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Monday Musings- Cargo and Ferry Rides

My style recipe doesn’t include girly-girly things and overly feminine clothes have never appealed to me. Cargo pants have also never been part of my wardrobe because they’ve always seemed too masculine. Today’s ootd, proves once again, why I’ve learned to never say never about fashion which now includes these feminine cargo pants.

woman infrotn of rock fireplace wearing ivory sweater and tank top

I changed my mind about them when I tried these ones on for you during a recent dressing room diary. They’re technically called Excursion pants, but the large exterior pockets and button tab at the ankle say “cargo” to me.

blonde woman standing on dock of ferry wearing cream cardigan, beige cargo pants and cinnamon colored tee shirt

As always, you can click through the red highlighted text links for more info and to shop the item.

Feminine cargo pants outfit

I wore them for our BC Ferry ride to Victoria earlier this week. I paired them with a shrunken sweater from Target and my newest pair of these Tulip perforated sneakers. How many pairs of these Ilse Jacobsen slip-on sneakers can one woman own? That verdict is not in:)

over 50 blogger wearing ivory sweater and cargo pants in front of rock fireplace

These pants are an amazingly soft blend of Tencel and linen which upgrades the drape and feel of the fabric. The stitched front seam gives them a bit more structure and the lack of flaps on the pockets makes these a more elegant option which brings them easily into my style territory.

They come in 5 colors, in regular and petite. I’m wearing a regular. I wanted the cream, but I’m glad I chose this light sand color which feels more “out of Africa” to me and will transition easily into fall.


women wearing feminine cargo pants and sweater on ferry

It was blustery on deck but mild, so this super affordable cardi was enough to keep me comfy. It comes in 5 colors in womens and womens plus. I’m wearing a small. It’s a chunky knit blend that I seriously debated, and now can’t imagine why I didn’t get it in 2 colors!


over 50 woman wearing shrunken sweater and cinnamon colored tank top on deck of ferry

Swapping out the self-belt on a garment always upgrades its look so I chose this suede one with the wooden buckle. I also like how the faux horn buttons on the sweater add a bit of extra pattern. This cinnamon-colored tank is a new shade for me and I love how it coordinates with the other neutrals. It’s not the same color as my eyeglass frames but seems to pull that tone out in them.

the full spirit workout bok

I love the ferry but it was doing a fair amount of rocking and rolling during this trip so I got out on the deck to breathe the fresh air. It’s a sure-fire cure for the queasy seasick feeling I get on most boats. BTW- this is my current book. I’ve just started it so can’t speak to it how good it will be but I’m enjoying it so far.

What do you wear now that you never thought you’d try?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I tried, with no luck, searching your DRD posts for these excursion/cargo pants to see if you told us the size you chose. As I’m 5’3″, I wondered if you decided to go with petite or regular. Some years ago I had a bone colored tencel blouse and skirt that I adored. It’s such a great fabric.
    Answering your question, I thought I hated jogger pants, but found a pair at Wal-Mart last year that I lived in and loved for much of the year.

  2. I liked the tank top on you. You said it was cinnamon. On Banana Republic they only have numbers Which do you think is the closest number . thanks

    1. I’m pretty sure this is 182. It’s definitely warm and deep.

  3. First of all; you and your daughter could pass as sisters.
    She is definitely yours. To great looking gals.
    Love your outfit. Especially the sweater. Guess I need to go shopping (again)!

  4. Recent one that I never thought I’d wear: Birkenstocks, because they come in narrow widths. They’re so much more colorful and fun than ever before, but mostly I bought them for foot issues. They help a lot.

  5. You look relaxed and current in this outfit. I love it all!
    I have bought several pairs of fashion sneakers and wear them more than any shoes. They used to be only for walking or working out, but are now part of my daily uniform.

  6. Fun to vicariously revisit one of my favorite places. Rich earthy colors are so classy on you! I just purchased stretch cargo jogger in flight jacket green from Banana Republic — both a style and a brand new to me, thanks to your blog. A softer drape than many cargoes is surprisingly flattering to my thicker waist and tummy… and can be styled many ways for a youthful vibe. I’m also loving the bag you’re carrying, which I bought through your blog. Goes with everything for most any occasion. Life is good.

  7. I’ve never much cared for frills. I’m more the sporty type myself. Nice to see you embrace something out of your comfort zone. I like the color on you!

  8. Love the post and the outfit. Love the contrasts with the sweater, your hair, the top, your glasses…everything! Whole outfit is great and it looks so comfortable.
    I’ve been wearing wide leg crops this summer. I never thought I’d wear them because of being only 5’2″. Now I have about 5 pairs in all different fabrics and I love them! It’s fun to try new things at our age! Why not!
    It must be nice to be in a different country for a long time. It looks beautiful there.

  9. Dianne🇨🇦 says:

    You look great, we haven’t gone to the Island since Covid.
    We will definitely go on the ferry to Nanaimo in the fall.
    I love your outfit!
    Cute sweater too.
    I have never worn a Jean jacket,I recently bought one on line.
    I haven’t worn it yet.
    I’m usually a long cardigan person
    I enjoy your blog

  10. Kathye Vance says:

    You look lovely in today’s outfit. The colors and style are very becoming! Thank you for your timely and practically classic outfits ready for most any occasion.

  11. Cathlyn Wilk says:

    I now have a new idea for trip and have always wanted to go to Vancouver and see BC.
    Your outfit is perfect. Hope your Birthday was the greatest yet!

  12. Lorrie Orr says:

    The ferry passing photo in Active Pass is great! Hope you are enjoying the Island. It’s kind of cool here just now. Love the sweater and the pants. You look very stylish.

  13. I have got to have that sweater!!!!!!!

    1. You will love it and the price is amazing

  14. I bought two skirts not so long ago and am wearing one of them a lot — the one that I thought was not as ‘special’ (haha). I haven’t worn skirts in years. I’m also wearing a lot of sweatshirts, which I used to loathe, but I am buying mainly zip fronts (vs pullovers). Now that I’m around home all the time, this makes sense, I guess — still it’s a move away from sweaters to sweats that I didn’t plan.
    So, I know you are a blonde, which always says “pastels” to me, but I think you look great in richer colors. The cinnamon tank top is a lovely color and really complements your coloring. A really nice casual outfit.
    The scenery is spectacular: I envy you your wonderful vacation but thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Pastels can easily wash me so I do prefer either neutrals or richer colors. I’m going to keep my eyes out for more of this cinnamon. It’s fun

  15. If it is any consolation, I own 7 pairs of ilse jacobsen shoes. I’m off to Victoria next month and am keeping your posts as a reference.

    1. Lol, I feel totally justified to add another pair now. Thanks. Enjoy Victoria

  16. marlene alves says:

    Love this outfit on you; serious comfort look, feel & flatter..!

  17. Love your outfit! I don’t think I’ve taken many fashion risks in a long time. During Covid I really got into workout clothes and tennis shoes. Something I would only normally wear in the gym, but now wear everywhere.

  18. I love this outfit on you! The look is classy casual but a nice change from jeans, which I’m trying to break away from.

  19. Hi Jennifer!
    Love seeing you in BC … such a good picture with the ferry in the back ground!
    You look adorable , I am tall (36” inseam) and so difficult to get clothes. Now that we are not traveling it is very frustrating. Jjill was my go to but with the exchange and postage it feels out of reach for me. Do you know of stores that carry talls in Canada?
    Love your daily posts it is how I start my day!
    Continued happy travels ❤️

  20. Debbie Blanton says:

    You look great in this outfit! I have those shoes in 2 colors and they are so comfy. Are the pants high enough in the rise for you and what size did you order? Also did you find they stretch out during the day and get baggy? Glad you are enjoying your trip!

    1. Yes, they have a nice high rise. I like pants to come all the way to my waist. They didn’t get baggy on me. Just loosened up a bit

  21. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Ideas worth investigating, in my closet and while shopping. But, oh, the scenery and description of movement. I’ve made that ferry ride so many times as a young adult and in the early years of our marriage.

  22. Betsy Durant says:

    I ordered those shoes. I wear a 6 if it runs small, but alas it was too big. I can tell they are really comfortable. Great outfit

  23. Paulette Levy says:

    I like these cargo pants and I’m looking at them in the deeper cinnamon (orange?). And yes cargo pants of old were not designed like these! I’d avoid the older style completely.
    You look adorable with the new fall look short cardigan too.
    I wonder if other than slip on shoes like yours or sandals might I wear them with a short bootie? Or is that all wrong?

    1. I’ve worn them with my sandals and I do plan to wear them with booties 🙂

  24. Those were my travel pants this summer! Super comfortable on an airplane flight or a long drive. I have in the beige and the green, and may go for the pink, too. Great recommendation!

    1. I wanted the green too! Hmmm, I may need to order them. I love Tencel

  25. I love this post Jennifer. I would try all of these on. We don’t have a Banana Republic close by so would have to purchase on line. Hope you had a Great Birthday!

  26. Penny Fischer says:

    Great total outfit but what is a shrunken sweater?

    1. Cropped for its width

  27. I like your outfit! In answer to your question, I am wearing sneakers much more than I ever thought I would.

  28. I love cargo pants and I currently don’t have any in my wardrobe. I really like their versatility. I didn’t think I would wear mixed patterns such as stripes and floral. I learned in the same color pattern, this is a great way to shop my wardrobe.

    1. I really like this outfit, Jennifer. Unfortunately, the pants are pretty much sold out in the petite sizes online. I am seriously thinking about ordering the cardigan, just can’t decide on black or cream.
      Happy Belated Birthday!
      I never thought that i would wear a puffer vest, but I purchased one last year and (it seems), I wore it all the time!

  29. Ramona Puckett says:

    Love this outfit, the colors, the style and it’s very flattering on you! Casual dresses, I never thought I would wear them let alone have several that I actually wear!

    1. Me too! They’re so comfy in the heat

  30. You look great in this outfit! The colors are very flattering on you.

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