Getting in the Christmas Spirit: What I Wore

Happy Sunday ladies. Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I usually start feeling festive when we get out our Christmas decorations and set up the tree. That’s been on hold because we don’t know where they are! The joys of moving just keep giving:)

jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing green sweater coat over gray jeans and gray booties
sweater blazermixed media tankskinny jeansbooties on salecroc print totemala necklace similar

Since we’re renting a home, we’ve left most of our things packed and stacked in the garage. I didn’t plan this move as well as I thought I had. We’ll have to take everything apart very soon because I want my Christmas decorations and I need my recipe books. Some things are non-negotiable and my Christmas baking is one of them.jennifer connolly of a well styled life styling green sweater jacket from J.Crew

I got in the spirit this week when we took my grandson to a children’s performance of Scrooge. It was a matinee and the venue was super casual so I dressed for comfort. jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing gray jeans, gray toe bag and green sweater jacket

The stage was filled with kids of all ages wearing period costumes, singing their hearts out – and just like that – the Christmas spirit hit me. Now I’m energized to deep dive for our handmade Christmas stockings and dig out my special cookie recipes.Jennifer Connolly of a well styled life wearing green sweater jacket from J.Crew with gray jeans

I wore a sweater blazer over comfy jeans, booties and a tote to catch all the things 5-year-old boys can shed during the day. The colors are soft with low contrast and felt perfect for a day with my special fellow.

Living so close to my grandson is priceless and more than makes up for all the hassle of moving.

Next year I plan to take him to the Nutcracker and hope he enjoys it as much as he did this play.

Sales are everywhere these days so I’ll update you as I see them.

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How do you get in the holiday spirit?




  1. Hi Jennifer- Today my grandchildren were in the church Christmas play. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like watching them sing their little hearts out in the “Angel Choir” and watching the story of Jesus’ birth told by the little ones. No tacky sweaters for me (unless there’s a contest!) I do like soft sweaters, ruanas, ponchos with comfy pants in muted seasonal colors. I’m ready!

  2. Jennifer, thanks so much for the inspiration. My husband and I also are in a the middle of downsizing and moving. I was feeling rather blue (sorry for myself ), but you have inspired me to get off my duff and dig into those cartons in the gargle and create my own Christmas spirit.
    Thanks and happy holidays.

    1. Good for you downsizing. I wish we’d purged more before we moved. We’ve been digging in the garage all morning. Nothing yet but a few broken treasures. I started to feel sorry for myself then realized it’s just stuff.

  3. An excellent example of well-styled casual.

    I’m transitioning all my favourite recipes to the computer. Some that aren’t quite as popular or are too long, I just scan. It’s part of my downsizing efforts. As a bonus I can easily give them to my daughters.

  4. I feel your pain! I am in the same predicament since we moved in July & are still under construction. Grandchildren make Christmas special so I have been creating some new memories with them by baking some gingerbread men and gingerbread houses in my daughter’s kitchen. Having breakfast with Santa next Sunday on the Navy base with all 4 kids under the age of 8. I wear a similar outfit but I add one of my many Talbots long sleeve holiday tee’s usually in red with either a snowflake or stars on it. My granddaughters love to see a holiday pin or two. I’ve had a small collection for years & this is the only time I can wear them. My daughter thinks they’re so tacky but I say vintage! ‘‘‘Tis the season & I too feel fortunate & blessed to be able to finally spend more time with the grand babies!

    1. You know what they say about one woman’s treasure;) Sometimes tacky is just perfect and schmaltzy. I love it!! Have a wonderful time with those grandchildren…you are so blessed.

  5. I love that look and the colors. It’s great you’re near your grandson. I hope you get settled in soon.
    I’m inspired for Christmas by mixing in some great Christmas music on my Pandora, lots of white lights and candles, and being in my kitchen baking too! I’m taking my oldest daughter and granddaughter to the symphony for her birthday to hear Handel’s Messiah. That will be heart-filling. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Love seeing the many different clothing options however often the links you attach lead you to items that have long been sold out.

      1. I just started reading your blog. If the items you are linking to are no longer available, perhaps you could find similar pieces and link to those? Enjoy the posts I have read this far.

  7. You always look adorable, even in casual as you were here! I wish you well locating your urn aments, and your cookbooks! Baking can be a wonderful release and the aromas….well, they are just everything! Mmmmmm gingerbread, cookies, chocolate …….yum.

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