What Inspires Your Style?

Your lifestyle.

How often do you run across something fabulous, that influences your style?

I’ll see a gorgeous interior that makes me want to just torch my house. Instead, I try to incorporate small touches of it into my current decor.

I attend an elegant event and am inspired to give my own.

This weekend I attended a Succulent and Cactus Show and was inspired to buy some little ones. With my black thumb, this is a good place to start:)
What Inspires Your Style?
I see pretty bundles of flowers at the market and I’m inspired to buy a few. Then pretend to know what I’m doing…as I make arrangements…to spread around my house.

I see a woman wearing a scarf in an interesting way, and I try it myself.

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I spot some gorgeous bath products and I’m inspired to take a luxurious bath with Essential oils, soft music and candles flickering.

What Influences Your Style?

What has inspired you this week?




  1. Inspiration is indeed everywhere and comes in all guises. What inspired me today-a beautiful older lady in Funchal, a sophisticated traveller wearing an Hermes scarf as a belt on turned-up white jeans, her hair was soft grey long, swept up, her skin tanned and she was wearing the most gorgeous shade of red lipstick. If I hadn’t been so in awe I would have asked for a photo…that’s what I want to look like when I grow up!

  2. I’m so excited to be able to announce our Lifestyle LinkUp today, Jennifer! What a fun collaboration this is. You, and your very stylish readers, are the perfect ones to pair with for lifestyle inspiration! I love the idea of building new connections along with all the style. Cheers to #stylefocus and you!
    xx, Heather

  3. I was inspired to reach back to 70s fashion at a Rutgers University PRSSA-sponsored Fashion Show for a Cause this past Sunday. The show featured fashions for college students and was so much fun to watch. 70s-inspired clothing (my high school era) was the predominant fashion. I shopped one of the pop-up shops and found a really colorful long and flowy vest that I’ll wear over my LBD.

    1. That sounds so fun Darlene! That was my era too. It’s ALL back in a big way. Pop up shops are fun and frequently hold treasures.

  4. Classic movies and old family pics. My style hasn’t varied hardly at all in over 30 years but do like seeing what my grandfather wore. He was partial to colourful waist coats and socks, fedoras as were most men back then and those two-toned spats (shoes). He looked great.

    1. We share the old movie inspiration. And a dapper gentleman has always been top notch in my book. Your grandfather was quite the dandy! He did look fabullous!

  5. I used to put my kids in a stroller and walk through the neighborhood daily in the spring. I’d get so much inspiration in terms of plants and flowers and landscaping from seeing what others were doing. It was so much fun to find something new, go home and learn about what it was and how it grew and determine whether I could incorporate it into my own environment.

    1. Inspiration is everywhere! I wish I could garden because I see so many fabulous ones it makes me itch to try.

    1. Says the lady witrh so much style in her pinkie! We’re looking forward to a mix of inspiration. We’d be thrilled to have you join us Pam!
      Huge congratulations on your Huffington Post column!! Bravo, my friend!

  6. WHAT inspires me this week……………………I am THINKING!
    I would have to say my GARDEN.PLANTS are GREEN and starting to open.The beauty of the roses will start to spill…………..and cascade.
    I would love to dress like a rose and be cascading elegance as I walk through my local grocery store!

  7. This should be an interesting link-up. I’m glad you’ve taken a different angle than the usual.

    I’d love to have your feedback on the post I wrote today.


    1. I hope you’ll jopin us with some inspirations Friday. You’re always so creative.
      Interesting post today. And again, trhe comments were fascinating.

  8. “How often do you run across something fabulous, that influences your style?” Are you kidding?!? 🙂 Every second …and at your page and Heather’s, every visit. So happy to hear about your link party. Looking forward to it, and best wishes to both of you stylish lovelies.

  9. Jennifer maybe it is an artist eye; because it certainly does not take much to influence my style.
    A trip to a local boutique or specialty home furnishings shop, inspiration form a friends blog post and yes flowers everywhere one looks right now!!

    The Arts by Karena.

    1. I would so love you to share these inspirations with us Karena! The beauty and art you showcase is amazing!

  10. I’m inspired by people that I see – more in New York or Paris than in Chicago! By flowers, by art (!!!!), by beautifully arranged food – be it on a plate or in a grocery store, by music. Oh heck, if you keep your eyes and your heart open, anything can inspire you…

  11. I love your blog – thanks for your wonderful ideas and thank you also for introducing me to so many other blogs. I had no idea all these rich delights were out there!!

    1. That’s fun Anmarie! Dolly has certainly always marched to her own beat and is one savvy business woman!

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