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Exploring Gibsons and What Stood Out

Gibsons is a small town on the sunshine coast, north of Vancouver, BC. Strangely enough, we expected it to be sunny. It sits at the edge of Howe Sound and the Strait of Georgia with gorgeous views of Keats Island. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with an extremely casual vibe.

Gibsons Harbor in Gibsons BC

Gibsons Marina is centrally located in the heart of Gibsons Landing Village. Their entrance to the docks has the most wonderful grill artwork I have ever seen.Jennifer Connolly at Gibsons Marina

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life exploring Gibsons BC

It was gray but not raining so we wandered around enjoying the sea air. We chatted with several locals on our walk who all had different opinions on the proposed hotel development going up along the water. The tiny shops downtown rely on tourism to survive so their owners are hoping it will bring much-needed traffic to town.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life exploring Gibsons BC

This pretty little garden is right next to the Gibsons Marina.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life at Molly's Reach in Gibsons, BCWe had lunch at Molly’s Reach, overlooking the harbor. This restaurant was one of the major locations in the longest running Canadian TV drama, The Beachcombers and is a popular stop for locals and tourists. This structure held a series of retail functions until it was leased to use as a set for the TV drama. In 1995 when some savvy investors decided to convert it into a functioning restaurant.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life at Molly's Reach in Gibsons, BC

As we sat eating my husband commented that I looked different than the other patrons. I stood out. I hadn’t noticed it but as I looked around I realized he was right.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life exploring Gibsons BC

I didn’t dress to stand out. I was wearing a denim jacket, plain tank top, chinos, and sneakers. Maybe it was because I was wearing pale colors, maybe it was the scarf or the pearl earrings. My husband suggested it could be the attention I pay to details. My guess is it was a combination. It’s not as though I got stared at, but I did stand out. I’m comfortable with that.

How do you feel standing out?

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!

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  1. So glad you are enjoying our beautiful Gibsons and the B.C. coast. Yes, Gibsons is casual but it’s people are warm,
    friendly, and welcoming. They are also quite capable of dressing well when expected and, are not judgemental.
    Your outfit looks very nice and it is good to know your husband appreciates the effort you put into it. Continue to enjoy our beautiful country with its amazing scenery and take our best regards back to the USA.

    Love your blog.

  2. Libby Martin says:

    I enjoy your posts so much, mainly because you aren’t trying to stand out. To me, you are a real person who has self-confidence and always look good. Thanks for showing us how to be classic, confident and comfortable every day.

  3. Libby Martin says:

    I enjoy your posts so much, mainly because you aren’t trying to stand out. To me, you are a real person who has self-confidence and always look good JD the part. Thanks for showing us how to be classic, confident and comfortable every day.

  4. Standing out with a confident smile and wearing styles which help you to feel that confidence…is always a good thing! Thanks for sharing your trip with us and the inspiration from this great look!

    1. Thanks Pam! It’s so important to dress in a way which bolsters our confidence.

  5. You look lovely, but I think it’s the light colors. In the coastal Pacific Northwest we have so many cool, cloudy days, even in the summer, that wearing light colors can feel odd. Then, when we get warm, sunny days our wardrobe choices are limited!

  6. I don’t mind standing out as long as what I’m wearing looks good on me and is appropriate for the occasion. The BC coast, especially when you get away from the big cities, has a personality all its own. It tends to be pretty laid back and casual and attracts a lot of artistic types. I suspect that you still see a lot of boho style, especially in the summer.

    1. I saw some boho style today and it looked right at home here. I do dress more casually than this of course, but always include accessories. They can make or break any look.

  7. Love the pink pants with the white! As for standing out, it is usually because most people throw the same hoodie on the same part of jeans, without a lick of makeup or effort. The bar is pretty low unfortunately.

  8. Rosemarie says:

    Welcome to CANADA. Happy Canada Day.

    You/outfit looks great.

  9. wonderful look on you–no wonder you stood out-it shows when you take care of your appearance!

  10. Gibsons is a pretty relaxed place. On rainy days, you’d need knee-high rubber boots and a rain slicker. If you saw “Nick” and “Relic”, you’d know what I mean. It’s a special place in the hearts of a generation.

    Did you see the shells on the shore at Molly’s Reach?

    1. We did not see the shells but are heading back there this afternoon so I will look!

  11. I don’t mind standing out, especially if I feel I look good. You look summer cool, and pretty. I notice if I wear light colors in general, I stand out sometimes, because so many people wear dark colors, like dark jeans and black pants. My joke to my husband is, you can have any wearable thing as long as you like black. Just my observation.????

    1. I agree Eileen. Dark colors recede and are less noticeable. I am wearing so many lighter colors these days because of my new climate.

  12. Super outfit on you! I like the way everything coordinated!

  13. You look great as usual! I don’t mind standing out a little bit. It’s okay with me as long as I feel comfortable with every item of clothing I am wearing. You know those times when you try to go out of your box and wear something you are not comfortable in? When you cannot even get out of the dressing room wearing it, it is time to put it back on the shelf!

    1. I agree because our gut instinct is seldom wrong. I love trying new things but don’t push past my comfort zone very often.

  14. I think you look very cute and stylish. Casual but ‘pulled together’ Taking time to plan an outfit and accessories is not brain surgery! We all have that capability but it is also not being a slave to trends or copying 100% another’s look. It’s good to adopt but also adapt and make it work for us personally!
    I have seen Jennifer’s outfit played out many times but without the cute scarf/pin and in the ubiquitous blue denim and beige chinos. Ok but a bit bland.
    Changing out the colour really gives this look a nice upgrade!! Bottom line is it’s all about being been dans sa peau in any situation. Jennifer you would fit right in in Montréal! Happy Canada Day/Bonne Fête du Canada!!

  15. Super cute outfit and it looks great on you. From the scarf to the shoes ~ this is a major win.

  16. The colors in your outfit were gorgeous! Loved the pink jeans! I also prefer dresses in the summer! I recently went to an outdoor concert and it was great to see women of all ages in summer dresses and sandals! Most had pedicures!I guess I am being judgy, but I hate to see naked toenails in the summer!

    1. It’s funny but I am not a fan of naked toenails either. I always paint my own which is quick and simple

  17. I love this pale color outfit on you Jennifer! You’ve styled it beautifully. Upscale casual is a great look on you. I tend to stand out more than others because I prefer colors to neutrals and I don’t like uber-casual looks. I’d much prefer to wear a colorful, casual dress in the summer instead of shorts and a tee. This is different than a lot of women so it makes me stand out. I just prefer the coolness and comfort of dresses, not to mention how easy they make it to get dressed.

    1. Dresses do make a woman stand out because pants are so common these days!

  18. I always try to look put together when I go out with my husband. I feel better when dressed nicely with make up. It’s always be better dressed than under dressed. Your look is casual but upscale and most important age appropriate. I follow a few blogs and it has inspired me to step a little out of the box. Simple things like a scarf and a pin can take up a outfit up several notches.

    1. You’re so right Barbara. A well-chosen accessory can elevate your whole look.

  19. I generally blend into the crowd, but it wouldn’t bother me if I did stand out, for the right reasons of course. By the way, I really like how you have styled your outfit. It looks casual, but smart.

  20. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    You look like you care about how you present yourself to the world,plus you accessorise so well.You stand out in a lovely way and your husband is very observant.
    Keep enjoying your time away.

    1. I was surpised he noticed, but then he was taking my pictures earlier

  21. You should be proud to stand out when it’s because you look good in an outfit well chosen for the occasion! I never want to become invisible, just part if the background. You looked great in the combination of colors and accessories you chose and if that made you stand out that day, hurrah for you!

  22. This is a beautiful part of our country. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. My husband chuckles everytime someone comments on what I’m wearing, my accessories or nailpolish. Years ago when it first started happening I thought it was just retail staff engaging in conversation with me but it happens everywhere as recently as last Friday by a fellow shopper in Costco. I am not gaudy or flamboyant, I just like colour and to look put together. Actually, I feel flattered.

  23. Your look is top notch, I love it

  24. I don’t mind standing out…for the right reasons. However, for the most part I like to blend in….Tjis segment is so charming…your look and this place! Love the look of it…..marina, etc.
    Continue to enjoy life!

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