Favorite New Cruelty-Free Beauty Finds

I like to regularly shake things up with my beauty and skincare routine, especially with the change of seasons. Today, I’m sharing some favorite new cruelty-free beauty finds and old favorites I’ve replenished. I like to buy my makeup and skincare from Nordstrom because they carry an extensive collection of my favorites, their customer service can’t be beaten, and they always offer free shipping!

Bye Bye Pores


A summer glow is a wonderful thing, but I always prefer to knock down the sheen on my face, so I’ve just replenished this powder. I find that even a dry sunscreen leaves a bit of a shiny look, so my weapon of choice has always been this Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder. IT Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand I’ve loved for years.


This powder is a universal translucent shade that really is invisible. Some powders make your lines more visible. This one doesn’t and, in fact, helps my pores look less obvious. It’s the last thing I apply, and it stays pretty much all day. The compact includes a little sponge, but I prefer my large Sigma brush, which applies a thinner dusting.

New Fragrance

I would love to wear a signature fragrance from an iconic brand that comes wrapped in the luxury and cache of a famous French brand. In fact, I did…until I committed to going cruelty-free. Then the hunt was on to find beautiful, kind, and safe perfume. I’ve had lots of luck over the years, but this spring, I wanted to branch out.


I discovered Henry Rose at my local Nordstrom, which carries quite of few of their scents. Henry Rose is unique because they use only safe ingredients that don’t contain any of the unacceptable personal care products on the Environmental Working Group’s list.

Henry Rose fragrances are Peta certified cruelty-free, and Cradle to Grave certified, which “considers impact at each stage of a product’s life-cycle, from the time natural resources are extracted from the ground and processed through each subsequent stage of manufacturing, transportation, product use, and ultimately, disposal.” They also meet Nordstrom’s sustainability and responsible manufacturing criteria. These are all a huge plus in my book!

Ok, ok, this is all great, but does it smell nice? Yes, it sure does. I spent several days going back and forth sampling the fragrances and brought small samples home to try before I zeroed in on Jakes House Eau de Parfum. Here’s how they describe it…watery, clean freshness encounters honeyed neroli for a light and clean, musky finish. It’s a rather unique scent that’s fresh and non-toxic, which makes me happy. It turns out they also make a candle and body cream in this scent.

New Moisturizer

I’ve been reading about this amazing moisturizer for several years. It’s so highly touted that I’ve been curious to try it. Then a reader mentioned how much she loved it, so when I needed to replace my moisturizer, I bit the bullet and bought it.


You can’t really tell if a product is improving your skin unless you use it for a month or so which gives your cells a chance to turn over. This Agustinus Bader Rich Cream comes in three sizes, and I bought the medium so I could use it long enough to give it a fighting chance.

It’s described as a deeply moisturizing cream that helps stimulate your skin’s natural rejuvenation and protects it from free radicals. Their products are all free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, fragrances, and gluten, plus it’s cruelty-free. I will report back after I’ve used it for a month and let you know what I think. For this price, it needs to make a big improvement in my skin to be worth it.

Ilia Favs

I haven’t kept my love for the Ilia Beauty line a secret. It’s a clean beauty line that’s free of nasty chemicals, and it’s cruelty-free.

This month I replenished my Ilia Lip Wrap Hydrating Mask, which sits on my bedside table. This mask has papaya enzymes which help exfoliate my lips as it moisturizes. This is a permanent staple in my lip routine because it has no taste, virtually no smell, and leaves my lips feeling fabulous.

New Eye Palette


My love for all things Ilia continues with my new eye shadow pallete. This is available in a warm or cool tone. I bought the cool palette with grayed-down shades.

For this look, I coated my entire lid with the upper left shadow, Undo, which is a nude blush matte. Then I applied the left middle shade, Teardrop, which is a soft grey lavender matte, in the crease. I dampened a thin brush to line my eyes with the right middle shade called Just, which is a slate brown matte. Finally, I used my finger to dab a small spot of the upper right color, Infinity, in the center of my lid, close to my lashes. It’ll be fun to play with other colors in this palette for different looks. I also ordered their new Fullest Volumizing Mascara to try and will report back.


Nordstrom is my favorite department store for so many reasons. They offer BOPUS, ROTUS (reserve online, try on in-store), and curbside pickup, along with free shipping and returns, on everything! I highly recommend you join the  Nordy club here, which is free and allows you to earn points towards notes you can use on future purchases.

Have you updated your beauty products lately? I’d love to hear what you’ve found.


  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for the recommendation for “Bye Bye Pores” translucent powder by Elf cosmetics. Luminous foundations are usually recommended for those of us over 50 but I find there is a fine line between a glowing complexion and a shiny complexion! Does anyone else find the more luminous foundations tend to uneven skin texture? (A little like a silk finish paint not disguising irregularities on a wall as well as a matt finish might?)

    1. I agree. I think a soft matte finish shows less texture than a shiny one.

  2. Katelyn K says:

    Jennifer, yes I did recommend The Rich Cream but please be careful using ok? The old formula erased my pores, created a smooth facial complexion and reduced sun spots. I used it religiously for over a year. Didn’t even need eye cream as it worked so well. Then Augustinus Bader changed the formula and it broke my face out in small angry red bumps after a couple weeks use. I’m allergic to an ingredient in this new formula. I still use The Rich Cream as it makes a wonderful eye moisturizer and the skin around my eyes strangely doesn’t react. I switched to Beauty Counter’s Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream and the breakouts disappeared. Still have some open pore issues but this is a great moisturizer. I use their Countertime Countertime Tetrapeptide Radiance Serum 3x per week at night as it’s more intense and leaves my skin soft and literally radient by morning. Both of Beauty Counter’s items cost less than one bottle of The Rich Cream. Wishing you better luck with Augustinus Bader’s products than I had.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I’m doing ok so far but no miracles have occured yet. I’ll let you know. I do hate when brands change thgeir formulas.

  3. I read in a Dermatologist blog women should use a retinol cream at night and vitamin c during the day. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that Nair hair removal cream and retinol do not mix. Ended up with inflamed skin on face and neck which looked like I had taken a blow torch to it.

    1. Ouch! I’m so sorry that happened. I find my neck the most sensitive skin on my body. I have to be extra careful with it.

  4. Sydney Haskell says:

    Jennifer why don’t you buy L’Oréal? It is the only product line that I can afford and doesn’t cause my skin to feel burned and reddened. I have combination skin with an oily forehead and nose and dryer cheeks and neck. I used Clinique for years before I retired from nursing and then found I had half the income to live off of with my husbands retirement income and mine combined. I’m 78 and he is 81 now and it feels hard to believe. Unlike most people believe, most primary doctors are not rich, especially in small towns. Brent worked until he was 72. I love your post and read it faithfully. I have purchased from your links to Nordstrom Rack. I just received my white with navy stripes no iron shirt today and I love it! It was a good price. I love your style and ideas and shop in my own closet regularly to create your look. I know that I don’t live in the world that you and most of the readers live in. But with your help I can look like I do on a budget.

    1. Great style has no price range!! I’m glad you love that shirt too. It feels like one that’s 4 times the price.
      I don’t use L’Oréal products because they sell their products in China, knowing full well that China will conduct animal testing on everything before it is sold in their country.
      There are lots of drug store brand that are cruelty free, so this isn’t about budget, it’s about company values.

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I love Ilia. Tried their lash lengthening mascara thanks to one of your posts.
    Like you, I have rosacea so trying new moisturizers can be fraught with problems for me. How do you know if a product will work and not cause a flair? Do you test on a certain place on your face? Any help you can give would be wonderful.

    1. I test on my chin which has tougher skin than the rest of my face. If it is ok there, I try it on the rest of my face.

  6. I like the colors in the Ilia eye shadow palette but do have two questions. Do you prime your eyelids prior to application and have you tried the darkest shade as an eyeliner (by using the technique of using your choice of brush – wet it – apply the colour and softly blend, which supposedly equates to using a pencil/liner)? (Thank you!)

    1. I don’t prime my eyelids. Do you have a good one to recommend? The darkest shade it very dark and makes a great eyeliner.

      1. Re a lid primer for mascara; unfortunately I can’t confirm one but do have plans in trying City Beauty ‘Lid Lifting Treatment’ which appears to have excellent reviews that preps the eyelid zone by hydrating and smoothing it out and hopefully in my case, will also tone down eyelid redness/pigmentation. BTW I do like the way you did your eyes and share the same sentiments as Deb B. (below). -Brenda-

      2. Thanks Brenda.

      1. Have become a tatcha fan especially their clay mask. Eye watering prices for it in Australia though.

      2. I’ve only used a few of their products and loved them all.

  7. I am really intrigued by the perfume you are wearing. I love going to our Nordstrom and get samples. They are so good about helping. Thanks for all the great information.

  8. Hi Jennifer
    Hi Jennifer:
    I agree with cruelty free and sustainable, of course. The beauty culture also needs to cut down on packaging. I also bought a new eyebrow product by a company – RMS – to try and she did really cut down on the product packaging, not perfectly but significantly better than others. Biossance seems to have made a commitment to cutting down on
    packaging, as well. (Also the RMS instagram ad features the owner, a beautiful woman
    of a certain age!). The fashion industry as well: I bought some new underwear and it came with individual plastic hangars (I don’t hang my underwear!). And don’t get me
    started on the little plastic “dongles” that I have to cut off and throw into trash!
    Great blog!

    1. You are so right! I hang most things but certainly not my bras or panties.

  9. Have you thought about illuminating drops/foundation for a youthful summer glow? I was just reading about L’oreal Lumi Glotion for example. Inexpensive but creates that 20-something luminous skin I’ve recently come in contact with. Just wondering.

    1. I have not tried them because I don’t use L’Oreal. Luminous sounds dreamy 🙂

  10. Your eyeshadow application looks so natural! Love the look. It’s difficult to apply on our older eyes and have it look good, but it looks great on you.

    1. Thank you. I think good brushes really helps.

      1. I just wanted to add that, Jennifer, you have the most beautiful eyes, and the eyeshadow palate you selected, enhances them perfectly!

      2. You’re so sweet. Thank you, Denise.

  11. Suzanne.Gabrielle says:

    I’ll be curious to hear your opinion on the Bader cream I tried it a few years ago when I was going to Italy for a month. The directions at the time said to not use anything else with it after cleansing except sunscreen in the daytime. It eliminated a lot from my packing, and I used it religiously am and pm for over a month. My verdict was neutral – didn’t love or hate it, but at that price I had higher expectations. And this may sound strange, but I love my skincare routines and I really missed some of the steps and ritual that goes with it.

    1. I totally understand. I enjoy the ritual of my skincare regimes. It feels very nice so far.

  12. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning Jennifer, hope you had a lovely weekend. My favorite subject today, cosmetics😀. I am always open to new brands and comparing them to what I call my tried and true brands. I’m intrigued by the perfume you featured today, sounds like a 1.5 mile ride to my Nordstrom is in order today. Enjoy your day💕

    1. Ask them to give you some samples so you can try them at home too! The first time I left my store I had 5 sprayed in different places and couldn’t tell which was which!

  13. I haven’t tried anything new lately. Just wanted to comment that I admire your commitment to sustainable and cruelty free products. Good for you!

    1. Ditto! Thanks for your continued focus on these products.

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