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Styling Chambray Now and Later

Happy Tuesday ladies. With fall underway, I want to share a transitional item you can wear in many ways. Clothes that work for multiple seasons make it easier to organize your wardrobe which streamlines your choices when you get dressed each day. Chambray may only bring up visions of warm summer days for you, but I wear mine all the time so today I’m sharing how I style chambray for fall…and all year round.

fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life wearing chambray shirt with denim jacket for fall

For fall I like to combine chambray with medium to heavier weight fabrics. I’m wearing it here with two shades of denim, layered over a favorite white tee. Chambray doesn’t look appreciably different from very fine weave denim shirts so I wear mine interchangeably. It’s fun to fold back the cuffs of the shirt over the jacket cuff which showcases both colors.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing chambray shirt with velvet blazer

Here I topped it with a Velvet Blazer here and added a fun vintage broach at the neck. Unique treasures and accessories like this pin add such a distinctive look to your outfits.

Other fun pins

Chambray is available at all price points and never goes out of style. Since it’s been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember, I am willing to spend a bit more on it to get the wash and style I want.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing chambray shirt and white shorts

It’s perfect over simple white shorts or worn open over a sundress. I love my chambray in simple, classic shapes but it’s available in any shape to fit your style. I bought my first chambray dress this summer which I have been wearing non-stop…but of course we have no photos of it:) #Murpy’sLawcahmbray shirt styled for fall with velvet jacket

Have fun with your chambray.

  1. Combine it with dressier textures to dress it up.
  2. Chambray works as a neutral with all colors.
  3. Layer it over a tee shirt dress.
  4. Wear it buttoned under a pullover.
  5. Layer it under a cardigan.
  6. Wear it with black or colored denim.
  7. Wear it open in place of a denim jacket.
  8. Tie at the waist over a skirt or dress.

This month Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design and I are joined by Sandra who writes Apart From My Art, you will love her as much as we do! Let’s go say hello and see how they are styling their chambray.

Do you wear chambray in the fall?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel fabulous and confident.

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  1. That looks so cute with the brooch at the neck…I need to remember that. I love that you say chambray never goes out of style! And I love that it’s so washable. Great post.

  2. I need to find a replacement for the well worn, well loved chambray shirt that was part of my wardrobe for years!

    I love these collaborative posts! It’s fun seeing three different takes on the same item.

  3. I purchased a chambray linen blouse as well as a pinstripe chambray shirt dress this summer, they aren’t really me although I got lots of compliments from my husband, the only person who saw me wearing them, ha ha. I don’t own any denim other than an Eileen Fisher denim chore jacket that is currently too tight 😬. I have never found a pair of jeans that look good on me and believe me I’ve tried.
    You on the other hand look fabulous in denim. I really love the dressier look you show with the velvet jacket and brooch. Hmm Maybe I will take my chambray linen shirt out of Summer storage and recreate something similar to wear this fall. What is the rule on wearing linen past labour day? Is there a rule? I also had bought a lovely sage linen blouse that I just packed away too that I thought of keeping out…

  4. Love chambray. I like to wear a nice chambray shirt with white linen or cotton in warm weather, and tan wools and tweeds in winter.

  5. I must comment that you look so happy in your photos! I see that the time you’ve spent with your daughter has been wonderful!

    I recently purchased a Chambray shirt — love how you’ve paired it with the vintage pin — I will definitely try that look!

  6. I developed my affection for chambray shirts and jeans when I joined the navy, compartment cleaning is a new service persons chores for a little while and this is the uniform. The legs were belled at the bottom back then. We weren’t supposed too but I hear some threw their navy blue uniform jacket over this to run off base to a store. 😊 It looked good.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Sandra. Most of you blogger youngsters are not as old as I am, so I’m thrilled to find one who is older! I look forward to reading more of her wisdom.

  8. You look so great in everything in this post.
    I simply love the velvet blazer paired with the vintage pin!
    Your hair looks so great in that photo too.

  9. I live in chambray and denim – so comfy and fits my lifestyle. I’m loving the broach at the neckline. I’m going to try it!

  10. I think this why I fell in love with the style of Ralph Lauren. He elevated chambray and denim to new levels in fashion. ( I even had our bedroom styled in layers of chambray and denim at one time. )

    Jennifer you wear this look so well! Thank you for bringing it back to the forefront for your readers!

    1. I’m a huge fan of the way Ralph Lauren does it too. The relaxed, yet pulled together look really appeals to me. A bedroom in that style would be soooo fun!

    DO we know where that word came from…….CHAMBRAY?
    Hope you are well and how BIG is THAT GRANDSON NOW?

  12. Hey Jennifer. Thanks for inviting me to join you in our chambray denim love. I see we’re all on the same page. Chambray dressy and chambray everyday. You always have something insightful to add to your styling of clothes. Chambray certainly looks great on you in all it’s iterations. Always enjoyable seeing you. Rock on!

  13. Just LUV the look of the Velvet Jacket outfit! Maybe its because blue is my favorite colour? Then Teal, and finally Green. Feel more comfortable wearing those shades than any thing else. Thanks for ideas for this coming Fall!!

  14. I feel like I have worn chambray my whole life! Jeans are such a staple for all of us now and denim shirts go perfectly with them. I love your vintage pin idea and I will be looking through mine, some lovely ones that were my Mom’s.

  15. Love the idea of pairing it with a blazer and a vintage pin. It’s funny I feel like a chambray or denim shirt is part of my uniform. You are totally right about spending more on a denim shirt. There is nothing I wear more except maybe a pair of jeans!

  16. Love Chambray! Love the velvet jacket too! You look adorable in it. Going back to things I have already in my closet I have a corduroy J Crew jacket in camel that goes well with it too from yesteryear, yeah! I love silver and leather necklaces with chambray and chunky hand knitted cardigans. Happy day Jennifer 🙂