Giving Thanks

Your comments on yesterday’s post confirmed for me, that I have the best readers in the world.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, kind words and encouragement. It warmed my heart and reminded me what a wonderful place the blogging world is. Filled with caring and intelligent women. I will answer each of your comments but I also wanted to thank you for being here.


Remember to join Pam and I tomorrow for our new series on Hitting Your Style Sweet Spot. This week is Thanksgiving Dinner at a friend’s house.


Style Your Day Beautifully,




  1. I was out of touch yesterday but will go link to what it was you wrote about. Slowly bring myself back up to reality. Happy Weekend.

  2. If I had a magic wand, I would make your hip problems go away. Since I don’t, Doogie’s job is safe. ha!

    1. Thanks so much Donna!

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