Look of the Week: Vintage Northface

I miscalculated the weather for this trip, which surprises me because I know the PNW weather all too well. We awoke to cool weather and drizzle on Saturday which hung around all day. My linen was of no value and I found myself wishing for a nice warm sweater. Luckily I’d left a jacket and sneakers in the trailer which I hope I won’t need too often. If you read yesterday’s post you’ll laugh at this outfit because I blended right in:) I have owned this Northface jacket for close to 30 years…the sneakers are newer:)

We met our daughter and her friend for coffee in downtown Gibsons at a cool little coffee shop where I had my first doffle. Yup, just like it sounds these are a donut and waffle combo that isn’t on any weight loss program I know off. No matter, this is a vacation and these calories don’t count, right?

After tanking up on caffeine and sugar we headed up the coast to explore. Our first stop was Roberts Creek, halfway between Gibsons and Sechelt.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life on beach in Roberts Creeks, BCThe tide was way out so we could walk the shoreline. It’s a gorgeous, windblown spot with bright purple starfish hiding between rocks waiting for the tide to come in.

My husband surprised me by scratching our initials in the sand.

I am standing on a rock here…my husband is 12″ taller than me.

We explored a few other spots then headed back for lunch at the Wobbly Canoe. The place was jammed and for good reason. The food was amazing. I had my first fish taco of the trip and I know it won’t be my last. I could have opted for the salad but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do on a rainy day so I had the fries. Doffle and fries on the same day is a dangerous combo.

The obligatory selfie on the beach.

We’re eating out a lot here and finding the restaurants fantastic! I usually try to order what I can’t or never make at home. I could worry about my weight on this trip or just enjoy myself. I’ve decided to up my walking and worry when I get home.

Do you worry about your weight on holiday?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Margie from Toronto says:

    I try not go crazy when away on holiday – but – a large part of travelling is enjoying the local foods and it would be a shame to miss out on anything for the sake of a few calories.
    I also find that the extra walking that I usually do while on holiday acts as a balance and I rarely find anything more than a couple of pounds gained so it’s worth it. Enjoy yourself!

    1. I agree Margie. I expect I’ll gain a few pounds on top of being heavier than usual when we left but it’ll come off. I’m trying to walk more.

  2. I too have a Northface item… a terrific vest, half fleece and half wind resistant fabric, in raspberry. Purchased 1998. (You beat mine Jennifer!) I outgrew it ???? but kept it cuz I really liked the color and functionality (with hopes). Then thanks to Weight Watchers it fits again! Yay!!

  3. I do try to watch what I eat…only because at 5’ tall, even a couple pounds make my clothes uncomfortable! (I gain immediately in the waist.) I not longer snack while travelling and save my calories for really good food that I’ll remember.
    I also find that eating so differently from my nor plays havoc with my digestion. Not something that’s entertaining on vacation.

    1. I find the same thing with my digestion. I always travel with probiotics

  4. joni james says:

    I love that someone said, “vacation calories don’t count.” It’s got to be one of the best things about vacations!
    I’m hailing from Seattle and it’s cold and windy today here too.

  5. I love fish tacos! I had my first ones in Bellingham and order them if they are on any menu at a restaurant I’m eating at. Also my there is a ladies wear store in Gibson’s that has been highly recommended to me. Swish.
    Your jacket still looks great – that’s what happens when you buy quality!
    Enjoy your trip.

  6. Oh how I love this post! I spent my childhood playing a beach just like the ones you’ve shown here and though I moved away decades ago, they still look like home to me. So fun to see you and your family looking so relaxed and enjoying the area. Like you, I tend to be a little less careful about what I eat when I’m on holiday. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed!

  7. Ditto to Linda. Here in NC it’ll be 103 degrees today, and it was a relief just to look at someone a little bit chilly.

  8. Oh if only you could send some of that wonderful cool weather here to Dallas!

  9. What s great post! That’s my kind of weather and the scenery just gorgeous! It looks like you’re having a blast! Isn’t it great to have clothes that last and don’t go out of style.

    1. Classics do stand the test of time and they needn’t be expensive to do so.

  10. I think about it and try to balance the bigger meal with a lighter one but frankly, life is too short to worry about it. Enjoy! Btw, we are experiencing an unusual heat wave in Ontario. 95F feeling like 109F with humidity. Yikes!!

  11. Jeannette says:

    Eating and walking it off. That’s what vacations are all about! Enjoy it. Last month we were just across the straight from you at Nanaimo. We stayed in Victoria where we found lots of great food and we walked our dogs off! Love BC! and Love seeing your travel notes as well as your fashion notes. I’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks!

    1. We are heading to Nanaimo by ferry tomorrow and Victoria in 10 days. It’s our favorite place to revisit year after year

  12. Cheryl Ann says:

    That is one of my favorite places ever! I miss it and thank you for taking us along. You look fabulous and I can see how much your family enjoys being together. What a sweet gesture of love by your handsome husband. Love it!

    1. We will definitely be back to the sunshine coast! It’s a magical spot.

  13. I love Mr. C’s hat – I have one just like it! Best thing to wear on a windy day. We’re pretty active on vacation, so we don’t worry about calories. Things even out once at home and back on the usual schedule.

  14. Susan Gowan says:

    Enjoy your holiday. Glad you made it to Canada. Especially during our Canada Day festivities. About 18 years ago we celebrated July 4th in Seattle and enjoyed the fireworks there very much. About food on vacation: walking helps and treating yohrself sporadically. Eating is a big part of the holiday!

    1. It is a big part of this holiday so I will worry about the repercussions when I get home.

  15. Heck NO….the best thing about holidays is trying new food. I am fortunate enough to travel to a new country each summer and this year it will be Ireland. (And it comes from saving and scrimping all year…not wealthy by any means ) I will deal with weight gain when I get back. I spend the whole winter in the gym and even one of the instructors tells me, you work out so you can enjoy life. Raise a glass (or two) and be thankful you are able to travel, walk, and be with the ones you love because many can not. On a side note…love your hubby’s Tilley hat…so Canadian. I have 5!

    1. I loved Ireland! The people are so wonderful and friendly too.

  16. Pam Herrlinger says:

    I also have a NorthFace waterproof jacket that I have owned for over 30 years. It’s one of those staple items that you just don’t get rid of! I’ve worn the fleece liner to it all winter every year for 30 years. Obviously they are quality pieces.

  17. I enjoyed the pictures of your family, especially Mr Connelly. Of course, we always love to learn about new places to explore and that sometimes you wear what you have and just enjoy the experience!

  18. I’ve read that a lot of vacation pounds are due to eating out. Restaurants use more sodium in their meals, which causes water retention. I’ve experienced a 5 pound weight loss after returning to home good.

  19. I’m with you — my rule is that calories don’t count if they’re eaten more than 100 miles away from home! We walk so much more while we’re on vacation that it’s often okay. Great pics — sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!

  20. I do try to consider what I am eating, and try to balance the day by not going overboard the entire day. Eating just half of what I’m served is another strategy I have used for a very long time. If I have on exceptionally big meal I try to make the others more like what I would have at home. Even this does not ensure no vacation weight gain, but the news isn’t as bad as it could have been! Enjoy your time away, so precious when you see your daughter so infrequently.

  21. We just returned from two great weeks in Ireland and I did not worry about my weight one day! Lots of walking and climbing around cliffs gave me an appetite. Plus, I did not like a lot of their food–I ate a lot of fish and chicken. Plus lots of mashed potatoes!!!

    1. Julie Peachey says:

      Yeah ne too! Potatoes 3 ways! But so delicious! I came home a couple of kilos heavier, but loved it and denied myself nothing. Back to normal weight now. Did you love Ireland? I adored it, all of it.

  22. I’m firmly in the “eat on vacation/worry later” camp. Enjoy your trip!

  23. Good morning Jennifer. You look so happy to be with your daughter and family! Enjoy your time with them… and the calories. Plus, you look great no matter what you wear 🙂
    (I never deprive myself on holidays… or ever these days, my willpower is all used up lol)

    1. I’m very happy spending time with her. I’m not depriving myself one bit:)

  24. Barbara Daley says:

    Go for the gusto! You had it right the first time…vacation calories don’t count????

  25. When on holiday, my weight is the last thing I worry about. One of the great things about travelling (especially in a different country) is enjoying the local foods, except on my last trip to Thailand where I got a bad dose of food posioning and needed antibiotics for two weeks – but I did lose 2kgs in the process. Besides, walking around sightseeing can burn off the kilojoules.

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