I had those. I too wear nude shoes as much as possible, just like the look of the leg continuing.

    1. Thanks Diane. That’s one of the reasons I love wide legged pants.

  20. Just a note on camera height : you say your husband is tall? Have him skooch down and hold the camera at the space between your waist and your bust. Everything will look in proportion (same goes for when you take photos in the dressing rooms). Try it 🙂

  21. Where can I try the crops? Both the link for the crop and link for the tank lead to tank.

  22. Great outfit on you, very flattering!

  23. You convinced me to try wide leg crops. Like you I was considering trying them. I think the jean jacket is a good choice. Proportion wise.

  24. Adrienne C Kushner says:

    This would not be a good look for me. I am 5’6″ with long legs. I can remember being a pre-teen and teenager and my Mom sewing slacks for me because the ones in stores were always too short. This look would make me look dumpy. My slacks always just touch the top of the heel on my shoe and are neither too wide or too skinny. I try to adapt current styles into my wardrobe, but after 67 years, I know what works and doesn’t work. The crops look good on some women, but just not on me.

  25. I used to wear a similar style called a gaucho. I love this look and miss being able to wear it!

    1. I wore gaucho’s too, they were fun. If these were about 5 inches shorter they would look like my favorite pair from my past. I wonder if gauchos will be the next pant reincarnation? 🙂

  26. You look adorable! I’m not sure they are for me, however. I’ll try them on again…..

    1. Thanks, Paulette;) Keep an open mind and wear the right shoe to the store.

  27. Looks great but link to the pants i
    Shows the tank.

  28. Great look! I have those shoes in blue and love them! Just an FYI–the link to the pants is going to the tank top rather than the pants. 🙂

  29. I love this look! I embraced the wide crops last summer with one white pair and bought 2 more this year. I see a lot of women of all ages, sizes and height wearing the wide crops and they all look very stylish.

    1. Way to go Yvonne! It took me longer to give them a shot, but they are super cute and I love the look. It’s funny how your perception changes, the longer you are exposed to a new look.

  30. You look great – so put together as always. And your legs don’t look short. I am not a petite but I have short legs and a long waist so I will try these on. Note: your links to the pants take me to the tank top?

    1. Thanks Lori. Be sure to try them on with shoes and top in the flattering proportions for the crops.

    2. Thanks, Lori. My legs are also short and I have a long torso so the proportion is really a powerful tool for me.

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