Dressing Room Diaries: Party Time

Today’s dressing room diaries ended up to be ladylike and partyish. Target is loaded with sparkle, gleam, faux fur, and velvet these days which I had a blast trying on. The sizes were picked over pretty severely so I can only show you a few things, but there are tons more online.

I started with this Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target dress

It’s sleeves are narrow so won’t drag through things. Since the neckline is high I added a long Chain Tassel Necklace to break up the front. Then I added these Metallic Triad Ball Earrings. This dress would be perfect for day to night dressing with a quick change of accessories.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target Skirt

This Tulle Midi Skirt skirt is black lace with a blush underslip. It’s about 4 inches too long for me so I switched to beige Wedge Shoes to elongate my leg. With so little leg showing, black shoes would have made them look even shorter. I thought it was demure and pretty. The glitter bag was really cute, this is similar.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target

I topped it with this Embellished Allover Gem Cardigan that has subtle black beading all over the front and these Metallic Triad Ball Earrings by Bauble Bar.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target

This Striped Wrapped Jumpsuit is the first I’ve tried on in over 30 years and I was pleasantly surprised. This is not my size so it’s too low cut and tight, but it has big possibilities. It has a side leg slit and self-sash belt. This Travel Wrap is super soft and comes in 7 colors for under $12.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target leopard coat

This leopard coat is a winner. Perfect fingertip length, classic collar and lapels and snap front. Very wearable and under $40!

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target skirt

This metallic pencil skirt by Who What Wear is terrific. The black and silver pattern is subtle and perfect for a party or dressed down for daytime.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target skirt

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Target party skirt

I styled it with a glitter clutch and an Embellished Lace Cardigan.

Velvet Embellished Mules

These Velvet Embellished Mules were terrific. I see them with jeans, a skirt and all through the holidays.

I’m loving all things velvet this season. These velvet flats were so pretty but they only had a size 6 left at the store and I wear a 9 so I ordered them online. I did try on some gold sequins and other party items that looked hilarious and/or horrendous on me which no one needs to see:)

Do you have your party clothes ready for this season?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. I bought that leopard coat on Black Friday…I was sure it was mid-marked. You are very brave to venture into the shoe department… I always find at least 2 and usually 3 great pairs of shoes.. I think I am sorry that I missed the pearl shoes.., and that jumpsuit does have possibilities…bathing suit coverup???
    But I loved this post.

    1. Those shoes were awesome. It would make a great coverup! That coat is great Dee Dee you’ll love it.

  2. I must say Target has it all. When I needed a shirt to wear for my appearance on Clash of the Grandmas, I was able to find what I needed at Target. But I don’t think I look as good as you in one of their dressing rooms. You look great!

  3. These are some very nice finds, Jennifer. The sweater dress and the pencil skirt with the sparkly sweater are my favorite outfits on you. In the past I have found some nice ensembles from Target, but haven’t really looked around there recently because everything looked so bohemian, and although I like the look, it’s not always my best look and I was beginning to grow tired of it. Also, I find that I often have to size up at Target because of my very generous bosom. I, too, am a devoted Chico’s shopper and have spent way more money there in the past couple of months than I should have. Your post has inspired me, so I may give Target another try next week.

    1. Do give them a try Kathy! The prices are so reasonable and the styles are not all for kids or bohemian looks.

  4. Love your dressing room diaries. I love the pencil skirt and cardigan on you, it looks like Talbots, so yeah to Target! I always wondered why cardigans didn’t look quite right on me, now I can see why, I don’t have your wonderful shoulders! These pics really help, the catalogue models don’t show us that bodies fill out clothes differently, so Thanks!!!!

    1. A Very good point about the models not filling out clothes!! They are so slim it’s often hard to gauge the fit. Target has come a long way and have some terrific new brands.

  5. Julie from Melbourne,Australia says:

    Looking swish!Love the sweater dress on you and it makes me envy your shoulders:lucky lady!I also love the skirt and top.Not sure about the jumpsuit and the stripes,but “each to their own”.It’s always fun to dress up this time of year as it helps to get you in the mood for festivities.Your Target finds make me want to check out our Target stores here.
    By the way,how is Lucy?
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Lucy is doing better, thanks. Still wearing her cone, which she hates but I think the wart is shrinking a little. If you have a large Target, check it out. Such fun pieces.

  6. Love all your posts! I always think you look beautiful and stylish. I have a question… early November you did a post on sequins and you were wearing an ivory shirt with sequins from Anthropologie. Would you mind telling me what size you were wearing? I can’t seem to get the correct size; you and I are the same height, but I am probably 5 or 6 pounds heavier than you! I currently have a medium and it looks rather big on me. I am waiting on a small, but it is back ordered. Thanks!

    1. I bought a medium Petite! Their petites are similar sized to regular, just shorter. You might like that better. The small in regular fit me too but it was too long.

  7. I love the pencil skirt! The leopard coat is cute and inexpensive enough that you can buy it and if not really comfortable making that statement, donate it.
    Unfortunately, when Target came to Canada they missed the mark and people stayed away. They were sparsely merchandised and not the same as the US stores. What were they thinking?!

    1. Target really blew it in Canada..I was so disappointed “what” they opened there. It was so inferior to out stores in the USA.

  8. Debbie Z. says:

    The metallic skirt and lace cardigan are fantastic on you! A classy look and so slimming. You have almost convinced me to jump out of my box and wear something sparkly for the holidays. : )

    1. I really liked them too! Go for it Debbie…have fun with it!

  9. Love the leopard coat but is sold out on line and not available within 100 miles of where I live.

    1. Darn, I would check back because they frequently restock popular items.

  10. Jan Hakes says:

    Loved everything you tried on except the coat, only because it wasn’t me. Will have to make a trip to Target to look at clothes. Never thought I would say that being a tried and true Chico’s fan. I find inspiration in your blog. Keep it up!

  11. Wow!! I am super impressed with all you found. The pencil skirt and top dress are awesome!! I think I need to get over to Target soon!!

    1. I was blown away with the selection. Their new collections are amazing!

  12. The last outfit, the metallic pencil skirt with lace embellished cardigan: perfect! So elegant, timeless, and chic, to boot. And this is Target?!

  13. Everything you tried is so pretty but that jumpsuit is gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  14. You look wonderful in each and every one of these outfits! When I first started to look at this post, I immediately thought wow, that grey sweater dress looks amazing, and assumed it had to be the day’s best look, but as I scrolled down I realized I was wrong, as all of the looks were so good!

    1. Thanks Carline! That’s the order I tried them on but I really liked the pencil skirt and sweater best on me.

  15. L H Carter says:

    Pour the egg nog and let’s toast you great choices. You look sparkly and elegant and all made possible by your on target choices from Target.

  16. Cathy Heisey says:

    I liked the gray sweater dress the best. You look amazing!

  17. I really enjoy your dressing room diary segments Jennifer. I have similar velvet embellished flats that I keep for indoor wear and they work with everything from jeans to dressier holiday outfits. Enjoy your day.

    1. That’s what I was thinking of them for too! Perfect for feeling dressed up st home.

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