Style For Women Over 50: It’s Child’s Play

Is there anything more special than spending the day with your grandchildren? Not for me. I still want to look stylish, even if we’re only going to the playground.

It’s been too long since I visited with my favorite fellow. Way too long! I’m excited to be heading there tomorrow and will have him all to myself! I wonder if I’ll spoil him 🙂

Playing at the park

My grandson will be 3 in October. He’s bright, inquisitive and very energetic. Oh sure, we spend time coloring, reading and doing puzzles, but for the most part, we’re on the go.

Just because I’m spending time with a 2 1/2 -year old, doesn’t mean I don’t take the time to ensure I look polished.

Denim jacket and jeans at the park

A hat is a must-have for me. Similar here. He loves to run off steam at the park where shade is rare.

Leopard flats and a hat add fun to simple jeans

A scarf, simple leopard flats, and bracelet take plain jeans up a notch. I add cushioned insoles for comfort while chasing him around.

Pale washed denim jacket and deep blue jeans are pulled together by a scarf

I like how this scarf connects the pale wash of my denim jacket with the dark wash jeans. Since I’m wearing a scarf, I skipped adding a necklace.

Chico's pale washed denim jacket and deep wash jeans

Looking modern and stylish is key, being practical and comfortable is a must!

In case you missed my exciting news last week… I’ve been featured in Chico’s blog, here! I’d love you to pop over and leave me a comment there.


//  Chico’s jeans similar  //  Sam Edelman Leopard shoes

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  1. Hope you had a fantastic time with your grandson! Great outfit to chase after a little one – stylish, put together, yet comfortable!

    Are you getting ready for your trip to Iceland? How exciting!

  2. I love my “Grammy Days” and would LOVE to share the little here on the blog but my son and DIL are very private and insist on not showing their faces online…
    your darling grandson is sweet and of course you will spoil him!

    Your casual chic OOTD is perfect for some kid friendly activities….enjoy!

  3. I love your comment on the other site about getting comfy shoes that don’t look like they are for a gnome. Funny and true

    1. I’m always on the hunt for those shoes. They really don’t have to look hideous…it’s just a challenge to weed out the ugly ones.

  4. Love your look….lucky you that you’re not having miserably hot weather. We’re in the 90s so scarves, jewelry and enclosed shoes take a backseat in this weather. Grands are the best….we are blessed with six…six months to 11 years old and what a blessing. Thanks for your blog and love the dressing room diaries. Great idea and very brave of you…although you always look great. ????

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