Splurge or Save on Easy White Jeans Outfits

So many of you enjoyed last week’s splurge or save outfit that I thought it would be fun to do another one, and I think I have a tough one. I am a firm believer that great style is available at all price points…if you know where to look and how to put yourself together. I’ve seen tacky outfits that cost a fortune and budget outfits that look like a million dollars. So let’s see how we do on this two splurge or save white jeans outfits, which I would both happily wear.

This look begins with a great pair of white jeans. The secret to finding your best pair is to choose a style and shape that flatters your body. It’s often helpful to size up in white jeans and look for ones that are the most opaque. They’re a great starting point for many stylish looks all spring and summer. I now wear these Thinstinct shorts under all my white jeans.

chambray shirt and white jeans outfit with straw tote and cross slide sandals

I added a pale chambray shirt which is a quintessential item in my own wardrobe year-round. I prefer lighter washes when the weather warms up, and this often comes hand-in-hand with a lighter-weight fabric.

white jeans outfit with chambray shirt and basket tote

A pair of easy slide sandals (which are both reviewed as very comfy), a basket tote, two-tone hoop earrings, and rectangle tortoise sunglasses finish the look. This outfit would be great for running errands, shopping at the farmers’ market, or where ever a casual day takes you.

The splurge outfit comes in at $1,942, and the save look comes in at around $300. I would have a hard time spotting this save outfit. Did you? What was the clue for you?


  1. Sydney Haskell says:

    The bag stood out with the design better than the Save bag. But on the street I would not be able to tell as I am just now learning labels from you and the other ladies. I could wear my new no iron navy striped long sleeve shirt from Nordstrom Rack. I have white jeans, sandals and a navy crossbody bag. No straw bag. But $32 on Amazon is a good price for a summer bag for me to buy. I love Save and Splurge posts! I am sure it is extra work for you but I love guessing and also putting together a similar look from my closet! Thank you for all you do Jennifer!

    1. I’m so glad you like these too!

  2. The squared toe and heel on the sandals gave it away for me.

  3. The cut of the chambray shirt gave it away for me. The splurge one had more of a “fit” cut, while the save one was too boxy. Kudos to you for doing this!!!

  4. Teresa Landers says:

    No trouble with a side by side comparison – the detail of the decoration on the tote was a give away. Otherwise, very difficult to guess there was significant price difference. Great job!

  5. The squared toe footbed on the splurge outfit was the tip off for me. I’ve only seen this detail on more expensive shoes.

  6. Great post! “I’ve seen tacky outfits that cost a fortune and budget outfits that look like a million dollars” — that is SO true! Thank you for providing these tips and for the “splurge or save” posts. For me, it was the handbag that gave away the splurge today, but I’ll admit it was a tough one!

  7. I did guess right but I had to look several times. haha The square toe on the shoes did it for me. Bad feet here, like you, so shoe details are important to me. FYI: I love your posts and look forward to them everyday. I enjoy the variety of topics you discuss, we never know what is next! LOL

    1. I hope I’m not too unpredicatable 🙂

  8. Great comparison! The bag and the shoes tipped me off. I think cheaper shoes often have the label in a generic (rather than matching) color, often sewn, glued, or printed under the heel (why).

  9. The handles of the tote gave it away. As far as the sandles, I have paid over $100 for fitflops. Used to be the only ones I could wear when plantar fascititis flares, but now I love the Oofoos!

  10. I love the splurge or save posts, like a mystery to unravel! The earrings gave it away for me-very classy. I like the look of the Chico’s jeans, but jeans are so hot in the summer! It is going to be in the upper 90’s here this weekend 😓

  11. Great outfits! I thought it was the earrings, but when I checked it was the tote…I actually think i can shop my closet and come up fairly close to the look. Perfect for our June weather…Happy 6/1

  12. The label on the insole of the sandals was the clue for me. I don’t always get your splurge or save posts right, but this time I did. They’re always fun and I’m getting better at spotting the more expensive ones.
    BTW, I ordered the OOFOS sandals from a previous post and I love them. I’d never heard of this brand, so thanks for the introduction!

  13. I guessed right – the tote and earrings gave it away for me. Maybe the lesson is pay attention to accessories! Thanks, Jennifer.

    1. Accessories always make a big difference for my outfits.

  14. Such a cute outfit! Where I live white jeans only work on a cool night. Too much heat and humidity here! Thank you for giving us such great options all the time!!! So helpful!

  15. I guessed wrong! i thought the earrings might be David Yurman. This was a great post!

  16. Nailed it! What tipped me off? A model with a little normal curve.

  17. I’m not sure why, but the sandals were the tip off for me today. As you say, they are so alike — no reason to splurge here.

  18. Jennifer, you nailed this one! The tote gave it away for me but the two looks are virtually indistinguishable! Love these!

  19. I do love Loewe. But price point–oh my!

  20. Another great post!!!! You bring us such great finds at economical prices. I may just order those jeans and the Thinstinct shorts. Great reminder as to what to wear under white pants! Thank you for all of this!!
    P.S My Chico’s “Brigette” shorts arrived yesterday. Yippee!! Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you rediscovered them

  21. This really was a tough one. You can hardly tell the difference in the jeans but for some reason for me it was the shirt. The save outfit was amazing. This is fun!

    1. I know! I need to order that shirt.

  22. You are right, Jennifer…the difference was hard to spot, and I guessed wrong. On the basis of the shirt, I chose the “splurge” as the “save”. The fabric appeared to be thin and cheap; the stitching uneven and puckery; and the general construction of it to be slapdash. Was definitely surprised to see it was a Nordstrom item. 😂

  23. The accessories looked expensive, especially the basket tote bag on the first Pinterest board. I enjoy it when you show two outfits. I am getting more adept at picking the extra high end outfits. I always learn something valuable from your posts.
    Thank you,

  24. A clean, fresh, modern style is not defined by how much was invested to achieve that total look. A hint of carefully selected detail can take a style from simple to special. The handbag in the splurge version stood out. It’s fun to look at the comparison of splurge versus save which usually highlights the importance of detail in a personal style. The clothing pieces are very similar.
    Personal care far out ways whatever we may choose to wear.

  25. Wow, this was a hard one, but I spotted the save outfit. The earrings and sunglasses gave it away for me. I really like this outfit. It’s elegant casual. Please do more splurge and save outfits. I love this feature.

    1. I’m glad you like these!

  26. Love these posts! I spotted the Loewe bag and the tailoring of the higher end shirt (though I thought it might be Frank and Eileen). Also could see the Fit Flop label :). I agree with you that light denim and white is a dynamite summer combo! I think that because we now have looser jean styles white is much more wearable than when it was all skinnies. As a dark winter it’s more likely a white top/light jeans, but wow do my navy, black and deep jewel tones pop against that white! Great tip:keep and oxyclean pen in your bag esp if you’re a klutz like me!

    1. Oxyclean pens are a great idea!

  27. I love the save outfit! These are such fun posts for me. Thunk I may head to Loft today🥰. The earrings were a clue for me.

  28. I love these Save or Splurge posts! And this one is remarkably close! I think the splurge is the top outfit. The earrings and tote were my giveaways. The earrings are very polished and a classic style. The design on the tote is clearer and more precise than the save tote. But I have to say I’d happily wear either outfit!

    1. I would too. I’m going to try to duplicate it this weekend.

  29. Pat Patterson says:

    A very good morning Jennifer, the smoke (from Nova Scotia) has cleared here in NJ, It’s a beautiful blue sky and sun.
    I chose outfit #1 as the splurge outfit, am I right??😀
    Have a great day

    1. Yes! That’s the splurge.

  30. I did manage to get it right. The cleaner, more refined design tipped me off to the splurge items, particularly with the accessories but even with the shirts.

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