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Dressing Room Diary- Earliest Fall Pieces at J.Jill

Cloudy weather and boredom with my summer clothes have me itching to try some fall looks, so I headed out to find some new pieces. Many stores are focused on clearing out their summer stuff, so it’s all marked down and taking up a lot of their floor space. I did find some of the earliest fall pieces at J. Jill and have a sampling for you today.

woman wearing J. Jill fall sweater in lilac

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session to see what’s new and show you how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 145 lbs. I have broad shoulders with straight hips, a long torso, and long arms. I often buy one size larger on top. You’ll see me try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me because I want you to see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I will tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.

J. Jill has streamlined its sizing so that every style is available as regular in sizes XS-4X. Petite and tall are still available in some popular styles, and all sizes are priced similarly.

I spotted this rich-colored cardi first thing in the door. It looks like a vest to me, but, oh well. They carry it in black and this pretty burnished brass color that screams fall to me. Its elongated shape will go over so many things and feel cozy when it starts to cool down. The drop shoulders aren’t my best look, or it would have come home with me. I’m wearing it over a navy and burnished brass striped tee that matches perfectly. The tee also comes in 6 colors and fits beautifully. I paired these with straight-leg jeans in a natural shade that is not white and fairly neutral. I love this sort of shade for transitional pieces that go from summer to fall easily. The 10 petite is a bit large for me so these run true to size.

Here’s the same cardi, this time in black. I’m wearing it over a great plaid, button-front tunic that I wish I’d bought. It’s cozy without being too thick and hot, so you get the fall feels without overheating. It also comes in a bleach-spray distressed navy version which fades to gray at the bottom. I wasn’t crazy about the worn look of that one, but then I saw it styled with pale jeans and loved the look, so I’ll try them on during my next trip in. As always, here’s a side-by-side view of the tunic, long and tied so you can see how it changes the proportions. I actually like the shirt worn long because of the length of the (vest) cardigan. What do you think?

These demi bootcut jeans have a unique hem on them that I quite like. The fit is terrific, and the fabric is so comfortable. It’s a cotton/ Tencel™/lyocell/polyester and a 2% spandex blend that feels fabulous on. The regular has a 27″ inseam, which I wish I’d tried on…I guess I’m heading back to J. Jill sooner than later because that would be a great length with booties this fall. I paired the jeans and cardi with their side button tunic shirt. It’s a great white shirt that I probably wouldn’t tuck in IRL. It’s 100% cotton with a stepped hem, so its interesting details are all hidden when you tuck it in.

This silk blouson shirt is what got me wanting to see some of the earliest fall pieces at J. Jill! It’s a silk/cotton finely knit sweater/top with a gently rounded v-neckline and feminine sleeves. This is a great weight to transition to fall, and I love that it’s in cool-toned shades. So often, fall clothes are only offered in warm tones, which many ladies don’t look good wearing. I topped it with this very lightweight embroidered jacket that’s thin enough to wear over a tank top in the summer. I can easily picture this jacket over a white cotton maxi skirt, white jeans, cotton pants, or any lightweight summer dress. It looks like fall, but works now too. The pants are described below.

Here’s the white side button tunic untucked, which I much prefer :). I love how clear hindsight can be. It’s also why I recommend you take pictures of your everyday outfits to get a better perspective on how they work on your body. These bi-stretch boot-cut pants are simply terrific, but they do run small, so I had to go up to a 10P. They have a flat front waist that lays smoothly under tops and classic trouser styling with 4% spandex.

  • A note about sizing. Please don’t take it personally when you need to choose a larger size for certain garments. It’s not about your body, and a number doesn’t define you. The cut and fit of each specific garment varies widely. I suggest you buy what fits and cut out the label if it bothers you.

Same white tunic shirt as above and the natural-colored jeans I described earlier. I paired them with this textured front cardigan. The pretty stitches add a lot of interest in a lightweight cotton/blend knit. Its honeycomb color is fairly neutral. but it does lean warm, so I hope they bring this cardigan out in some cooler tones. This small is too snug on me so I think it runs true to size. I seem to be adjusting my weight up on each successive drd, so I’m gauging the fit on my current weight, not what I wish it was. This cardi has 3/4 sleeves which I’m always a fan of.

These are J. Jill’s classic slim ankle jeans in black. They are super soft cotton/Tencel™/Lyocell/polyester and a 2% spandex blend that comes in three colors. The tunic shirt is a sandwashed Tencel blend in a taupe called brown sugar. It simply pulls over your head with a no-button placket front. This is thigh length and, even in petite, would be long enough to wear over leggings with an interesting belt. I love this combination of taupe with black.

More things I spotted from J. Jill


  1. I tried on the demi bootcut jeans in the petite and they are the perfect length for me. I tried the 12P but ended up with the 10P as there is a lot of stretch. I really like the frayed hem detailing. I paid full price which I try to avoid at JJIll, and they are already marked down 😢Available sizes are now very limited in petite, so I am glad I picked them up when I did!!😊

    1. I’m glad you got them too. The best things often sell out fast.

  2. Bonnie Edwards says:

    I bought those demi-cropped jeans in the regular length so that they hit right at my ankle. They are so soft and comfortable. It’s the first time that I have ever bought from JJill!

  3. The patterned -stitched cardigan is so me. I can see me in jeans and Tshirt come this fall. The color is eye catching.

  4. I’m a cool tones blonde turned white with a few silver streaks so looking for long sleeve tops. Can’t wear sweaters here, it just doesn’t get cold enough anymore. Getting tired of shorts and capris. But at 92 degrees it is too hot for long pants or jeans. Looking forward to seeing your cool tone fall DRD.

  5. Love, love, love that textured cardigan. I hope they come out with additional colors, too — some cool tones!

  6. Jennifer, I am so enjoying your newsletters, your FB posts, etc. I don’t have much time to “shop” but am a great JJill fan for decades. So I usually shop online and then “return”. This column is a Godsend for me bc I can actually see how these clothes look on a real person. These clothes you chose are especially flattering. I love them. Thank you so much for “shopping for all of us”.

    1. I’m so glad you find these helpful! I’m loving J.JIll too.

  7. I’ve had two of those plaid tunics (different colors/plaids, of course) for years—probably at least 8 years—and they are so wonderful! A great weight for all but hot summer wear and they wash/dry wonderfully. They were soft 8 years ago and just get better and better. I’ve almost purchased newer ones, but then realize that would be a waste since these are still so good. Honestly, little to no fading, buttons still firmly attached—all good! Get the tunic, you won’t be sorry.

    1. I agree, their quality is wonderful.

  8. Love your choices here and thank you for the reminder that sizes don’t define you and can vary from item to item. Yes, we should just concentrate on what looks good on us.

    1. Absolutely! We all
      Need that reminder. 🙂

  9. So look forward to your posts. Love this style of j Jill. Thank you.

  10. Love the vest and intend to purchase, thank you! The name of it (“ribbed gilet cardi”) explains why my online searches never turn up anything — I search for “vest,” LOL!

    1. Lol, their names are cute but not helpful.

  11. I really like all these outfits! Everything looks great on you. I especially like the vest cardi. It looks great with everything you tried on. Your shoes looked nice too.

    1. These sandals have great support. Love them!

  12. Christine Arquilla says:

    These are some great looks. I really liked the pink blouson top. You look great in that color. The jacket reminds me of a vintage one I got at a thrift store many years ago that I will never get rid of. BTW, I bought the Nordstrom Treasure Bond brown sunhat from your link and it arrived yesterday. I love it, especially the adjustable inner band. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Christine and thank you for shopping through my links! I really appreciate your support.

      1. I really do like that cardigan, too!

  13. I’ve gotta say – I love so many of the things you’ve shown today! The patterned -stitched cardigan is SO pretty, and looks great with the white and creamy tan. Love the tunics and the pants. Just my style, I guess.

    1. That cardi was one of my favorites this time. Comfy and so useful going into fall.

  14. Some cute items to keep in mind for freshening up a fall wardrobe. I really liked the cardigan.

    1. Classy outfits especially the cardi with the off white jeans s and black striped shirt. Looked great on you.

  15. Some lovely pieces. One question regarding ankle pants in the fall. It’s usually much cooler and I like to wear socks, which I really don’t see working with ankle pants, or do they?

    1. They can work if you match the socks to your pants. I’m colder climates I’d prefer a bootcut that’s a bit longer and covers the sock.

  16. Grandma judy says:

    I have those demi boot cut jeans and love them! So cute and comfortable! Only thing is that I am short enough that even the petite is full length on me. No worries, at least I won’t have to try and hem them. Thanks for doing the dressing room diaries. I always get so many great ideas!

    1. I love when I don’t have to hem things too.

  17. Jennifer – I wear cool tones too but I have to say that the honeycomb outfit is soooooo pretty on you – style, fit, complexion, etc. Makes me wonder if I should dash to our Loft and give it a try. Haven’t warm tones worn since I did the color thing (that we did in our 30s I think) when I found my normal red head palette was a big no-no. Maybe white hair will look better in warm tones now- old skin too🤠.

    1. It’s not overly warm so it might work for you. Our best colors do change as we age and our hair changes color.

  18. I, too, think the purple shirt is pretty and perfect for early fall. And, it’s silk and cotton. (It would be a 10 it it were organic cotton, but maybe I’ll give JJill a go.)
    I do agree with you in finding cool colors for fall. It’s a challenge.

    1. I’ll be on the hunt for more cool toned fall clothes.

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