Gifts You Can Still Get Delivered in Time for Christmas

Happy Thursday ladies. Are you ready for the holidays? We’re picking up our organic Turkey tomorrow with all the fixings. I’ll also be hunting down a short roasting pan. Last week I tried to put our roasting pan in the oven of this house we’re renting and discovered it’s too wide. That would have been a nasty discovery on Christmas morning.

Being prepared is everything this time of year and some of us are more ready than others. Today I’ve gathered a gift list for those who are really behind – Christmas snuck up on you fast, the family is assembling and you’re not ready.

Here are some ideas:

Bloomingdales – free standard shipping with guaranteed delivery before Christmas when ordered by noon 12/21.

Nordstrom – free delivery on select items when ordered until noon ET 12/21. You can email a Nordstrom Gift Card and arrange for delivery when you want it. You can even have it arrive Christmas morning which means your recipient can use it during the fabulous after Christmas Sale.

Neiman Marcus – free rush delivery when ordered by noon CT 12/22/

An Amazon eGift Card can be texted, emailed or messaged in time for Christmas. Since Amazon seems to sell everything, your recipient will have no problem finding something they love.

Apple is giving free next-day delivery on in-stock items ordered by 3 p.m. on 12/21. I accidentally discovered that Santa is bringing me a new iPad for Christmas;) The prices and weight have come way down since I got my original which is now a dinosaur!

Macy’s is offering free standard shipped guaranteed to arrive by Christmas if you order in stock merchandise before 5 pm 12/20 – that’s today.

Zappos is giving free guaranteed delivery if you order before 11 am 12/21.

Harry & David makes the most delicious and beautiful gift baskets that are appreciated whenever they arrive.

If you act quickly, Godiva Chocolates will guarantee delivery before Christmas…however I’d be thrilled to receive chocolate anytime so they make a great after Christmas gift too.


I’d love to know what you would do if you discovered your roasting pan wouldn’t fit into the oven on a day when stores are closed and you need to roast a big bird before guests arrive. Just curious because your answers always inspire me;)

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!


  1. I don’t have to worry about cooking a turkey Christmas Day. Years ago, when my children were young, they decided home made pizza for Christmas was perfect. I thought it strange the first year, but love it. I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking, and the clean up…just when you want to sit and enjoy an after dinner glass of wine. I just make up my dough and let it rise untended for a couple of hours, do some chopping and my three each “decorate” a pizza. Voila! This way I get to enjoy my day and the company of my family. I’m sure you’ll come up with a good solution.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours from beautiful British Columbia!

  2. Great tips. I loved cooking Christmas dinner for the family but have found that after all the preparing and loading the dishwasher multiple times I was too tired to enjoy it. Then the cleanup starts all over again. For the last few years I have given myself a Christmas present. I order the full dinner from a local high end hotel. Now I can enjoy myself and my dinner guests. Priceless!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family from Ottawa Canada.

    1. What a wonderful idea!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and joyful holidays.

  3. A grill with a cover can work as an oven. Or buy an electric roaster at Walmart – they start at $39 and are very handy for other occasions when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. When we lived in our R.V., we used it several times a week. I think hardware stores carry them, too.

    1. That’s a great idea Marcy, we could use it in our trailer too. Double bonus.

  4. I always keep foil roasting pans in the pantry, too. They come in handy for all kinds of cooking needs.

  5. Kim Akey Vardas says:

    I don’t have storage space in my condo for roasting pans so all of mine are long since donated. I buy the throw away pans, which are perfect for clean up too! Merry Christmas to you and your family Jennifer!

  6. If I didn’t have a big enough roasting pan, I’d call a friend (who isn’t cooking for Christmas) and ask to borrow hers OR ask my husband to turn on the smoker and smoke it. Yum!

  7. Long ago a bad storm caused ‘something to break’ in our oven a few weeks before
    Christmas. Parts ordered to repair, but they didn’t arrive in time. So we bought
    a small turkey breast and sort of boiled it in a large stock pot on
    an operable burner. Only five for dinner, and it was wonderful. Really!
    Repeated for New Year’s dinner.
    Glad you discovered the problem with days to spare rather than hours!

    1. I’ve never heard of boiling a turkey like that. You’re pretty resourceful. I’m really glad I discovered this early because I might have just melted down then used a cookie sheet which would have been a disaster. Merry Christmas!

  8. I would a) have a melt down b)have a stiff drink c) ring all the chicken shops in my area to see if they had any spare cooked turkeys. There are no shops open here on Christmas Day, so the scenario would be very grim. These days, I order my turkey from our chicken shop which cooks free range turkey breasts and whole turkeys which I collect (with gravy) on Christmas morning. Our Christmas Days are too hot to be slaving over an oven for hours and we are set for 100degrees F next Tuesday (again).

    Have a wonderful Christmas Jennifer and hope it all turns out well.

    1. I would likely do what you suggest but start with B;). That’s really hot I wouldn’t be cooking in that heat either Susan. Merry Christmas!

  9. Do you have a broiler pan for your oven? I have taken the pierced piece off the top, sprayed the under pan with non stick and used that! Actually if you are using convection don’t use a deep roast pan or you risk a nicely roasted top and raw bottom ( a nasty surprise I discovered when I roasted my first Thanksgiving turkey in my new JennAir stove fifteen years ago!) Convection roast always requires your bird be sitting on a rack in a shallow pan which is how we discovered the broiler pan trick. Also is there a reason why you are roasting in the morning? Turkeys no longer require the long cooking times of our Mother’s time. Modern birds have been bred for more meat less bone. As long as interior temp is 170 degrees ( sorry that’s metric????????) you’re good no matter how long it’s been a cooking. Merry Christmas!

    1. Spatchcock it! It’s teally easy and cooks fast. It’s so tender and you can arrange it to your liking once the backbone is removed!

      1. I had to look that one up Carole! You must be quite the cook. Merry Christmas

    2. I just checked and this rental doesn’t have a roasting pan. Frustratingly, the oven isn’t convection either! This house needs a total renovation which makes it frustrating to live in. My old home had everything I wanted, except proximity to my grandson. Merry Christmas Allison!

  10. Like Shari, I’d work with foil, but do it in the bottom of the broiler pan, which usually has a bit of a lip to the edges.

    1. Brilliant Judy! I just checked and this rental doesn’t appear to have one. That would have been the perfect solution. Merry Christmas????????????☃️

  11. Aluminum foil is a miracle worker! I have invented amazing things at our cabin! I’d get a pizza pan and sculpt over it!? Oh, the juices! Use lots of layers!

    1. I am an aluminum foil lover too, Shari. We use it for amazing things while traveling in our trailer. I always make sure I have the extra long one on hand for holidays.

  12. Ditto on disposable roasting pans for larger roasts and turkeys…no clean up! I often double them up for strength….a messy situation gave me that idea! Being in a rental home with only a few of my usual utensils would be a challenge for someone like me!

    Yes, the holidays did creep up, though logic says no. The decorations were up in town very, very early. I got many early cards. Retailers were all decked out in early November, long before Thanksgiving arrived. How did this happen? Procrastination is powerful!

    1. Thanks for suggesting doubling it up Paulette. It will make it sturdier too. The decorations were up in stores before Halloween around here and yet..I’m not ready. You’re right, procrastination is powerful. Merry Christmas ????????????☃️

  13. The dollar stores usually have a variety of disposable pans.

  14. I would find an open grocery store and buy a disposable aluminum roasting pan.

    1. Thanks Memee! I may go with a disposable one because we aren’t here long term.

      1. Double up on the pans for added strength. Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2019 to you and your family from Boisbriand Quebec Csnada. Love your posts!

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