Dressing Room Diaries- June Collection at Loft

Happy Friday, ladies. Today I am in the dressing room for the latest June collection at Loft. I was in the store picking up my new orchid-colored pants and spotted some pretty dresses so tried several things on for you. I have to say, for a neutral-loving gal, purple pants are sooo fun.

If you’re new to A Well Styled Life, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25.

dressing room diaries picture in loftFor reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 134 lbs with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso and long arms so I often buy one size larger on top. I try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me so you can see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I’m wearing to help you understand how things run.

You can click the red text for more info and to shop the items at no additional cost to you.


This linen and cotton button-front dress has a straight silhouette that you can slim-in with the belt or wear straight and loose. I love the front seams which visually lengthen your look. It’s not lined so you will need a slip. It comes in sizes 00-14, (sadly not in petite) and runs large on top so plan to size down. I’m wearing a 4 and would need to shorten the straps for a better fit.

On the left is their modern blazer that comes in regular and petite, sizes 00-14. It’s a linen/viscose blend with polyester lining. I am wearing an 8 petite and think the 6 petite would be better, The sleeves are plenty long and the pocket is not too high on my torso for this size. I see this jacket worn over white jeans and pants, long shorts, or over a denim skirt.  You can see other modern blazer options here.

The wrap on the right is a loose duster style you could wear over so many things. The color is fresh Bluebell and it comes in XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL. I am wearing an XS/S and it’s roomy so you could size down. The color is vibrant and pretty for over a bathing suit, jeans, shorts with a tank, or even double as a summer robe.


This smocked front midi dress is very comfy and bra-friendly.  The placement of the smocking and lack of ruffle detail makes this dress appear more grown-up than many. It’s a machine washable cotton blend that seems to be selling fast. I’m wearing a small which seems to be sold out but they still have stock in the XS, M, & L. It runs true to size. The website makes the color appear softer than my images and they’re more accurate.


These are Riviera slim pants I’m so fond of. They’re still currently 30% off with the code sun and free shipping over $99. I am wearing a regular cut in a 4. On the left is an open stitch 100% cotton sweater that comes in this aqua or violet in regular and petite, sizes XS-XXL. I’m wearing a regular M because I prefer sweaters like this to fit on the looser side. This sweater is sheer so if you’re nude bra feels too exposed, plan on wearing a cotton cami under it. On the right, I topped this sweater tank with the same modern blazer as above. The knit tank is bra-strap friendly and comes in 3 colors, XXS-XXL. I am wearing a medium.


Polka dots are a weakness of mine so I gravitated to this jumpsuit. I don’t own any but they’re very popular and everything about this one is easy to wear from the elasticized waist (no zipper), flowy legs, and front pockets. This comes in sizes 00-14, I am wearing a 6 so it runs very true to size. I think this could be dressed up with a belt, and low heels and take you to a bridal shower or dinner out. I topped it with their everyday linen shirt, worn open like a jacket. I’m wearing the shirt in a small petite so it’s too short for me to tie at the waist… but that would be a cute way to style these together.


This shirt dress is a linen/viscose blend that feels light and cool. It comes in regular and petite, sizes XXS-XL. I am wearing the regular S and feel it runs true to size. It has a thin self-belt which I would replace with something like this. Updating the belt on a garment can really elevate the look so don’t just settle for what comes with your dress.


This linen/rayon dress is very floaty and machine washable. It comes in regular and petite, sizes XS-XL. I am wearing a regular XS and having trouble breathing but it was the largest size they had in the store 🙂 It’s a very flattering shape, but again, I would personally swap out the belt. The back has a V neckline too which is very pretty. The regular is 40 1/4″ long from the center back and the petite measures 38″.


I’ve had on quite a few denim skirts in the last few weeks and this is not my fav. It fits nicely but I prefer a straight front seam rather than the angled ones that look like you altered a pair of jeans to make the skirt.

It comes in regular and petite, I am wearing a regular size 6. Notice the length difference between its length on me vs the model. The navy polka dot tank has a peplum bottom that was perfect to cover the parts of the skirt I don’t care for 🙂 It comes in regular and petite, XS-XL, I am wearing a regular S.


Here is a rather strange pairing. I thought I had a tee without a peplum in the dressing room but didn’t, so I winged it with this one. I’d never plan to tuck this top in but for the purpose of showing the jeans and cardigan, here you are. These jeans have a nice pale summer wash, high-rise, and fun rope belt with a nautical vibe. They come in regular and petite, 24-32. They’re intended to be cropped but I am wearing the regular 29 which is one size too large for me…but I prefer this length. Interestingly, I might keep this belt because it’s a bit campy and fun. If the jeans did fit me, I would wear the peplum top over them and remove the belt.


I have a collection of their perfect cotton tanks and find them great layering pieces. They come in varying necklines, in tons of colors in petite as well as regular. This midi skirt is a pull-on style with buttons up the front that comes in regular and petite. It’s fully lined and machine washable so would be great to pack for a trip. I am wearing a regular XS which is 32″ long and would be much better in the petite that’s 29″. They call it a floral, but it just looked like spots to me. The open cardigan is a great basic to toss over so many things. It comes in regular and petite in 3 colors. I am wearing a regular XS.

I’m curious if any of you wear jumpsuits? I always assumed they would be a pain when I needed to visit the facilities…but when they have no zipper, they might be easier.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Everything is so cute! I don’t usually pay attention to jumpsuits but really like the polkadot one.

    1. It’s been calling my name since I tried it on.

  2. Wow I like that smock dress. I’m also a fan of the polka dots, but that smock dress might actually bring me in to the store.

    1. It’s such an easy shape to wear.

  3. Jennifer sadly I’m having problems receiving your blog. Pieces of the picture are often blank. Trying to send a reply usually doesn’t work. Sometimes everything that is printed suddenly disappear one letter at a time. I Have had to rewrite this
    many times.

  4. I love a good jumpsuit and that one is gorgeous! I love the loose linen shirt over it as well. I am not a fan of these new wide leg mid-calf pants so I love the length you have on and would wear mine that length. Everything you selected today looks great accept I also am not a fax of that off-centre seam on the denim skirt and I guess I am old as I am not such a fan of the unfinished hems either. That ranks up there with the torn, ripped jeans style as well. Not sure why the fashion industry wants us to now look as if we could not afford whole jeans :o) Appreciate your try-ons , thank you.

    1. You cracked me up Rhonda 🙂

  5. pj hinton says:

    Your hair always looks great, but it is especially cute today!! Cudos!!

  6. Cute separates and dresses. I’m with you on swapping out the belts to add more interest and style.
    I have a smocked dress similar to the one shown and don’t like the snug feel so it’s in the Goodwill bag.
    Really like the aqua polka dot dress,& the shirt dress. My issue with straight-shaped, button front dresses is that unless they are 3 sizes too big, they gape and pull at the buttonholes when I sit. So I mostly avoid them. Still love their classic look tho.
    Regarding jumpsuits: after 50 I don’t know how anyone can wear them. Quite
    “ inconvenient”!

  7. Absolutely love that smocked dress, green polka dot dress and the jump suit and the black and white skirt is a must have.
    I use to ware jump suits years ago and I don’t think they were too bad to get out of especially if they had button fronts. Zippers not so easy.

  8. The dotted square neck jumpsuit looks almost exactly like the one I have. Mine has buttons on the top and a wide fabric belt/sash. Great for most any outing and staying cool. Easy and stylish. Dress up or casual.
    The tank /midi/cardigan is very flattering on you. How I wish to wear the everyday tank without covering my upper arms. Time to double up on the arm exercises for me!

    1. Funny you should mention arm exercises…I just upped mine 🙂

  9. I like jumpsuits if you can get a good fit – being short waisted & 5’4”, I feel they elongate my body. I have generally only had stretchy ones that I can pull down & up from the bottom – not easy but doable.

  10. I have a jumpsuit and love it. I dress it up with strappy heels or down with flats. I find it versatile when traveling. This polka dot one is cute. I’m tall at 5’8” so would have to try it on for fit.

  11. Favs are definitely the striped blazer and midi skirt but am loving the jumpsuit on you! -Brenda-

  12. I bought a Banana Republic jumpsuit for a wedding last summer. I loved it! I’m a jeans girl, so the jumpsuit was about as dressed up as I get. A beautiful color with the right accessories and you’re all set. You definitely want to try them on in person. The fit is crucial. You don’t want a droopy crotch or a too short body either. I was concerned about using the washroom. You just need to be careful. Worn for a few hours it’s not a big deal.

    1. Great points, Lily! Body length is really important.

  13. Love, love, love the polka dot jumpsuit! Navy and white—OMG!!!

    1. Me too:). I think I should have bought it.

  14. I can’t wait to wear my summer clothes, but it’s still sweater weather. Summer is the season for blue-and-white stripes.

    1. I hope summer weather arrives in your neck of the woods soon!

  15. I’m long waisted and for that reason jumpsuits typically don’t work for me, so I usually don’t even try. As for the bathroom issue, if the garment is going be down around your ankles anyway, you may as well just take it off and hang it on a hook!

  16. Debbie Stone says:

    I don’t own any jumpsuits. I am uncomfortable with the way my backside looks when I have on one. I am long waisted. It looks very nice on you and others. Thank you for sharing beautiful outfits with us!

  17. I love the put- together look of jumpsuits; but now that I’ve been reminded of possible bathroom issues, I can let that the idea of owning one go!
    I think the coral/red smock dress is beautiful on you! It looks so comfy and could easily be dressed up or down.
    Jennifer, I so enjoy “shopping” with you!

  18. I do like jumpsuits and at the moment only own one that’s a bright, summery floral. From past experience I find jumpsuits with no buttons or zippers to manage whether in front or back are better. I don’t think the issue is the garment puddling at your feet because pants do the same thing but , to me, it’s being laid bare in the stall. If you have a jacket or sweater on, everything must be removed. It’s like getting dressed all over again!I also love polka dots, especially navy and white! Thanks for this post about the Loft; this store has not been on my radar but will definitely make a stop in on my shopping excursion tomorrow!

  19. Cocoland wishes says:

    I do like your jeans skirt dressed up with a button down shirt. Like your post.

  20. I have owned jumpsuits and, unless they’re really big on top or of super stretch fabric they are horrible to take off. And the be careful that the top doesn’t fall in the soup! ( my dad’s phrase for public bathroom floors!) I have gotten several and separated the pieces. The top has to be long waisted ( I’m a petite so I buy the regular size- regular size should get a tall).
    I have to take a look at loft now… hoping there are short cardigans to wear over dresses.

    1. I love your Dads expression :). A lightweight short cardigan is a workhorse in my wardrobe. I didn’t see many at Loft.

  21. Marin Mattingly says:

    Using the facilities can be managed, but how do you keep the jumpsuit off the floor?

    1. I think you’d have to gather it to the side and hold in one hand. I’m going to experiment.

  22. Hi Jennifer.
    I loved looking at these styles. It’s fun to see so many options.

    I have two jumpsuits. Being petite, when I find the right size, they elongate my height. I have worn them to bridal showers and dinners. (One is polka dot). ☺️
    I actually went looking to them online because I find them so versatile. The fabric matters, and some are too flimsy. I have the ones that just pull up.
    Thanks for the post!

  23. I like jumpsuits but don’ own any at the moment. I like those with buttons down the front, but they’re still not the easiest garment for visiting restrooms. I do like the ‘one and done’ aspect. The Riviera pants and high-low dress were nice, but nothing jumped out at me from this collection. Your modeling is especially helpful!

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