Helping Over 50 Hair Look Thicker

This post is sponsored by Hair Biology, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


My hair has never been what I’d call my crowning glory but I’m pretty attached to it:) It started thinning back in 2016 and by the time I noticed just how much was coming out, it was very thin. OVER 50 BEAUTY BLOGGER JENNIFER CONNOLLY OF A WELL STYLED LIFE

Menopause, stress, poor diet, family history, and thyroid issues can all increase the rate of hair loss for midlife women. In fact, female pattern baldness affects over 40% of women by the age of 50. Mine is likely a combination of these so I’m always on the lookout for products that will make my hair look fuller.


When Hair Biology reached out to ask if I would try their new hair Full & Vibrant Haircare line designed for women like you and me, I said yes because I know many of you are struggling with thinning hair as I am.


As we age, our skin, body, and hair change. Nothing about our bodies is the same as it was in our thirties so it makes sense that the products we use need to change and adapt to work for us. Hair Biology has formulated products to work with our changing hair needs and replenish its nutrients as we age. The Full & Vibrant Collection is specially formulated to be safe for color-treated and aging hair.

midlife woman washing hair in shower with thickening shampoo

The Volumizing Shampoo is dye-free, paraben-free, and infused with biotin which helps support healthy-looking hair. It feels very gentle on my hair and doesn’t leave it with that “stripped” feeling. It’s also safe for color-treated hair, which I know a thing or two about! The Volumizing Conditioner gives hair lightweight nourishment for the body and softness without making my hair limp.


hand holding Hair Biology treatment to make hair look thicker

My favorite product is the Thickening Treatment. It can be used on wet or dry hair and contains caffeine which helps the thickener attach to each strand, giving hair a boost.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life holding hair biology thickening spray

After I towel dry my hair, I spray generously at the roots and distribute through my hair with my fingers, then add a dollop of my hair gel and blowdry with my round brush as usual.

over 50 woman spraying her hair with thickening spray

After it’s dry, I lift sections and spray more at the roots along the sides where my thinning is most noticeable. Then I fluff my hair a bit for extra lift.

woman applying hair biology thickening spray at roots of her hair

As a blogger, I get sent a lot of products. You don’t hear about most of them because if they’re duds, I will not tell you they’re great. You’re hearing about Hair Biology because I’m truly impressed with how it makes my hair look and I’m very pleased with the results!

By now you know I’m that woman who puts as many products into her hair as necessary to get volume. I’m finding with this Hair Biology Trio, I don’t need to add nearly as much and my hair has plenty of lift and body.


Hair Biology has designed a set of products to meet the needs of 50+ women like us to meet the changing demands of our hair. They believe in the power of celebrating age and the experience that comes with it. Hair Biology believes our hair should be a wonderful reflection of the confident women we have become and have designed products to help us achieve that.

Helping women build and maintain their confidence is my number one goal on A Well Styled Life, so I’m delighted to find a company that is doing all it can to support us.

You can find Hair Biology exclusively at Target.

What are you using to help your hair appear thicker?





  1. Thanks for the tip…constantly looking for something to make my thin, fine hair look fuller. Did you use the Brilliance for color treated, or the regular. Looks like you used the regular product in the photos…I do dye my hair so want to be sure to purchase the correct product. I have a pixie cut and cut/color every 4 weeks….

  2. I have just recently started using Hair Biology also…..I really like the shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing too.


      1. Hi Jennifer,
        Speaking of your hair cut, my hairdresser recently moved out of state so I’m looking for a new one. My hair is thin and fine. I live in the East Bay. I believe you used to as well. Can you recommend the hairdresser you went to? Thank you so much!

      2. My old hairdresser retired and moved out of state during the pandemic.
        I’m sorry…I feel your pain:)

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