Help for the Woman Over 50: Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss update. No,  my hair loss hasn’t slowed down. I also don’t see regrowth from the minoxidil yet. But it takes time. So many of you had interest in this topic, I thought I’d keep you updated. After reading all your great comments on this post, I started using the liquid instead of the foam. It really is easier to get directly onto my scalp. A commenter suggested it, so thank you very much! I checked with my doctor and she said it doesn’t matter if it’s labeled for a man or a woman. The ingredients are the same.

The ingredients in the generic minoxidil are identical in the mens and womens version.

This Safeway version is less expensive than the name brand and has the same ingredients, so why pay more? I use the dropper, to part my hair for application. It dries in a flash and leaves no residue on my hair. Score!

Then I happened upon a wonderful thing this week! I always knew dry shampoo made your hair look thicker. But this new product from Kevin Murphy is better. DOO.OVER is specifically made as a finishing spray.

Not all hair finishing sprays are created equal. For hair loss, this new one from Kevin Murphy thickens your hair like nothing I've ever tried.

Women make the mistake of shampooing less often, when their hair starts to fall out. They assume it falls out because they’re washing it. It’s easy to think so, because that’s when you notice your hair in the sink , shower or comb. Not so. Shampooing your hair stimulates the hair follicles and is a good thing. You’re trying to activate hair growth. It’s highly recommended by many dermatologists as is gentle brushing with a soft Boar Bristle Brush.

Here’s how I use the DOO.OVER.

After shampooing and towel drying I apply the minoxidil directly to my scalp. After a few minutes I add the mousse and blow dry as usual.

Lifting large sections of my hair, I lightly spray underneath, from about 8-10 “. I drop one section and quickly move on to the next. I move quickly because I’m holding my breath. I don’t like breathing products into my lungs. I give it a second, then rub my scalp to distribute into the roots. I gently brush into shape and spray lightly with hairspray.

Viola! instant, lasting volume.

I’m having more testing of my thyroid done, and will keep you posted on the results.


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xo Jennifer


  1. Di in W.Australia says:

    Thank you so very much for posting about your hair loss and some of the things you have tried and are trying now. I am 62yI noticed my hair was falling out seriously about 10 years ago and eventually saw a specialist who said I had androgenic alopecia and to use minoxidil. I have been using the womens liquid for 3 months now and just started the foam which is once a day and I can just see some soft down of new hair coming through so I am crossing my fingers for more. Losing hair for a women is dreadful isnt it. Like a lot of people I expect I thought it could be down to colouring and washing it too often so, as I am/was blonde I started to let the colour grown out and am now a happy white lady and with your comments about washing more often to stimulate the hair follicles I will start washing it more too, not less. So thank you. Its good to know others are going through the same.

    1. You are most welcome Di! It really is a horrid thing to deal with. That downy growth is so important!! It helsp to hide the shiny scalp. I know I’ll be using Rogaine forever if I want to keep the new growth, and that’s OK because it’s helping. I switched to the mens liquid because it’s stronger and seems easier to get on my scalp. The foam was getting wasted on my hair! I Really think the gentle scalp massage helps too! Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  2. You might look at another Kevin Murphy product called Body Mass. Its active ingredient is the same as in Latisse, as I understand it. I just could NOT use minoxidil and had severe reactions to all forms and formulations and brands of it. This has turned things around for me. Very thankful.

  3. Where did you buy the Kevin.Murphy? Really wanting to try it….

    1. You have light colored hair so it will probably work well for you.

  4. It’s thinner. Definitely. On the other hand, I just can not put any more chemicals into my body than i have to. So I try to just deal with it. I have naturally curly hair, and wearing it natural seems to make it look much thicker.

    1. Curliness would help. Mine is poker straight and hides nothing.

  5. I’ve been following everything you’ve shared so closely. I am a woman who has had fine thin hair life long – – but with a lot of stress the past few years I felt as though I was shedding more than before. I don’t know whether it’s really working but my hairstylist says she’s noticing a ton of regrowth and I’ve been taking the viviscal for about six months now.

    1. Regrowth is KING! Lucky you!I hope to be so lucky.

  6. Good luck! Mine has gotten thinner as well as less shiny. Hard to deal with–it was always my best feature.
    Not only does the hair on top thin out, frizz out and turn gray, but new, dark hairs sprout where they don’t belong! TOTALLY UNFAIR

    1. It is unfair!! I found a hair/whisker growing straight out from my neck last week!

      1. Jane Burkhart says:

        I use testosterone cream because it really helps with certain midlife issues. However, I’ve noticed a bit more shedding,and chin and upper lip hair since I’ve been using it. My hair is also quite thin so I can’t afford to shed much. I take biotin and B12 everyday to help support hair growth. It’s definitely a delicate balance to feel good AND keep my hair!

      2. They told me I couldn’t use those creams because my Mom had breast cancer. This Rogaine seems to be helping!!

  7. I am so glad that you posted this – my hair has been getting thin, too. I don’t want to use anything on it, so I’m going to massage it each time I wash it and see if that seems to help.

    1. I’m doing the massage on
      a dry scalp just when I’m sitting in the evening. Nothing too radical. And she said not to use oils which clog the follicles.

  8. Hairloss is frustrating, embarrassing and heartbreaking. Grrrr…. xoxo, Brenda

    1. It really is Brenda. I’m wearing more hats these days!

  9. Oh I’m so there with you. My dermatologist recommended using the 5% solution that says “for men”. She suggested that the weaker version created for women isn’t strong enough to work.

    1. Mine said the same thing! So why I wonder do they try to market it to women???

  10. When my dermatologist recommended minoxidil 15 or so years ago, she said to use the men’s strength, which is 5%, and for the first month to use it twice a day. I followed her directions and continue to use the 5% formula every night. I’ve never had a gorgeous, full head of hair, but I believe I found the answer to help retain what I have.

    1. Mine too Nancy! It’s never been my crown and glory but it’s distressing to have it fall out!!

  11. Hmmmm. I wonder if it works on eyebrows. I am losing them by the minute! Bravo for covering such an important as well as sensitive topic. Enjoy your week.

    1. I’m not sure I would use it on my eyebrows but I would try Latisse. I just use brow powder or pencil 🙂

  12. A friend of mine was experiencing hait loss at 65 and she started taking prenatal vitamins – her hair is not only full but nice and shiny.

    1. I’ve heard that connection before. I wonder what it is, in the prenatal version, that makes such a difference? I’ll compare and see.

  13. Sooo grateful you are covering this topic. I am in the same process as you with hair loss and learning what to do. You are the first person to explain why it is good to wash frequently. That is such a relief to be able to feel free to look my best everyday.
    My hairdresser is now cutting my bangs from further back on my scalp to cover my sparse front. It helps me cover until I can get my own hair growing again. I do have a low thyroid number and my Dr. is increasing my synthroid past the usual acceptable limits. It has already given me a much needed energy boost.
    Best wishes and lots of hair growing luck!!

    1. You have to be careful with that (increasing synthroid) at our age because it can mess with your bone density. It’s such a delicate balance. I too prefer to be slightly above reference range but I have to keep an eye on bone density.

      1. It is an important balance. Our hormones can throw so many things out of whack. Bone density is nothing I want to compromise.

  14. Good to know as my 85 year old mother is having this problem! I will pass this along to her along with all of your tips!

  15. Omg! So that is also whats going to happen when youre getting a bit older! Pfffff, i dat het have a midlifecrisis crisis like men do! Lol. Not mine!!!! Lol.

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