Jeans That Fix The Back Gap

Great style is available at all price points and I like to share a wide variety here on A Well Styled Life so all my readers find products that fit their wallet and lifestyle. Today I’m sharing some great jeans that fix the back gap so many women struggle with.

woman leaning against rock column

This post is sponsored by Blair. Thanks for supporting brands that support ASWS.

My last post on the new DenimEase Collection from Blair was a fun introduction for me. The sales were very good so apparently, many of you already know and love the brand. I’m back today with another jean style from the latest Blair DenimEase Collection that is super comfy and solves several fit dilemmas.

woman standing in front of fountain wearing stiped shirt and blue jeans

They have a front zipper and button closure so they look like standard jeans, but have an elastic-back waistband that snugs in for a comfortable, no-gap fit.

Who Needs The Back Gap Fix?

  • Women with flat backsides or straight hips often struggle to keep their pants from slipping down (I know I do) because my hips aren’t wide enough to keep them up.
  • Pear shape women need to buy jeans to fit their widest spot, (usually their hips) which makes the waistband too large so it gaps. These problems are solved by these Elastic Back Jeans.

woman sitting on stone wall

The new DenimEase fabric has more stretch and recovery than before so it moves with you, smoothly and comfortably while cinching your waist in the comfiest way possible. These jeans come in 7 colors, sized in misses, petite, and womens, 6P-26W. I am wearing an 8 petite which is the perfect inseam for me.

woman wearing white denim jacket

I topped them with the same DenimEase Stretch Denim Jacket that I styled for you here. It has a slightly longer length, without the thick banded bottom many denim jackets have, and lots of stretch for comfort.


woman wearing white jacket and jeans

It’s easy to jazz up a simple shirt and jeans with a belt and scarf. A more casual option is to wear the shirt open as a third layer. Its slight shirttail hemline looks great tucked or untucked.

woman in front of flower bed

Here I’m wearing it open over a simple tank as a third layer. It comes in 5 colors, misses, and women’s sizes S-3XL. This shirt is one of the most wrinkle-resistant shirts I’ve ever worn so it always looks crisp. It has classic oxford styling with color-coordinated buttons which ups its level of refinement.

woman leaning on bench wearing blue jeans and striped shirt

I’m wearing it over the super-soft, Essential Knit Tank which is a great layering piece. It comes in 33 colors, sizes misses and womens, XS-3XL. I am wearing the small which is a perfect fit. I appreciate that this tank isn’t too long so it easily tucks -in without adding extra bulk.

woman leaning against rock column

Blair has been a pleasant discovery for me.  Great-quality, classic wardrobe styles at budget-friendly prices is a terrific combination. For easy reference you can find and shop all my Blair outfits here.

Do you struggle with jean waistbands that gap?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. This my eternal struggle!

    As a pear-shaped woman, I must buy pants and jeans in specific “curvy” styles. This has been challenging, even as a teen weighing barely more than 100 pounds. Often this has meant elastic-back pants, which explains why I wear tops untucked. Some curvy jeans have darts at the waist. I’m not so fond of that, but it’s worth it for the fit. I never wear pull-on styles, which I call “fall-down” pants. Lately, I’ve found curvy jeans with hidden elastic in the back.

    My favorite has been the return of ultra high-waist 1970s styles. No elastic needed, because the waist is high enough to fit at my smallest point. These pants fit my form in the bottom and thighs, then flare gently from the knee. Bliss!

  2. Love this outfit on you!

    1. Thank you! I love it too

  3. These are great! The back gap is definitely an issue at our age!!

  4. Jan Correll says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I don’t have this problem but I know so many women do. In fact, I never wear a belt since it draws attention to my waist, which I avoid since I don’t have much of one.

    Love the look and thanks for addressing the problem.


  5. Doris May Casavant Casavant says:

    Sadly Blair doesn’t ship to Canada. I’m looking for a pair of white denim jeans, pull on high waist with 29″ inseam, can’t find anything like them anywhere, hoped Blair would do it for me, alas, it doesn’t.

  6. Susan Haggerty says:

    Jennifer, I’m built just like you only I’m 5’7”. I take a size larger on top, have slim hips, small butt, short torso, and all legs. My pants are always falling down. Lol! Being short waisted, I hate the new high rise pants. Some go above my waist. I love seeing how you style clothes!

    1. Thanks Susan. Pants falling down is a real challenge that curvy women just don’t struggle with.

  7. Blair has always been good for basics. I bought the vest version of the white jacket. I need the function of a jacket but not the additional warmth from the sleeves.

    1. I was eyeing that vest. It looks great.

  8. If we are talking flat backsides I should get a medal. My mom was built the same way and I inherited her shape. I have a terrible time finding jeans/pants that fit. Always pulling them up😂😂 I think I will try these Blair jeans. You look just beautiful in these pics and the outfit are very nice!! Have a great weekend Jennifer 🤩🤩🤩

    1. Janette N says:

      Jennifer! That blue blouse, white Jean jacket and your hair! Beautiful! Blair seems to have really stepped up their game.

      1. I’m really impressed with Blair. Great classics.

    2. Lol! My mom had a flatter backside that I do. Belts help 🙂

  9. love those jeans and going to try some as I also have straight hips and no behind, thank you also like the white runners, you look fabulous!

  10. Hi Jennifer
    Are you wearing the light wash or the medium wash jeans? I’ve been on the Blair website, but I can’t tell for sure which color your jeans are. Thanks😁

    1. I’m wearing the medium wash.

  11. All the outfits look great on you. I really like the jeans but unfortunately they start at size 6 whick won’t fit me but I’m sure some of the tops might.

  12. I ordered the outfit with the white denim jacket; where did you get the belt?

    1. It’s several years old from Target.

  13. Janice in Ky says:

    Love this outfit, you could go most anywhere in it. I’m pretty sure I can shop my closet for this look with the exception of the neck scarf. Unfortunately I got rid of most of them several years ago. I would of liked to try the jeans but they don’t come small enough.
    Just want to say I love the style of your hair today. I know you are struggling with it and your “going gray” routine. This style is a winner.

  14. Celia Bass says:

    You look so pretty in your pictures wearing the white jackets and scarf with the aqua shirt! I’ve never investigated the Blair brand but will certainly do so now as they seem very reasonably priced, and have much variety. I have no problem with gaps in my jeans, but will still look.

    1. The prices and quality are amazing! Fabulous classics.

  15. Until I started to read your posts, I would never have dreamed of putting together some of the colours that look great on you – eg. Turquoise/aqua with blue denim – I would usually pair turquoise with black or white!
    However, they look fab, especially with the white jacket, which I’m now on the lookout for. Sadly, access to the Blair site has been denied to me – would that be because I am in the UK do you think?

    1. I don’t know why that would be. I know the UK has privacy rules for websites. Did you accept the cookies?

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