Spring Trend: Pretty in Pink

I used to wear a lot of pinks but the older I get the more selective I’ve become with how I wear it. I don’t want it to make me look older, and that can happen if you choose the wrong shade or shape. If I’m wearing a soft shade like baby pink, I try to choose it in a clean and modern silhouette.

Like most trends, pink has never gone away for many women. For others, they’re seeing it as a fun alternative to beige and red.

Blush, rose, pale, petal, watermelon, rose, raspberry, salmon, coral, shocking pink, etc are all on trend this spring/summer and available in both clothing and accessories.

Here’s a quick way to find a few of your most flattering shades of pink.

Examine your hand. The color at the outside base of your palm is often a perfect, soft pink for you. Next, pinch the tip of your finger and you’ll see a deeper pink that is always flattering on you. Pull your bottom lip down and find a medium pink that works with your coloring.

Pinks come in warm and cool tones. I find as I age I can now wear some warmer versions that used to sap the life out of my face. Shocking pink is even worse worn close to my face, but I love it in a scarf or shoe or handbag.

Rose gold is a continuing trend this year and flatters both warm and cool skin tones.

Style Tip- If you’re limiting yourself to a color pallet you had done many years ago, remember that “your flattering colors” change as you age. Skin and hair tones change subtly and that opens new possibilities for you to wear.

Do you wear pink? How about rose or plum or blush pink?

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  1. Louise K. says:

    I love to wear rosy pink – it has to be a pure color, not muddy. It’s a flattering color for most women, I think. I don’t usually wear lipstick, but if I’m wearing the right shade of pink/rose, my lips look colored.

    1. I love rosey pink lipstick. It brightens my face and is never harsh. I even love using Rose essential oils as perfume:) Muddy isn’t great on me but muted is best.

  2. I am one of those people who adore pink! It’s been my favorite color even as a little girl. I am a fair skin strawberry blond and have always loved soft pink colors! I’m always the one looking for a pink handbag! When the softer tones starting appearing in the stores I went nuts buying all pink because I was going to wear as much of it as I could while I could find it in the store! I got married in 1983…. my wedding was dusty rose! Haha.Thank you for this post , I have enjoyed seeing more pink options. You talk about your style sweet spot… pink is apsolutly in my style sweet spot. I always feel confident in pink????

    1. That’s so wonderful, Donna! You’re doing the exact right thing. Snap it up while it’s available. My wedding dress was a pink floral. It was 1978! A pink handbag is on my try to find list this year. I had one by Kate Spade about 25 years ago that I adored!!

  3. I’m not a fan of pink. I love it on others and have seen beautiful rooms in soft blush with gold accents that are so soft, feminine and elegant. I’m a red person in my home, clothes and SUV. If a blue-red looks good on me, what color pink do you think I should try?

    1. What color is your hair and eyes? Is there a strong contrast between your hair, eyes and complexion? These are important to consider

  4. Since my skin tone has changed since getting a bit older, I can’t seem to find a pink that looks good on me. My coloring is very similar to yours–just wondering what shade works for you? I love pink and wish I could find one that works!

    1. I can wear quite a few pinks. Blush, with tan overtones is my best pale pink. Salmon and cool rose work well too. Candy and Pepto pink are deadly on me! Look at your Palm, pinch your fingertip and look for pinks in your natural coloring. Deeper, less frivolous pinks are easier for me, and maybe you.

  5. I love pink but haven’t worn it much! Having silver hair it has to be the right shade. A spring goal…introduce pink, so feminine! Lovely options you have presented. I hope Palm Springs has warmed up? 😉

    1. I agree. With silver hair you need a slightly stronger pink. Pale could wash you out depending on your skin tone. It has warmed up. Finally!

  6. This reply is not about pink – sorry! I am just wondering how you find a Covered Perfectly top to fit your Petite frame? I’m 5’3″ and they are much too long for me. Sure wish they’d consider making Petites…

    1. Hi Patty, I’m just 5’4″. I like the a-line and fit and flare shapes which are loose fitting. I wear them as a tunic over leggings and skinny jeans. They’re tunic length and cover my tummy and backside which is madatory with fitted bottoms. The Henley is hip leg length and great over straight pants. Most of my pants are pullon waistbands so I like to cover them.

  7. I am trying my best to make friends with PINK. Some days I like it…other days I hate it. I just purchased a blush pink top because of the design and fit. Hopefully it will help me to like the color better…and you picked out some lovely options.

    1. Have you tried watermelon? Pale might wash you out but a strong pink with saturated color would look great with black, deep green or cobalt on you.

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