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A Winner and Glamping Under the Stars

The silk blouse giveaway has a winner! Congratulations to Cheryl J. and thanks to all who entered. I’ll be emailing you, Cheryl! In other news, our trailer shows no sign of being repaired anything soon. Apparently, it’s so new (2017) the manufacturer doesn’t have any spare bumpers available for the body shop to put on our little RV. We can’t use it without one so rather than hang around, wasting our summer we’ve booked a little fun!Lifestyle blogger Jennifer Connolly camping in Iceland

Our family celebrated my 60th birthday last August with an adventure to Iceland. It was beyond amazing. We rented a cab over camper truck and crammed together for a joyous, memorable 10 days. It was rustic, ( no bathroom on board or laundry facilities in the entire country!) but we had the best time ever! Memories to last a lifetime.

This year we’ve made plans to visit Glacier National Park in Montana and go glamping under the stars. This won’t be roughing it like last year, quite the opposite.

Glacier National park looks amazing with tons of things to do! We plan to go canoeing, hiking and do a fair amount of star-gazing too. What’s also fun is that I won’t be doing any of the cooking which means I’ll have to watch what I eat. I still haven’t lost those extra pounds from our trip in June when I was cooking:)


It’s such a treat to travel with our adult children. My son is an accomplished outdoorsman and we’re all going to benefit from his expertise. My daughter is an adventure seeker and she’ll ensure we try everything there is to try there!

Summer isn’t over by a long shot, ladies!

Have you been glamping? Does it hold any appeal for you?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!




  1. Suzanne Tarver says:

    Jennifer, Glacier is spectacular. May I suggest the Many Glacier road for animal spotting and the Cattle Baron Steak House in Babb (just right outside Many Glacier) for one of the best meals you will have this year!

    We have visited Glacier twice and will return this year as well. I hope that you enjoy the area and it’s beauty as much as we do. It is truly a magnificent park.

    1. We are on our way and so excited to visit! Did you take the tour bus for that road? I understand it’s easier to enjoy that way.

      1. Suzanne Tarver says:

        NO we refuse to ride the yellow bus:) We like going at our own pace. Enjoy!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I could do this…my kind of camping. What a great family outing.

  3. Marcia Rayne says:

    Do the tents hack AC or heating? I’m in Texas and it is sweltering here in August and September and usually part of October

    1. I haven’t checked into that, But I will keep everyone posted.

  4. I always forget that we have birthdays in the same week… Have a fabulous birthday week next week! And, yes, I’ve been wanting to go glamping for a long time. It really seems to be the best of both worlds…

    Let’s get together and celebrate life once you get back!

  5. Carolyn Huss says:

    I would reconsider camping under these conditions!!

  6. Our daughters grew up with yearly trips to Glacier with grandpa and grandma. Be sure to try the hike to avalanche lake and the trail to hidden lake. Also the gorge and the short hike to St Mary’s fall. If you want a longer day hike try hiking in to Granite Park Chalet. Gorgeous views wherever you look. The buses give pretty good service if you feel nervous on the skinny Going to the Sun Road. Have fun!

    1. I think I want to go by bus on Going to The Syn Road! It sounds a little precarious but a must see! Thanks Mimi!

      1. Suzanne Tarver says:

        We have driven the road twice and it isn’t too hard a drive. It’s really nice to go in your own vehicle, so you can pull out and view what you wish.

      2. Ah, there is my answer! Thanks, Suzanne. I can’t wait to see it.

  7. Lee Dorner says:

    If offered take a Ranger Led stargazing excursion. We did one in Yosemite and it was fantastic. Glacier is beautiful and it’s important to see those glaciers before they disappear! Have fun!

  8. My husband says I consider Holiday Inn roughing it, so no to camping. Have fun.

  9. Norma Grider says:

    I enjoy spending time with all five of my adult kids. Spend a week in July tent camping with two adult sons, 27 and 32. Definitely not glamping but fun and enjoyable. It’s a yearly adventure. Three of my adults kids and their families have travel trailers and we hope to have the whole gang camp together next year. That would be 3 generations and 14 people.

    1. Thank sounds awesome Norma! Huge family get togethers are so important. Camping is fun, no matter how you do it if you have the right equipment.

  10. Kathleen O'Brien says:

    Last time I “glamped” was a 31 day honeymoon photo safari in Africa – I’ll tell you some of the digs there “camping” were nicer than my house! And our guides cook and washed for us as well. Heavenly! I would do it again in a heartbeat! But tell us what kind of outfits do you put together for this kind of adventure? I had the hardest time finding any information about dressing appropriately – for instance, those roads are pretty non-existent and in a jeep you are jostled around a lot. I was so happy I had a couple of very supportive sports bras, if you get my drift and that was pure luck that I brought them. I would have loved to have a heads up.

    1. That sounds amazing, Kathleen! I’m going to do some organizing so I know what to pack. I’ll keep everyone posted and share what I bring!

  11. Lianne MacGregor says:

    Now that’s my idea of camping!! I’ve sent a link to my husband …. just planting seeds, you understand 🙂

    1. I do understand! They gave this same set up in Yellowstone so I’m thinking of next year:)

  12. Angela Grafe says:

    Dear Jennifer – what a luxury tent – would love to learn more about your experience! May be we can also arrange via internet from here?(Germany)

    Have a good time! Yours Angela

  13. Rose gorrell says:

    Looks like a lot of fun…..Enjoy yourselves!!! Happy Birthday, too!

  14. It sure is luxurious compared to our camping days when we were young. I could be very comfortable there. I’m sure with all the daily activities that gaining weight will not be a problem. Just enjoy!
    I think it’s wonderful that you get to spend time with just your two grown children. I treasure the time I get to spend with my adult children, which is not often as they all have spouses and children.
    Ahh, life is good!

  15. I have not glamped but I have stayed in lots of yurts in Oregon. My husband likes to camp but I don’t want to do the backpacker tent and he is resistant to the rv experience so right now we tend to stay at lodges or cabins. Next week, Columbia River Ranch near Grand Coulée. Enjoy your time with your children.

    1. Lodges and cabins are fabulous too Joanne! In fact this spot does have cabins. Have fun!!

  16. Patty Egan says:

    Hi Jennifer~ I’m intrigued by this picture! Is there really a bed and small heating stove in the tent?? I love it! Tell us more!

    1. They is!! I’m working on more info to share and will of course be bringing you all along!

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