Leveling Up Neutrals With Texture

Happy Monday, ladies. Today I have some cozy, casual, and budget-friendly looks for you in soft neutral colors. Color is a great tonic for our spirits but nothing beats a great neutral for an easy-on-the-eyes outfit. These looks are also heavy on texture. I love to add interest to neutral outfits with texture so todays ootd’s have lots of cables, faux fur, and faux suede.

blonde woman sitting on wall wearing green cable sweater and blue jeans from Walmart

Today’s post is sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.

As always, you can find more info and shop the items through the red text links.


I started with this cream pullover in winter white. It’s one of my favorite neutrals because its soft finish is flattering to most complexions. This cozy sweater is a pattern play of textures with cables, bobbles, moss stitch…all those things I used to enjoy knitting:) It’s available in 4 other colors as well, sized XS-XXL. I chose the medium to have it a bit oversized, but it does run true to size.

woman showing layers of textured neutral sweaters

I love that the pattern is continued on the back of the sweater so there’s interest coming and going.

woman wearing neutral outfit with interesting texture

I paired the pullover with these faux suede jeggings. They have a nice high rise, back pockets, and belt loops but are a simple pull-on style that couldn’t be easier to wear.

This camel is a great soft neutral coordinates with so many other colors. The reviews suggest you order up, which I don’t recommend. They fit true to size and have tons of stretch with 6% spandex so they spring back into shape after you sit and move around.


These cozy hiker-style boots have a faux suede upper, faux fur around the ankle, a memory foam insole, and are so cute! They come in 5 colors, including pink:), in sizes 6-11. The black and tan versions are also available in wide widths. I was happy to find Walmart carries a lot of footwear in wide widths here. These have a lug sole for traction and fit true to size.

Can you ever go wrong with pearls? Not in my book. Who knew Walmart carried cultured pearls? I found a large case of lovely options in the store and even more online! This Tin Cup style is modern and classic at the same time. I also found this stunning South Sea pearl necklace that belongs on someone’s holiday list:)

I got carried away looking at pearls and here’s just some of what I found at Walmart-

This cabled cardigan piles even more texture into this outfit. Too much, Jennifer? Not to me because of the neutral color pallet. I’m also a firm believer that wearing texture closer to my face helps reduce the look of texture on my face.

woman wearing Walmarts latest cabled pulloever and cardigan with lee jeans

Here’s a different take on casual. I swapped the leggings for these straight legs jeans in the medium wash called Northshore. They’re available in regular and petite sizes 4-16, I’m wearing the 8 regular. They’re described as mid-rise but they’re not too low for my long torso. The denim is made from a sustainable cotton blend, made with 29% recycled fibers and a hint of stretch. 

blonde woman sitting on wall wearing green cable sweater and blue jeans from Walmart

Here is the same crew neck in a soft green they call Sea Turtle. I like how it makes the cables pop and the pearls show. I read that you should buy pearls the same color as your teeth…have you heard that? I suppose it’s so they look like they “belong” on you:)

over 50 woman walking in green cabled sweater and Lees jeans from Walmart
green pullover and lee jeans worn by jennifer of a well styled life

Are you a fan of cables and texture in sweaters?

Walmart Fashion has both classic and trend-forward pieces for your whole family so you don’t have to sacrifice style for budget. Time and Tru is obviously a favorite, as is their newest line, Free Assembly, I shared with you last month.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Jennifer,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I loved this article, it really reflects me in this stage of my life. I am 59 and have a classic Talbots style (without the Talbots price tag) and went immediately to my local Walmart and snagged the suede booties that are my new favorite. Who knew that Walmart could be so versatile? I love them, and I also picked up another hiker bootie (you are wearing them in white) but I opted for the tan with the cream fur trim. THANK YOU! I am learning how to dress with classics, and I appreciate your stylings. Glad I found you on TikTok!

    1. Welcome, Lisa, I’m so happy you found me too:)

  2. Love the cable knit sweaters, especially that the cable is on the front and back. You looked great in everything!! Surprised by Walmart I have to say!

  3. Just received my faux caramel leggings from Wal-mart Friday.
    It is amazing what you can find on line at Wal-mart.
    Love the cable knit sweaters also.
    Great outfits.

    1. It really is fabulous what you can find!

  4. I usually read the blog in the morning but today I got a late start. Jennifer, I think you caused a run at Walmart today. Most of the items worn today are sold out online. Perhaps I can find them in the store.

  5. Gwen Ewing says:

    Love each look! Have several of these pieces already! The faux suede pants, cable pullover, now I need the boots!! You look great. I’m so impressed with Walmart these days!

    1. Those boots are the cutest ever. I am very impressed with how Walmart has upped their fashion game.

  6. I really like textured sweaters — cable, pontielle, etc. I like the sweaters on you today, but not the yarn. I only buy 100% cotton. The acrylic is scratchy and ick.

    1. Agree; cannot do acrylic. But I do ADORE cotton cable sweaters. Jen looks great in all styles, though.

    2. Cotton is my fav too, but hard to find this time of year

  7. beth byrd says:

    Oh how I love that you have pearls on with your sweater! I love mixing up formal with informal and that is such perfect example.

    Love that green sweater — I’m heading out to Wal-Mart this week. You’ve shown some very wonderful pieces from Wal-Mart!!!

    Thank you!!

    1. I would wear pearls with everything:) Have fun, Beth!

  8. Linda Todd says:

    Hi Jennifer, I would love to hear your take on drop shouldered knitwear. I am 166cm and a us size 10 to 12 but I am broad of shoulder and narrow if hip. Dropped shoulders are everywhere and the line of the shoulder seam always draws my eye out wide, from one side of (my not tiny ) bust to the othet. Making me seem even more top heavy. A raglan sleeve or set in sleeve does not have that effect, but are becoming increasingly harder to find. As a sewer, I know it is easy to fit a dropped sleeve compared to a set in sleeve so I am assuming it is just cost related manufacturing . Truly I have stopped buying these styles. I save my money. Regards Linda

    1. I had the same question Linda. I do not like drop shoulder knitwear or tops. They make my arms look big and not flattering on me. Thanks for bringing it up!

      1. Now that I know you ladies are interested, I will keep my eye out for more raglan and set-in sleeves. That’s what I always prefer.

    2. I am just returning a second sweater that I thought I would try. Both sweaters had a dropped shoulder. One was a cardigan and the other a pull over crew neck. I instantly felt about 20 pounds heavier when I saw myself in the mirror and also thought I looked shorter too. My search will continue for a new sweater with classic, set in seams! It creates a more streamlined, balanced look.

    3. I like to point out the raglan shoulders I find because they’re the most flattering on my wide shoulders. Drop shoulders are my least favorite and you’re right, cheaper to manufacture so are becoming so popular. You may need to pay more to find raglan or set in, but I always find it worth the extra $.

  9. Very pretty autumn neutrals. I also appreciate the pattern in a knit going around the whole sweater. I have not heard of either “tip” – texture near your face, nor the one about the color of pearls. Interesting…
    Thank you.

  10. Linda Ferguson says:

    I am heading out to Walmart!

    You have shown me SEVERAL gotta haves!

    Thank you!

    1. I hope your store has them! Have fun.

  11. Those hiking boots are super cute! So great with your sweaters and jogging. Perfect autumn looks.

  12. I love these outfits and you have never looked better. The boots are so great, both pair, and I have no excuse to buy a pair of boots that warm and sturdy but I do want the hiking boots, I love the first outfit so much but I also love green with blue Jean.

    1. That green was a pleasant surprise to me. I love it

  13. I love the textured sweaters on you! But on someone heavier than you they can add too much bulk. I have never looked at clothes at Walmart so your post opened my eyes to what they have!

    1. They do have some great options, but most are online, so I find it the best way to shop at Walmart.

  14. Jennifer, your hair is looking full and cute in this style. Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. 😀

    1. Thanks, Joanna. Being a bit shorter is really helping.

  15. Jan Whichard says:

    Texture is fun but unless you are on the thinner side like you and not terribly busty, texture such as the able knitting on the ivory sweater and the green sweater makes you look bigger and bulkier so great caution in needed in my opinion. I opt for smaller cabling and lighter yarn or occasionally wear a plain tee or turtleneck under a textured cardigan. YOU, however, look great!

    1. Yes, the smaller the cable and the finer the knit, the less bulk, I totally agree:)

  16. Such pretty sweaters! I love the textures. Both the cream one and the soft green one looked equally lovely on you. Personally, I wouldn’t wear the cable cardigan with the textured sweater underneath as for me a smooth shirt underneath, I feel, would spotlight the special look of the cabled cardigan better. Also, on me it would look too busy and heavy. I’d do a blazer over the sweater though or a denim or leather jacket.

  17. I do like you in that color green. Where we live, those options are worn by most upcountry people daily. You have me thinking about a chunky knit sweater…it looks cozy, and it rained last night! The faux leggings and jeans looked great on you. Thanks for posting this.

  18. I love your outfits but oh no! Walmart doesn’t carry small enough sizes! ( like 0p or 2p.) And the sweaters? No petites? Boo.

    1. I’m hoping they will carry petites soon

  19. Sue Wozniak says:

    Why did you quit knitting. I am a knitter and your blog gives me style ideas for my next sweater knit. Thanks

    1. I’ve developed trigger fingers, Dupytrons and arthritis in my thumbs.

  20. I really like the idea of using texture for interest. Not everything needs to be “big” cables and such, but your choices look great. Now if I were only cold enough!

  21. Suzanne W Duchesne says:

    I really like the green color on you. It really pops even for a neutral. I also appreciate your share about wearing texture near your face, creating the illusion of a softer face. I don’t usually wear a texture but as I’m aging I think I would benefit from this little tip – thank you!

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