On My Radar This Week- The Shacket

Shackets are super popular these days, and I’m seeing options everywhere for fall. What’s a shacket? It’s a slightly oversized shirt/jacket hybrid in a fabric that feels heavier than a shirt but not as thick as a jacket.

The reactions to what my mannequin was modeling last Wednesday tells me that women have a love-hate relationship with this look and many of you are considering them.

As always, you can click the red highlighted text for more info and to shop the items.

This outfit retails around $2,000, I have no links

The look appealed to so many of you, I decided to recreate a version at a more budget-friendly price…adding accessories to finish the look.

shacket outfit

Ways to wear a shacket this fall, and look more feminine

Shackets are typically oversized, so sizing down will give you a more feminine shape.

They’re often in a plaid, fleece which can have a lumberjack vibe so look for solids or prints if you want to dial that look back.

The buttons the chest pocket flaps often have large contrasting buttons, which adds to its rustic appeal so look for buttons the same color as the fabric.

They’re boxy by nature so what you wear under them makes a big difference. Try softer fabrics and tonal colors to elongate your look. A column of color also works beautifully.

Footwear needn’t match the rustic feel of the shacket so try flats or booties with an oval, or more pointed toe to elongate your look.

Here’s a more urban, less rustic outfit that has a more sophisticated vibe.

feminine shacket outfit


Other shacket options

Are you going to try a shacket this fall?



  1. The green cord Boden choice is nice because it has a regular shoulder (not too dropped) and it’s not bulky. Your sophisticated choice shacket is belted and not too thick. Good choice with the streamlined pants.
    My no to the shacket is now a “try it and see” for me thanks to your additional examples.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Theodora Repose says:

    Interesting, in the 70’s we all had one in navy blue. They were referred to as CPO’s and wearing one was considered cool. 😎

  3. I’m not a fan of the shacket and I have never heard this term before. I remember having one in the 70s and I don’t think we called it a shacket then. I don’t like the boxy shape or the extra bulk of the patch pockets. A few months ago you did a very useful explanation of jean types, can you do an explanation of boyfriend and girlfriend? I see these terms applied to different items of clothing and I have no idea what they mean. I guess boyfriend means oversized but what about girlfriend?

  4. I have a gold wide wale corduroy shaket. At first the look didn’t appeal to me, but I got so many compliments, I changed my mind. It is a very casual look, but comfortable and terrific with boots.

    1. Compliments will do that:)

  5. I’m going to say No to the Shacket. I prefer classic styles and this is outside that perimeter. I’d have to try one on before I totally dismiss it though.

  6. I have several shackets and they are often perfect for slightly cooler fall weather in SoCal. A pair of jeans, a light weight tee and a shacket or light weight jacket are my typical go to for fall casual look. Most of mine are solid colors, but I have a muted plaid one in shades of blue that works great with jeans and any color tee. I think shackets can be dressed up or more casual depending on style of pants or jeans and top worn. I usually roll the sleeves up to almost elbow length just because I like that look.

  7. I don’t generally wear the shacket, but I did try the the LLBean corduroy big shirt, which I think is in the spirit of the shaket. I find myself frequently wearing the two I purchased. The weather here cools early in the fall, the colors are uplifting, and they are more comfortable than expected.

    1. I’m on a hunt for one myself. I see them as very useful

  8. Francesca B. says:

    Beautiful clothes thank you for the lovely looks. I would prefer to spend money on something more fitted than a Shacket , being a well endowed petite woman l am thinking it won’t be a great look on me. I so appreciate the cheaper version, love getting the same look for less.

  9. I love that look from Saturday. My shacket is a pretty yellow color, not super oversized, and that makes all the difference. I wear it with 1970s-style wide leg jeans, fitted through the waist and hips. I even have suede booties that look exactly like the ones in today’s image.

    If this is a “style personality”, it is my style personality, whatever it is.

  10. I think quite a few people in the northwest have always worn a version of that. I would definitely give it a try.

      1. I happen to have a Pendleton 49er jacket in muted grey and blue that I wear in the fall and winter. I accessorize it as you suggest.

      2. It sounds great!

  11. Thanks for the budget-friendly option on last week’s camel-colored look. I like that outift, particularly the belt bag, but don’t want to pay so much for a casual outfit.

    That said, I may want to correct my attitude. Why do I think dressed-up clothes can cost more than what I wear every day, which is neat/casual?

  12. I’m not a fan of the shaket for myself. I’m not short but I do have a fuller bust and wider shoulders and most of the shakets seem to have pockets on the bust area, a big NO for me. Maybe if it had pockets in the side seams instead of on the front it would be better. I just think for a lot of body types it’s a look that is hard to pull off. I think it will definitely be more of a fad that will come and go.

  13. I liked the green Shacklet Seemed to have a better shape.
    I agree they can be bulky and
    unflattering for me.

  14. Didn’t we wear this look in the 70s in a plaid version? No thank you to this shacket. Way too dumpy looking for my small 5′ 110 lb body.

    1. I think this style has been popular for many many years, and it isn’t for every woman

  15. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    This look is not new to Midwesterners, nor to people who enjoy the outdoors. REI, L.L. Bean, Land’s End have affordable options with many sizes, and many vintage clothing shops do too. But it’s not for everyone..

  16. As soon as I see the dropped shoulder seam on a shirt or jacket, I know it will not be my best look. Like other ladies mentioned, structure is important. If I can start with well fitting, structured pieces, then I can add the soft scarf or other favorite accessories.
    I’m not crazy about the large front pockets either.
    I would try it on but I am learning to be a bit more cautious of adding any items to my wardrobe that won’t see repeated wear. It took me awhile to get educated but I do need to thank you, Jennifer. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Lol

    1. Those large pockets are also not the best choice for women who are well endowed 😁

  17. I agree with others, the shirt jackets look sloppy , especially on short women. Tailored well fitted clothes on petites is more flattering. Now if you are going camping or outdoors in CO then I think sure might be ok.

    1. Dressing for the weather, occasion and climate is always most comfortable 😁

  18. It would not be for me, just too much material. I have a small frame and cannot do the extra bulk. I prefer a light quilted jacket.

    1. There are lots of those around this fall too

  19. Paulette Levy says:

    The shacket as shown is a bit long and full for my frame. (My opinion) I do win a couple of light weight jackets which are a bit shorter and slightly fitted and I wear them often! Over a tank or sleeveless top they are perfect for fall!

    1. I agree. This one looks several sizes too long for the model who is wearing it

  20. It’s not for me. I am petite and feel sort of dumpy already, since my waist has disappeared. My figure looks better in structured, fitted jackets that are a shorter length. However, the shackets do look warm, which is appealing since I am always freezing.

    In some of the pictures, the sleeves are too long on the model, which makes the whole garment look more sloppy. Just shortening the sleeve a tiny bit would help the look.

    1. They always seem to size up on the models which makes the entire outfit look sloppy which is why I suggest sizing down.

  21. I own several shackets and love them for my casual lifestyle. I don’t wear them with full, ill fitting pants, but instead wear my straight legged jeans. To me they are a light weight jacket and I size it just like I would any other outer garment. Nothing huge and oversized, just large enough to wear over a sweater. They are perfect to wear to all of the sporting events my grandchildren participate in when the weather cools off. Fall is around the corner and they are perfect for sitting around a fire pit, visiting an apple orchard, or dining el fresco at a casual restaurant.

    1. I agree!! I’m not a fan of large over large, and think we look better with a narrower piece to offset a wider one.

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