The Best Slip-on Shoes for Women Over 50

I’ve walked far too many miles in tight, ill-fitting, or high-heeled shoes that weren’t always comfortable. When I was younger, I would happily suffer for cute shoes, but no more. My feet have rebelled, and common sense has ruled. Sometimes a slip-on, slip-off shoe is just the easiest style to wear. I firmly believe it’s possible to look chic and stylish in an easy-to-wear, comfortable shoe. Today, we’re diving into the world of the best slip-on shoes for women over 50, including a few slip-on shoes that I personally own and swear by.

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The Best Slip-on Shoes for Women Over 50

As we age, bending over to wrestle on a shoe and fight with clasps and laces is at the end of the list of things I want to do. Whether I’m having to shed my shoes for airport security or hurry out of the door for a last-minute errand, I’m always grateful for a great pair of slip-ons that I can easily (and quickly) get on and off. I have several tried and true go-to pairs that you can see me wearing on an almost daily basis. While researching for this post, I also found several new pairs to add to my list of shoes to try.

Slip-on Shoes I Personally Own and Swear By:

Isle Jacobsen Tulip Slip-on

These little beauties are simply magical. I now own them in 3 colors. This super-comfortable slip-on sneaker has a suede upper that’s whipstitched to a flexible rubber sole. They stretch and mold to your feet and are cool in hot weather. I machine wash mine, and they come out looking brand new. Simply remove the insole and toss in the machine with jeans, etc., with cool water and let air dry.

Ecco Slip-On Sneaker

The slip-on version comes in 7 colors. Ecco’s have a cushioned insole with arch support and leather upper/leather and textile lining/synthetic sole. The insole is also removable so that you can use your own custom orthotic.

Easy Spirit Traveltime Clog

This Traveltime Clog is one of Easy Spirits’ all-time best-selling shoes, with over 12 million pairs sold and 7,500 5-star reviews on Amazon. I was super excited to try these because they’re one of Easy Spirit’s most beloved styles. Like all Easy Spirit Walking Shoes, they’re available in sizes 5-12, in M, N, W, and WW widths, in tons of colors, and are amazingly comfortable.

Margaux Ballet Flat

over 50 blogger walking toward the camera in linen blazer, gold flats and white shorts

These little Margaux ballet flats are pretty amazing. I discovered them several years ago while hunting for the most comfortable ballet flat. They come in seventeen colors in sizes 3-14, narrow, medium, and wide. I have them in this metallic, a pale gray, and a cerulean blue. They dress up or down and are very comfy.

Rothy Loafer

two pair of rothy's aniumal print loafers on escalator

I’m also a big fan of Rothy’s loafers. Their prints and colors change often, but the fit and comfort stay the same. These are made from recycled plastic bottles, so they will ease slightly but not stretch out, so buy your regular size.

Birdies Starling

fashion blogger jennifer connolly of a well styled life sitting on balcony wearing black outfit

I’ve worn my Birdies Starling loafers so often, I’m surprised they’re not falling apart….but they aren’t! They’re nice and roomy for my bunion and feel comfy all day long. I have the black velvet, which is perfect for winter, and now have my eye on a light raffia pair for summer. They make lots of fun patterns and colors seasonally to change things up.

Birdies Mules

These Birdies mules are also a favorite, although I don’t wear them for long days with lots of walking. The woven leather means they’re nice and comfy without binding anywhere. Like all Birdies, they’re made in new colors and prints each season.

Slip-On Shoes I Want to Try:

Sam Edelman Loraine Loafer

These loafers look very similar to the ultra-popular Gucci loafer, but this pair is much easier on the wallet! They come in lots of colors and prints in buttery soft leather and also come in wide sizes. I’ve heard lots of people rave about this style and how it has become their favorite shoe.

Skechers Go Walk Lite Boat Shoe

These Skechers slip-ons are the perfect combination of sporty and casual. I can see these being paired with a navy and white striped top for a classic nautical “coastal grandmother” vibe.

Munro Traveler

I’ve been wearing Munro shoes for many years. I own several pairs of their booties, as well as a pair of loafers that made their way into my rotation quite often this winter. Their shoes are always so comfortable, especially with my bunion. Their shoes are available in multiple widths in sizes 4-13.

Vionic Kimmie Slip-On Sneaker

Every time I post looking for shoe recommendations, so many AWSL readers comment or message me that they love Vionic shoes. I can see why because this brand prides itself on delivering a supportive shoe with arch support, stability, and cushioning. This pair looks like the offspring of my beloved Ecco slip-ons and my Isle Jacobsen Tulip shoes! Available in Sizes 5-10.

Kizik Prague Slip-On Sneaker

I love that these shoes are easy on and easy off. You only have to adjust the straps once, and then you have a hands-free pair of slip-on shoes. This allows you to skip bending down and retying your shoes, which is so helpful if you have problems with your back, knees, or hips. My husband bought one of the men’s versions and loves them!

Additional slip-ons I wanted to share:

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What are some of your favorite slip-on shoe brands?


  1. My go to shoes are Skechers, just about any Skecher. I have several pairs and they are the only shoe I wear now. The new slip-ons and the slip-ons with arch fit are so comfortable!! My feet thank me everyday. I also have several pairs of Vionics.

  2. Have you tried the BZEES? I need to have my shoes very light weight because of an old ankle injury. These have been great. I like them better than my Vionics, which I got rid of. 😉

  3. Haven’t tried the boat shoe, Lin, but love Skechers ballet flats. Cute, ( I like to think), and comfy!

  4. I have had a pair of Munro travellers since 2016, I wore them all over aEurope and still wear them regularly. They are super comfortable and still look almost as good as the day I bought them.

    1. Thanks for the review. They do sound amazing

  5. elizabeth says:

    As I keep approaching 70 my foot issues seem to increase. The past two years I have been plagued with plantar fasciitis – perhaps too many years teaching on old concrete floors? My problem is that I can’t tell if a shoe will be ok until after I have worn it for a day in the classroom. With low, almost no arch and a very narrow heel, and now the plantar fasciitis finding a work shoe is a nightmare, and I spend too too much $$$ trying to find something. At times I think I should get a doctor’s note so that I can wear my running shoes all the time. (Teaching in a private school with a strict dress code for everyone.) Your recommendations are a wonderful place to start researching and reading up on various shoes and styles.

    1. Oh wow, dress codes are a pain!! I hope some of these work for you.

  6. Sydney Haskell says:

    I just bought the Skechers Boat shoe in the navy! They have the same sole that my others do and I love them! I especially love the slip on styles. I’m grateful that you have directed me to this brand. I have worn Merrill Encore Breeze 3 for years, all winter long. Very comfortable. I need a wide toe boot and these two brands work for my arthritic toes and peripheral neuropathy pain relief.

  7. Love the Sketches Boat shoe. Have a store very close to me. Going to check them out. Thanks for the comfort report.

    1. I’m going to need to try those because so many of you ladies love them.

  8. Do appreciate this list as living in Canada, summer or winter we seem to have the custom of removing one’s footwear when entering a home and yes as you grow older you appreciate slip-on footwear …. lol! Now with that said; you must have ESP as ‘just’ received an order of ‘Expand’ laces that I ordered for a pair of sneakers and am going to give them a try. (Source: Amazon) Also a tad off subject; for those who have problem feet (bunions/flat or swollen/hammer toes etc. ) and for anyone who might be interested; a friend of mine loves her Calla Shoes (Callashoes.com) that carry a line of various styles/types of footwear. Though they are located in the U.K. they do ship to the USA/Canada however are made with the finest Portuguese leather, come in half sizes plus offer a measuring print-out for sizing from what she says is very accurate, etc. Wishing you a great day day, Jennifer! -Brenda-

    1. Thank you for sharing about, Calla shoes. I will check them out.

  9. I have heard Vivaia shoes mentioned on your site – they are supposed to be “bunion friendly” and I often get popups on your site. A word of caution, I have ordered these before and they are OK. I recently ordered a pair for casual wear and they were extremely big in the heel, as in I could walk right out of them. I sent them back, unworn and in the original pkg. and had $15.00 deducted from my return. They advertise free shipping and returns, but you only get free return shipping if you agree to get a credit for their shoes, not your money back. So shoppers be aware!

    1. Good information to have, thank you!

  10. While returning yet another pair of uncomfortable shoes to Nordstrom I saw many types of the Hey Dude or Chuka style shoes in all sorts of colors. I actually thought they were pretty cute which surprised me. Good post!!

  11. Lynneferd says:

    I have many pairs of Clark’s and Taos shoes. They offer my foot comfort and a good fit. I like the styles too. I wear a size 7 medium. I don’t have foot problems except for an arch that is high. I do Aging Backwards Classical Stretch with Miranda. She always exercises the feet along with everything else. Plus it is only 30 minutes.

    1. Miranda looks amazing. I can’t believe I’ve never discovered her before. Thanks so much!!

  12. The clogs you have mentioned are perfect for airplane travel. I wear them with colorful socks and easily take them off to go through security.

  13. Loafers are my go-to slip-on shoes. I like the Sam Edelman Loraine, but sometimes need to experiment with sizing, as I wear the dreaded 10.5. Usually sizing down works well — they need to be a little snug (but not uncomfortably tight — those days are over!) .

    My favorite ballet flat is also by Sam Edelman — the square-toed Marisol, Meadow, or May (same shape and sole). The opening (the vamp) covers the big toe joint and doesn’t cut in as you walk.

    1. You bring up a very important point for me…shoes must pass that big toe joint on my left foot or it is excruciasting and I can’t wear them.

  14. These are all great shoes! I’ve decided I might have to stay away from sandals this year. Even my best supportive ones are hurting my feet. All winter I’ve been wearing slip on shoes or tennis shoes and those seem to be the most supportive. I love that they look so stylish now.

  15. Lynette J says:

    I have narrow feet so slip-on shoes are generally slip-off for me —but armed with this list, I will try to find something recommended!

  16. I have the tulip shoes and they are very comfy but offer little support. With arthritis and bunions, it’s hard to find comfortable, supportive, yet stylish shoes. I need a good pair of walking sneakers. I’m going to check out the Hokas. Thanks for the suggestions!

  17. Sam Edelman loafers are fabulous. I can walk all day in mine, have them in three colors. Also I like my Sperry perf slip ons.

    1. I need to order a pair of those to try. They’re so popular.

  18. I love my Kizik sneakers. They’re so lightweight and comfortable, and it’s great not to have to lace them up every time and instead just put my foot into it.

  19. I love my Sketchers Go Lite boat shoes ! I have several pair in different colors. So comfortable from day one !

  20. Many thanks for this post, Jennifer. As one who wore a size 10 shoe since my middle school days (having reached my 5’10” height early on), shoe shopping was always difficult, but got a bit easier as time went on.
    Then, a couple of years back (I’m about to be 69), my shoe size changed to 10.5 narrow, & shoe shopping is now an exercise in absolute frustration & futility (most companies do not make size 10.5 shoes, & those that do stick with medium widths).
    Add to that, an unexplained weight loss of 30 lbs, which I couldn’t afford to lose, & spinal surgery a year & 1/2 ago, & not only do I need to find shoes that fit, but comfort is an absolute necessity.
    At this point, if I need to pay more to do that, then so be it. I’ll not be filling my closet with shoes I’ll wear only occasionally, but, rather, with a smaller selection of shoes which fit correctly, are comfortable &, hopefully, long lasting.
    Have a blessed day, & again, my thanks!

    1. That is a very difficult size to fit, as you well know. So few of us are medium width so I’m always excited to find brands that carry narrow and wide as well.

  21. Jennifer, thanks for this list!
    The links do not appear to be activated though.

    1. I checked and they seem to work. Is there one in particular, Maeve?

  22. All great choices, Jennifer! I wore heels every day when I was younger. No more, however, as I dread falling and desire comfort. I’m still addicted to buying shoes, but these days they’re all flats and sneakers: Skechers, Tom’s, and Bob’s, to name a few. Thanks as always for another great post, much appreciated.

    1. I buy scant heeled shoes these days and the one or two I do buy are very kow and stable.

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