Keeping Your Cool: Fashion Over 50

I’m finally unpacked from our trailer trip this month and already planning what to pack for my next trip. This next one will be different than anything I’ve done before and I don’t know what to expect. I do know I’ll be in very close company and looking to maintain my modesty.

As I mentioned here, I’m going to Iceland for my 60th birthday. I’ll be traveling with my husband, son and daughter in a camper on the back of a pickup truck. Yup, that small. We’re all bringing sleeping bags to stay warm, but I don’t want to be too warm.

Soma Cool Nights Sleepwear

I found these great pajama’s that are perfect for my trip. They’re incredibly soft and cozy yet a breathable fabric that will keep me cool in a hot sleeping bag. They’re from Soma’s exclusive Cool Nights collection. This fabulous fabric is silky soft and totally opaque so I feel perfectly covered.

Soma Cool Nights sleepwear

I chose ankle length pants which are a perfect length for me. This style comes as separates so I was able to get a medium sized top and a small bottom. I hate tight PJ’s…who wants to be uncomfortable when they sleep?

Soma Cool nights Sleepwear

I always prefer sleepwear in my most flattering colors. With clothes, I wear makeup. But with sleepwear, I don’t (except here). I look better in soft colors that don’t drain the life out of my complexion. How about you?

Have you tried the Soma Cool Nights?

Have a great week!


Disclaimer: Thank you to Soma for partnering on this post. They provided the PJ’s the words are my own.


  1. Yes! Soma Cool Nights have changed my life!!! I only discovered them a year ago – and I can’t get enough of them! lol Iceland!? In a sleeping bag? Can’t wait to hear about it!

    1. Lol is right! And it turns out the weather is cold and rainy so I’ll be thrilled to have Jammie’s. I’ll keep you posted, Suzy:)

    1. You’re funny and kind! I’m wearing my bra and makeup gor the pictures. Not what I usually wear 🙂

  2. Paula Lusk says:

    Nice PJ’s. You look like you could be their model on the website. Have fun on your trip.

  3. Beautiful color, Jennifer, and looks so comfortable. You’re embarking on yet another adventure that sounds like fun! xoxox, Brenda

    1. Adventure is the name of the game for this trip!!Thanks Brenda.

  4. Comfy cool sleepwear is essential! I agree that one needs a bit of extra room as we toss and turn at night and anything that is too restrictive adds even more discomfort to sleepless nights.
    Your trip to celebrate your milestone birthday sounds like fun!

    1. Totally essential, Leslie! These are so very soft. I like my PJ’s roomy and these fit the bill perfectly.

  5. Iceland? How fantastic and adventuresome and memorable! What a way to rock in your 60s! I have tried Soma cool nights – love them. I think I first tried them because of hot flashes, which have (thankfully) passed now – but they’re still favorites anyway. Such a nice fabric. Have a really “cool” trip!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I love these PJ’s. I wish all my clothes could be this soft.

  6. Patti Collins says:

    Love this post! Honestly, since it’s just me I’m used to sleeping in my “old faithful” ripped/torn t-shirts and shorts to bed. lol
    But during the holidays I sometimes get invited to stay at my daughter’s so these pj’s would be perfect! And I checked their website and yes, many great choices!!
    The thing I loved the most about your post was the comment about makeup, and then the color of your pj’s to compensate for no makeup. What a great idea!!!
    I am always aware of how washed out I look in the morning. I even put on a little lip gloss to walk the dog at 6am!!
    Thanks for a great post, and have fun on all your wonderful trips!!

    1. Thanks so much Patti. I always love classic black, but in sleepwear it makes me look horrible! Soft petal seems to be universally flattering in bare faces:). Thanks for reading❤️

    1. So very comfy! I love them.

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