Fall Outfit With Rich Textures

Happy Friday, ladies. I was missing in action yesterday with a sinus infection. I haven’t had one in a very long time, and I can say with total honesty, I haven’t missed them. Today’s fall outfit has lots of rich fall textures and a touch of pattern.

I created two looks, one a splurge and one more affordable. The colors are all neutral, so the texture and subtle patterning are what give these looks a lift. The look is totally classic at two very different price points.


Chocolate colors are everywhere for fall. If you love it, now’s the time to get some because it’s not always plentiful. I paired straight-leg ankle jeans with short ankle boots. It’s ideal to have jeans just meet the top of a boot like this because they would never stay over the top of a boot.

Herringbone is a classic for fall, and I was happy to find them in brown rather than the popular black and white. Plaid is another classic print in every color imaginable. I added a brown croc-embossed shoulder bag and gold bamboo-shaped hoops.


I love the rich vibe that crocodile and alligator embossing gives leather bags, belts, and footwear. This outfit could be leveled up with a pair of wool trousers and a silk blouse for a different vibe.


The sources for these items are quite mixed. The save comes in at $351.55, and the splurge comes in at $1425.43. I hope these give you some inspiration to shop your closet or simply try new ways to combine pieces.

Is there one piece that looks more luxe than others in these outfits?

Thanks for reading and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. Phyllis Hughes says:

    I really do enjoy these S/S posts. Again, the handbags gave it away for me. But then, I do love handbags. The “save” blazer was obviously of poorer quality fabric, too. Loved everything in the “splurge” group, but I would want the blazer and sweater in navy. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I too really like the s/s posts. I don’t wear the brown tones but can relate the outfits into colors I wear. Trust you will feel better soon.

    1. This would be easy to recreate in cool shades.

  3. Catherine says:

    I love this game! Spot the expensive item. I instinctively went for the scarf. I was gifted a real Burberry scarf a few years ago but it’s a navy background which suits me better. (It was gift maybe it’s a fake but if it is it’s a really good one). I honestly think they are worth $300. They really stand up well to wear. I live in a cold part of Canada (Manitoba) so I use it everyday for months at a time.

    1. I would love, love one, but it never gets that cold in California. Hopefully, I will come across one at a resale shop that I can justify.

  4. I really love these outfits! You do such a great job at this. What’s really great is we all probably have some of these items on our closet.

    1. Yes!! That’s the idea. I know I have several myself

  5. I like the Save Herringbone blazer with the Splurge crew neck
    The crew neck seems to lay nicer.
    Also like the suede boots and alligator bag.
    Hope you feel better.

    1. Thank you so much, Lin. I like a mixture of the two also

  6. Good Morning Jennifer,
    May I just say that I absolutely love this new segment to your blog. It’s really fun and I love trying to spot the “tell” for the splurge. This one was the Burberry Scarf. I following quite a few fashion blogs and may I just say I think you’re the hardest working blogger I’ve come across. Just know that you are noticed and valued. Also…I’m very sorry about the sinus infection. They’re no fun at all. Hope you’re on the mend. Thank you again for all you do and contribute. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

    1. That’s so kind of you to say, Katie, thank you!! You made my day 🙂

  7. I love looking at these splurge/save groups. You are so good at this. I would splurge on the blazer… but really both groups are classy. Not sure I would pay over $300 for a scarf, but it does add zing to the outfit.

  8. Loved both looks, I might have a similar style bootie already in my closet..either blazer is gorgeous.. still a bit too hot to think sweaters, fall has arrived in SF Bay area which means very warm days for awhile thru October….these looks are my favorite …..

    1. We will likely have hot times through October too, but it was nice to get some rain the other day.

  9. This is a great outfit. I like the Save boots better: they’re pretty and have a ZIPPER. The Splurge jacket is classy and, I bet, looks better IRL. The model has no figure, and the jacket seems large on her. It would look better filled out a little. Sometimes price is no guarantor of quality and vice versa — for ex., polyurethane is ‘masquerading’ as leather (bags, boots) for the same pricepoint (and it takes 500 years to decompose in a landfill). I love that you’ve shown the real deal. These S&S outfits help me/us be stylish despite price. Thanks!

    1. On the off-chance that someone thinks my comment is too blunt about the model, my point is that different garments look better on different people.

      1. Your point is very well taken. Thanks, Maeve

  10. suzanstew says:

    I could see both outfits and was actually thinking of going out to look for a blazer like one that is shown above. The only thing I would change is the camel sweater. Camel is for blondes. Even though my brown hair is now gray and that grayness has opened the door to many other colors for me, camel still totally washes me out. I’d probably have a navy top instead.

    1. Navy would swap in here beautifully!

  11. Leslie Lord says:

    I love chestnut leather embossed bags…might need to buy one!
    Hope you feel better soon Jennifer.
    Love mixing of high and low and I do that in my everyday outfits!
    I am retired so cannot justify spending tons on clothes…accessories on the other hand…:-))

    1. Thanks, Leslie 🙂

  12. I really could not guess at which was the splurge option. I actually prefer the blazer in the save option. I don’t usually wear an entire outfit of brown & camel colors. I love them but those colors just don’t look good on me. But as I look at the entire outfits here, I think I could swap the camel sweater and the brown handbag & booties for black, and the blazer & scarf would still work.

    1. yes! The sweater could be navy or gray too.

  13. These are fun posts, but a lot of work when you are not feeling well. The colours are not what I would wear, but there are lots of ideas style wise. I was quite disappointed to find out that the save booties are not available to ship to Canada, so will have to scout out that style here. I love them in the grey colour.
    Again, a great inspiration to get started,

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I love that shade

  14. This is a favorite post for me. You give us ideas to pull together great outfits.
    Today’s outfit is perfect. Love the colors and the outfit just feels like Fall. I too have balance issues so even though the booties are gorgeous, I’d need a lower heel shoe. Of course, I gravitated to the splurge outfit!

    1. I’m glad you like these. They are fun to see come together too

  15. I’ve enjoyed your posts for years but lately you’ve outdone yourself. One post is better than the next. I’ve gotten so many ideas and insights. You’ve invested in making a very rich experience for us. Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying these!

  16. Love these looks! I prefer the “save” blazer because it looks less boxy, although I need more than one button due to my large chest. The “splurge” booties are just gorgeous: so rich and luxe looking.
    Thank you for providing these comparison looks!

  17. I do like the way you put these outfits together . It shows how it can be done. Some of us do not have the know how to do this. The shopping sites also show a variety of colors on the sites so you can choose the colors you prefer. I am more a blue, navy and grey person. These are the shades that I gravitate to.

  18. For me, the rich color and detail in the leather shoulder bag stood out as a quality piece. It may be more than I would spend but it’s a good example of how a simple element can elevate the entire look! I would wear this entire style with the exception of the earrings and booties. I have issues with balance these days and it’s a challenge to find shoes, especially for the fall and winter. My new tortoise eye glasses are my favorite accessory too.
    Our temps dipped into the 40’s overnight. Yup, it’s fall!

    1. Lucky you, our weather decided to warm up again, much to my disappointment

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