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The Most Comfortable and Stylish Sandals for Problem Feet

It may be hard to believe today, but spring and summer will be here before you know it, which means it’s almost time to trade out our boots and winter shoes for strappy sandals, flip-flops, and slides. Unfortunately, by our age, many of us have developed foot problems which can make wearing traditional flat sandals a painful endeavor. Years of abuse from wearing high heels, ill-fitting shoes, injuries, and weight changes can cause bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, or simply painful feet. These ailments make shoe shopping a major challenge, especially when you’re searching for the most comfortable and stylish sandals for your problem feet. Thankfully, shoe companies have finally caught on, and they’re now designing fashionable sandals that offer extra cushioning and support.

After years of shopping for warm-weather shoes that will keep my mature feet happy and pain-free, I’ve developed a list of go-to brands that I can count on when it’s time to purchase a new sandal. I thought sharing this list might be helpful for those of you who endure a similar struggle on your quest for a comfortable yet stylish sandal.

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The Most Comfortable and Stylish Sandals for Problem Feet

#1. Vionic

comfortable sandals for problem feet

Every time I post looking for shoe recommendations, so many AWSL readers comment or message me that they love Vionic shoes. I can see why because this brand prides itself on delivering a supportive shoe with arch support, stability, and cushioning. Slide sandals are huge again for this year, and this platform slide includes an orthotic insole and cushioned outsole. They’re available in 21 colors and sizes 5-11. Comfy platforms are my new favorites because I enjoy the height boost without putting extra pressure on the balls of my feet. If you need more room for your toes due to a bunion, I also really like this pair!

#2. Munro

comfortable sandals for problem feet

I’ve been wearing Munro shoes for many years. I own several pairs of their booties, as well as a pair of loafers that made their way into my rotation quite often this winter. This pair of Cleo sandals in navy leather from Munro looks so chic and elegant. They come in eight colors, in SS(super slim)=4A, N(narrow)=2A, M(medium)=B, W(wide)=D, WW(extra wide)=EE, sizes 5-13. Shoes and sandals that tie or buckle securely are feeling comfier these days. I also like this two-strap pair which you can get in 20 different colors and patterns.

#3. Eileen Fisher

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life touring Prague Castle with Viking Cruises

I am a big fan of the Eileen Fisher brand and have been getting a lot of wear out of my crepe pants lately (especially on my recent trip to Miami). But as much as I love their clothing, I think I love their shoes more! They fit my foot and lifestyle and are super comfy. I bought my first pair several years ago during a marathon shopping day, and I’ve been adding to my collection ever since. I love the look of these sporty platform sandals, which come in platinum, black leather, and gold metallic suede.

I wore these sandals day in and day out over hot cobblestoned streets on our Riverboat cruise back in 2019 and on our Maritime cruise last summer. They dress up and down easily. EF makes this shape every year in various colors with a small twist to the sole. This year they’re in 4 colors, including a pretty metallic one. You can read more about how to wear a sport sandal here.

#4. Dr. Scholl’s

comfortable sandals for problem feet

As I age, I refuse to sacrifice style for comfort, so it’s vital that I find a shoe that can check both boxes. Dr. Scholl’s motto is “shoes that look good and feel good,” so it’s only fitting that they make the list! I have had a few different pairs of shoes from this brand, and they’re always reliably comfortable. They are also relatively affordable, and you can grab this pair of Islander shoes for under $50. They come in seven colors, sizes 6-11. Besides being comfy, these are sustainably crafted with soft linings made from recycled bottles.

#5. Ecco

comfortable wedge cork sandal

Ecco is a Danish shoe company that has been making shoes for over 50 years. I own several pairs of their sneakers, which are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Along with making great sneakers, they have a great collection of sandals that will keep your feet happy and pain-free. This pair of wedge cork sandals have a suspended footbed that adapts to the shape of your foot. They come in three colors, sizes 4.5-11.5.

I’m a big fan of this criss-cross style too.

#6. Naot

comfortable sandals for problem feet

Many of you readers told me how much you love your Naot footwear. Their insoles are constructed of natural cork and latex and lined with a suede lining. They have amazing arch support and an elevated footbed. Their best-selling Kayla sandal comes in 14 colors. This brand doesn’t do half sizes, so make sure to size up.


#7. Jack Rogers

supportive flip flop for mature feet

Last year I purchased my first pair of Jack Rogers sandals. I know, I know…where have I been? There are two versions of these sandals that look the same. The classic version here and these Jacks II, which have a cushioned footbed which my aging feet appreciate. They’re also here on Amazon in several other colors. They got a lot of wear on my recent Miami trip because they’re comfy, stay on without much toe-gripping, and allow my feet to swell where they need to.


comfortable flip flop for mature feet

Now I know that lots of you will consider these ugly. But…hear me out. If you need a casual pair of flip-flops to wear to the pool, run to the grocery, or even just wear around the house, your feet will be quite pleased with this pair from OOFOS. These flip flops have over 13,000 4.5-star reviews on Amazon, with rave reviews from customers with various foot ailments, from plantar fasciitis to bunions and flat feet. Their “revolutionary OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet, joints & back. Plus, the closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.”

#9. Kork-Ease

You’ve heard me talk about Kork-Ease before being extremely comfortable. This pair comes in multiple colors!


#10. Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole

I’ve had several pairs of Gentle Souls and can attest to their comfort. This pair also comes in a fun red or emerald green color. I also love the look of this pair.

woman wearing petite denim dress
I’ve had these two-banded sandals for many years and love how comfy they are.

#11 Clarks

Jennifer of A Well Styled Life weating denim jacket, NYDJ blue jeans and Clarks sandals

I love Clarks wedges for comfort and a boost in height. My pair is many years old and sold out, but these are similar with a cork sole.


Other Comfortable, Yet Stylish Sandals Your Problem Feet Will Love:

What are your favorite brands of sandals to wear?

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  1. Lana Collavo says:

    I know this is a blog about shoes – but I love that gauze light blue kimono you have on with the black dress in your picture on the cruise ship. I have been searching the internet for it! Where did you purchase that?

    1. It’s a large wrap/scarf from Eileen Fisher

  2. I highly recommend SAS shoes for women with foot issues. In their stores they actually measure your feet! Who does that anymore? I
    Was surprised my feet had changed and it helped to get a better fit.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer, for this fantastic rundown on sandals. Great choices. Thought I’d throw one more out there: Skechers. I’ve found their sandals and walking shoes to be very comfortable and far less expensive than other brands. Worth a try!

    1. Sketchers are amazingly popular and comfy!

  4. What a great post. My mom loved SAS, and a friend who had foot surgery swears by Hotters, a UK brand. I have quite a variety, just purchased two pair of CUTE Taos sandals, their arch support feels custom for my foot. I like my retro New Balance fresh foam sneakers, have had sketchers I lived in, and another favorite is Minnetonka, leather sandals for a southwest look, or you can size up and add your custom insole to a soft leather or suede moccasin. I have them in four fun colors for a house (patio/mailbox/okay, store too) casual shoe.

  5. I enjoy your posts everyday. You have the best advice on topics that relate to things going on in my life and that makes me happy. This sandal blog is fantastic.

  6. Hi Jennifer, I love my Kork-ease slides but when I walk in them they make a funny kind of sucking noise. I know it’s air being pushed out between my foot and the shoes but it can sound embarrassing. Lol. I’ve tried putting a Kleenex padding in there but it disintegrates after walking a ways. If any other readers have noticed this and have figured out a way to prevent this, would you let me know here. I love these slides but just don’t wear them because of this. Thanks everyone.

  7. Great post! I ordered the Ryka sneakers and I love them. I have arthritis in my feet and have so many issues finding shoes that feel good. (I believe they were the ones you wore on the plane) Thank you for your excellent recommendations and I am definitely ordering a few of these sandals to try out, as I live in Palm Springs and wear sandals most of the year.

    1. You live in such a great place! I’m glad you like the Rykas too. They’re so comfy.

  8. Just a quick comment on the very cute Eileen Fisher flat form sporty sandal: be aware that it has virtually no arch support. If you don’t need it, it is a great choice.

    A brand new option for people with problem feet: check out Frankie4, an Australian footwear Co. that has just set up for the U.S. market. Somewhat pricey, but all built to last with leather linings, and various gel inserts included to aid in a custom fit. Lots of underfoot padding and arch support.

    Vionic has some nice options, but they no longer offer leather linings and do not yet put a lot of padding in their dressy shoes, as other competitors have begin to do.

    I have exceptionally difficult feet to fit and I am finding a few new pair at Frankie4.

    1. I’ll check them out. I’m one who benefits from extra padding

  9. I too have narrow feet. Nordstrom has some styles in narrow to try on. I have enjoyed some styles from Rockport / Cobb Hill; many of them have adjustable straps and good arch support. They can be ordered from their website or (some styles) from Nordstrom and returns are easy for both places.

    1. I forgot about Rockport! Thanks for mentioning them.

  10. Elizabeth L says:

    Great list- thanks! I’d add Mephisto, a French brand carried at Nordstrom (I love the Helen style & own it in several colors), Taos and Born to your list of brands.
    So enjoy both your blog and the comments added by your readers!

    1. Yes to Taos and Born! Mephisto is Very comfy.

  11. Christina L. says:

    Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing! Last year, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and am on the quest to find the comfiest shoes that look stylish. So far, all I have are Clarks and Hokas. I love them!

    1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I need to try Hokas

      1. I highly recommend SAS shoes for women with foot issues. In their stores they actually measure your feet! Who does that anymore? I
        Was surprised my feet had changed and it helped to get a better fit.

  12. I love my Birkenstocks.
    Also love my Sketcher outdoor sandals. They have great arch supports a d a well constricted sole.
    I have narrow feet so Clark’s work if the style is adjustable. Ionics have great styles but are too wide.
    Thanks for the list of different brands I can try.
    After all, always need a new pair or two for the upcoming season.

    1. My Clark’s have the Velcro strap which I really like. More precise adjustments than a strap with holes.

  13. Really helpful post, thank you!

  14. I love all of the above and also Alegria. If you haven’t tried them you may want to!

  15. suzanstew says:

    This is scary. I have at least a pair of almost all of these shoes. I will make a couple of comments. I have a pair of Eileen Fisher espadrilles that I do like, although almost immediately the sole separated from shoe. Too expensive for this to happen. I have a pair of the Ecco sneakers that I sized up in – I have a 9-1/2 and wide foot and sometimes go up to a 10. I find them to be uncomfortable when I wear them for a long time and there is a piece of something that juts out at about my bunion. I still think I need to wear athletic shoes if I am going to be walking for more than a couple of miles. Love my Birkenstocks.

  16. Love all the different brands! So far I have tried Clark’s, Ecco, Vionic and Dr. Sholls. They’ve all been great. Look forward to trying some of these great looks. I love my Ecco golf shoes!

  17. I buy mostly Aetrex sandals. They offer support and have adjustability for my narrow and problem feet.

  18. Great post! I’ve been sandal shopping for comfortable shoes to wear in France this summer. Love all your suggestions, Naot Kayla my favorite so far.

    1. I tried in Naots a few summers ago and found them very, very comfy.

  19. Another timely post! So many great options! It’s time to get out and have some “try on” sessions before all the sizes are picked over. I do like the feel of a secure sandal and some of my favorites have had the adjustable Velcro straps. I know that some find these totally off base but they do offer an important function.
    Thanks for all your research on this subject. I feel armed with some fun new ideas and fingers crossed it’s a successful search!

  20. This was such a fun post! I have an obsessive love affair with sandals and flip flops. Clarks and Naots are long time favorites but I want to try some of your suggestions. Aetrex also make attractive sandals with good support and fun colors although they tend to fall apart after a few years. Clarks last forever!

    1. I agree! My Clark’s are old and still going strong.

  21. Good morning and this is a great post and I agree with all of your shoe selection (coming from some one that has to be selective as well with shoes).
    I noticed the blue braided belt with denim dress and I’ve been looking for a navy color belt….do you have any suggestions (depending on outfit and shoes, sometimes blue would be better). Thanks

  22. Jeanne Claire says:

    What a great post! Sandals are always a challenge for me because of bunions and the need for good arch support. Naot and Ecco have become my go to brands and I own both of the styles you featured here. I also like Wolky which is a bit sportier but very comfortable for walking. For me , the key to sandal comfort is having a adjustable front strap. It makes a huge comfort difference because of my bunions. It also usually means I can wear a medium with instead of a wide which doesn’t fit the rest of my foot. Thank you Jennifer for doing all of this research for us!

    1. Thank you Jeanne Claire! Because of arthritis in my toes, I need an adjustable toe strap, lots of cushioning and good arch support. However, I also have stability issues and have fallen a couple of times because of it. I would love to find at least one pair of neutral colored sandals that I could wear safely. The really thick soles are a fall risk. I have a pair of Ecco sandals but don’t find them comfortable for any length of time and take them off. So will check out some of the brands suggested here.

  23. Thanks for this post, although I am looking out my window at quite a bit of snow today so it may be a couple of months before I can think about actually wearing sandals. I purchased the Oofos flops last summer and can attest to their comfort. I had stopped wearing flip flops before I discovered this brand. Those Munro sandals look nice for a summer wedding–it is always difficult to find comfortable sandals once we are in the midst of the season so maybe I will order those now!

  24. Evelyn Bailwy says:

    Though this was very helpful, could you do another post for the things people are bringing up today in comments? My issue is needing cute closed toe summer shoes/sandals.
    (Mine must also have a toe that curls up though, I know that is rare, or I’ll be on the sidewalk face down!)

  25. Thanks for bringing up a lot of brands I didn’t know about. I will say the pair with the velcro top though – – hard no for me and it should be a hard no for anybody under age 80. Very aging. Lots of better options.

  26. For those of us who need a little more support, I suggest a company called Orthofeet. Their selection is limited, but I like their basic sandals for everyday wear. All straps are adjustable for those swollen feet days. Their shipping/return policies are generous, and you have a 60 days of wearing the shoes before deciding whether or not to keep them. Another brand is Halas, which I’ve tried and like. Thanks, Jennifer for all your lovely suggestions, I always come away with an idea or two.

    1. I’ll check into Orthofeet, thanks. I’ve not heard of them before.

      1. Oops, Halsa, not Halas. Sorry 🥴

  27. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning, so glad you posted comfortable, fashionable sandals. Having had 2 bunion surgeries and a very painful heel spur, I seek comfortable summer footwear. Last year I tried my daughter’s oofos flipflops, omg, super comfy and good support. I ordered a pair of their slides. Highly recommend this shoe line, I have always been a fan of Clark’s.
    I also look forward to reading your blog and all the comments from the other ladies and I too, feel like I found many new friends!
    Have a great day😀

    1. Thanks for letting us know! I’m intrigued by their foam description. Comfy feet are so important!!

  28. Unfortunately many of these brands don’t come in wide width. I need support for arthritis and width for bunions. It’s very difficult for me to find shoes that fit well. Shoe shopping used to be fun, but not anymore. I am intrigued by the Oofos though.

    1. Hi Deb! Have you looked at Orthofeet? They have wide and extra wide.

    2. Shoe shopping is often so disappointing. It sure takes longer theses days to find a good fit than it used to.

  29. I also have AA/N feet. I have three brands that I have found that fit: Van Eli, Soft walk, and Munro. Other brands that come in narrow are still to wide at the top of my foot. Now that I know the brands that fit I can order on line. I shop at Marmi shoes, they also have a clearance website Marmirack.com. It has great buys but no returns. I also shop Zappos and their clearance site 6PM.com. It is horrible that there is no department store that carries narrows in stock to be able to go to the store to see in person and try on. I don’t understand, I know there are a lot of us out there. In the past Nordstrom was good with narrow width, not any more.

    1. Paula! Yes! I have narrow feet and it’s becoming more and more difficult to find shoes!!! We have a Marmis store here in Atlanta area but our Nordstrom’s has rare narrows in store now! Have you looked at Charleston Shoe Co. I think the stretch of those shoes could work and they are cute. Occasionally ShoeMall has some basic shoes. But have you noticed some of the narrow styles offered have been on these websites for years!?

    2. Thanks for sharing Marmi. That’s a new resource to me. I’m a big fan of Zappos too

  30. What about narrow feet? I have an extremely difficult time finding shoes in narrow widths these days. I used to wear an AA or AAA width and now they don’t seem to exist anymore. That is my only foot issue but it is a big one. I usually wear thongs so my feet don’t slide through the shoes (I’m in Florida so always wear sandals).

    1. Munro makes AA shoes and sandals. Margaux makes narrow shoes as well.

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