Restyling The Mannequin

Happy Wednesday, ladies. I popped into a store yesterday that I seldom shop at and was immediately reminded why that is. This store carries fashion-forward, bohemian fashion that’s seldom in my wheelhouse. tea and scone at MurchiesGrab another cup of coffee or tea and let’s have some fun. Today I’m restyling a mannequin to create an outfit with fewer boho vibes and a more classic feel. If your taste runs to boho, my restyle won’t appeal to you and I get that, but let’s go…

Anthropologie is a highly creative store that I love to wander through. It’s filled with patterns, colors, unique shapes, and funky displays. It’s totally fun and the store was packed with women who were dressed just like me…classic, simple, and understated. This embroidered button-down caught my eye so I thought I would see what I could do with it.


I immediately ruled out the vest because the shape drew more attention than the shirt under it, and I prefer the shirt. I tried several options, and in the end, I tucked in the shirt to help my legs appear longer.

I wouldn’t choose animal print shoes with this large of a plaid, but you could because the colors go together very well. I would likely pair this shirt with slim, solid color pants or jeans and downplay everything else so it could take center stage.

‘Tis the season for clothes to be embellished so I let my fingers do the shopping and found some other beauties, both casual and dressy.

How about you?

How would you restyle this mannequin?

Are you a fan of embellished tops? I love embellished shoes and am always on the hunt for fun ones like these flats with the moth!

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. You restyled very nicely with the pieces. Proof that you can work with what’s available!
    The vest could work with a blazer-type jacket while keeping bulk to a minimum. Also could stand alone if a jacket gets too warm. I like that it’s detailed with seams. Could be a top.
    For the price-point, at Anthro I like a few pieces here and there and the home goods are interesting.

  2. Great time of year for orange and vests, but this one, no thanks. I think the plaid is too large. Look how it’s out of alignment in your photos: the legs don’t match if you aren’t totally straight. So-o-o, pair the blouse with jeans or black trousers and booties. Or pair plaid trousers w/orange sweater: I’ve got both, so thanks, I’m off to see what they look like together (haha).

  3. No to the vest. I would wear the blouse under my vee neck cashmere sweater in grey with the plaid pants and my grey boots. Throw on my black satin windbreaker.

  4. Thanks for choosing an outfit that’s out of your comfort zone! I love how you tamed this outfit with more classic items. I haven’t owned plaid pants in a long time but like them with the shirt and your sweater choice.

  5. Waaay too much going on here for my style. Don’t like the vest, don’t know why precisely. Plaid slacks are classics, but this plaid is too large/high contrast for my petite frame. I would wear the leopard flats as an accent piece to a very simple, neutral outfit. If I stumbled across the blouse at my local Goodwill, and the fit and condition were correct, I would buy it. Again, this is an accent piece for me. I would pair with jeans and a leather jacket to tone down the “bling”.

  6. I too love browsing through the eclectic choices at Anthropology. I would roll up the sleeves of the cute shirt, tuck it into those cute pants and replace the vest with a long duster length black vest. Add black ankle boots with a couple of inches of height, a chucks bracelet and voila!

  7. I also LOVE to roam around my local Anthropologie store to give me outfit and home decor ideas! I usually like their denim the most! For this outfit, I would just change the blouse to a black turtleneck or a close-fitting denim shirt!! Orange usually isn’t my best color, so I would like the vest in a burgundy, cream, or just black! Love the pants!!

  8. First off, do like the way you styled the pieces in the photo with the blouse tucked in. As to the three pieces would prefer a slimmer cut in the pants and if wearing the blouse out, due to its transparency would pair it with a spaghetti strap very light weight cotton/knit camisole that basically performs as a lining for garments that have a relaxed fit, that may be going over darker bottoms. Would not necessarily wear it with these pants as would prefer plain in a velveteen fabric perhaps paired with a dress flat or heeled shoe. Because of its embellishments; jewelry would take a cue from them and would just consist of earrings and a black wristband watch. Last but not least; I think the vest is cute and can see its potential as an overlay however feel its style dictates a chest to fill it. -Brenda-
    Footnote: For a blouse of such; too bad they didn’t use a perma press/no-iron/ drip dry cotton as would be concerned about washing (most likely by hand) and drying (as even steaming might affect the beading over time).

  9. My mom always said clothes come back into style decades later and this outfit proves it. I would have worn it in high school (had plaid pants then, cropped vests, and a very similar skirt to the one that’s hanging on the wall). No desire to time travel now! Plus the vest reminds me of upholstery fabric and the blouse beads appear to be bowling pins. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. I like others do not shop at Anthropologie because of the price point on clothing and also, see the store for a much younger shopper. I like the blouse and would prefer them with a black pant and perhaps an outstanding shoe with some sparkle.

  11. I really like the blouse and pants. I like the idea of the vest but not so fitted and short of a style. I do think that a pullover sweater vest in a “ pop” color is needed to make this work. I’ve seen some sweater vests that are almost waist length. Don’t get it too long or the blouse left on the outside won’t work proportionally. Choice a color that works for you. I’d add a long necklace with a trendy look and add black booties. Oh, and an earring to compliment the necklace and outfit.

  12. While a 3 piece outfit (pants, blouse and vest) would be my style, these pieces aren’t. The blouse is the only piece I would style…this vest (except for the fabric, looks more like a summer top than a vest) and large plaid pants wouldn’t be for me. I think it looks better tucked in than hanging loose with the width of the pant legs

  13. Nothing about this appeals to me but I do like how you styled the tucked in version. Like the fancy shoes, fun for the holidays!

  14. I’m thinking that maybe the strong orange mini vest stands up better with the plaid pants. Not a style that I would attempt but you gave it a great try!

  15. Love how you styled it for yourself Jennifer, with the tucked in blouse! I have a niece that could and would wear it right off the mannequin and look fabulous. Take 40 years away from me and add about 10” to my height and I would consider it too😁, if the vest came in a beautiful jewel tone! Today I would tie the blouse at the waist or tuck the front in, add a long black denim jacket, black booties and a punch of color with a long narrow scarf.

  16. I was immediately drawn to the vest, I love it! And, yes, that color. I’d prefer a white blouse and jeans, and saddle tan boots.

  17. I browse my local Anthropologie store but never feel the urge to purchase. I do like the black plaid pants and would wear those with a black vneck t-shirt or cashmere sweater + black booties. The orange vest could work as a summer top with a flowy skirt or straight dark jeans. I would prefer it in raspberry, dark purple or navy. I don’t like the details on the blouse at all. Thanks for doing this.

    1. On first glance it seems that the vest would go better with the plaid shirt which hangs behind the mannequin’s left shoulder. And, then, what are those green things that look like beanies? The color goes well with outfit, but? Not a look I’d wear.

  18. I would take off that orang thing and add a nice long black sweater vest and black shoes. Whatever kind of jewelry of your choice would complete the look!!

  19. This store is one I don’t shop at mainly because of the price point…I just don’t spend that much money on an item of clothing. I never pay full price, so I would flag anything I liked and wait for a sale. Sometimes it pays off, other times I lose out on the item. No big deal, something else always comes along. The plaid on this pair of pants, despite being gorgeous, is too large for me. I tend to shy away from plaid for fear of it making me look larger than I am. Vests are very popular this year, but this one does nothing for me (or the mannequin). I like small amounts of embellishment but this blouse has too much. Since the beads/pearls/crystals go all the way to the hem, I would never tuck it in…the embellishments I am sure would cause lumps and bumps. Hanging out over a pair of black faux leather or suede leggings with the addition of a long cardigan (in almost any color) would be how I would wear the blouse. The store should have steamed this blouse (unless it’s supposed to be wrinkled?) The mannequin just looks unkept.

    1. It’s not meant to be wrinkled. I know many stores have given up o steaming the clothes on the racks, but I do think they should steam the ones they dress mannequins in.

  20. I would try a blouse in one of my favorite colors-burgundy, more tailored and fitted, tucked in. Add a wide black belt. Black booties. If I needed a sweater or jacket, same color burgundy, ivory, or black.

    1. Actually I think the mannequin is really quite cute for a young woman who could wear it with confidence-it looks fun! A younger me 50 years ago might have worn it.

  21. It is some thing about the color of the original vest on the manikin that makes the outfit pop, I would have to go with the cardigan in your style but that orange color. I’m not fashion forward enough to wear a vest with a shirt sticking out underneath of it. But you did a great job remodeling the manikin.

  22. I’m not a blouse person (I’d have to iron) but I would tie a sweater around my shoulders and match my flats to the sweater. Thinking of red…

  23. Hi Jennifer,
    I agree, that store is not in my wheelhouse. However, this is a fun look. I don’t care for the vest either. I would wear a black quilted vest over the blouse/pants ensemble to keep me warm on these chilly Northeast Ohio mornings. Or, sometimes I wear a tank/t-shirt under a blouse with the blouse as kind of a cardigan. Here I’d wear a black t-shirt. This blouse looks long enough that you could possibly tie around the waist. Sometimes with a mostly black outfit, I’ll wear a red scarf and my red heels, to give a pop of color. Like you, I don’t like really high heels, so my red shoes have lower heels.

    Thanks for bringing a fun look today to “play” with!

  24. I’m not usually a fan of embellished blouses, but I could see this one with black satin or velvet trousers for the holiday season.
    I would wear the plaid pants with a simple black sweater, ankle boots and perhaps my black leather jacket.
    I had the same thing happen as Paulette did – the ad popped up and my first comments were deleted.

    1. Oh NO! First I have my email issues, now the ads. I’m sorry, hang in there with me as we get things running more smoothly.

      1. Actually i think its fun and becoming on you and out of your comfort zone . We sometimes have a tendency to think we are to old and conservative in our styles and styles Because of your good taste and self confidence it looks great

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