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Motorhome Travel…RV #101


And so it begins…

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM Chief Transportation Officer, in pearls of course!

Day 1
We load the rented Motorhome. This entailed swapping out their tacky cookware for my copper ones. Their flatware for my silver. Their plates and glasses for ours but most important, their mattress for the super comfy, pillow-top mattress from our guest room.
RV 101…there’s a reason they stock lightweight cookware. We’ll be paying to replace the latch that couldn’t contain my copper cookware:(


Day 2
Morning in Palm Springs. I’m feeling pretty lucky that only the location has changed for my morning ritual. Burning a candle, enjoying tea and reading quietly before my day begins.

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM

On to Joshua State Park. It was mild, breezy and picturesque…if you like arid country with scrub brush and rocks. (Not my fave) We spent over an hour leveling the Motorhome so the refrigerator wouldn’t thaw.
RV 101… bring many pieces of wood to shim the wheels.

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM The sunset was glorious…then it started to get cold.

There were no hookups there, and as rank amateurs, we didn’t know the generator could run the furnace.
RV 101…major fail!

We piled jackets and sweaters on top of the blankets, but it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. During the night the wind kicked into high gear and rocked the Motorhome like a roller coaster ride.

Day 3
We woke to find campers walking around in a daze, wrapped in their sleeping bags. The wind was a touch rougher on them.
The Sorority of Real Women at BAM
Their tents blew away during the wind storm. I watched the poor campers collect what they could find and felt pretty lucky about my cold night’s sleep.

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM

Mr AWSL took his pot of hot coffee outside to offer to frozen campers. I enjoyed my time…inside! We packed up and headed to Arizona where we met an old college friend of his for a glass of wine and visit.

Day 4
On to Sedona. As we rounded a bend, the mountains literally, took our breath away. They’re so majestic and like nothing we’d ever seen. The whole place felt magical. Sedona is well known for it’s energy vortexes, which I hadn’t read up on, but will now.
We checked into an RV park. Level lots, surrounded by trees, next to a stream and best of all, it had hookups. That meant working outlets but more important the furnace could be set to “auto roast”…perfection!
RV 101…this is more like it!

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM Uggs fit right in here.

Day 5

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM Morning bliss for me.

The weather is crisp, the sky is crystal clear and the leaves are raining down in their gorgeous fall colors. Perfect day. After a short tour of the town we headed back for lunch and a nice afternoon nap.
RV 101…your bed is right there, ready and waiting (made) whenever you want it. I brought my Savvy Sleeper pillowcase with me, so I was sleeping on luxury satin.

Day 6
We spend our day marveling at the beauty and magical quality of Sedona.

The temperature is perfect to break out my Nic+Zoe vest.

We’re loving having the mobility to go where we want, eat our own food and sleep in our own (guest room) bed. Late in the day, we headed to the Airport Lookout to see the sun set the Sedona mountains aflame! It did not disappoint.

Lucy isn’t sure she’s cut out for Motorhome life, but she’s being a champ about it.

Day 7
We head to the Grand Canyon.

Doesn’t everyone wear cashmere, pearls and a silk scarf to drive a motorhome?

There’s no way to express the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. It’s quite simply mind blowing.

Grand Canyon from the south rim.

Day 8
We travel back and forth across the South Rim, taking pictures and risks, in my opinion:) I’m not a huge fan of heights, so this was a stretch for me.

I can’t say why my white knuckles don’t show…I’m afraid of heights.

We stopped for hot coffee at Hermits Rest. Designed by Mary Jane Coulter in 1914, it was built as a rest stop where horse-drawn carriages could deposit visitors and turn around.

The Sorority of Real Women at BAM Hermits Rest, Grand Canyon

By the time we headed back to the motorhome, we were frozen but so happy we came to see this. It amazes us we’ve never been here before now and we’ll be back when the weather is warmer. We want to raft down the canyon on the Colorado River. Bucket list item:)


The Sorority of Real Women at BAM Grand Canyon at sunset

Even though we are traveling every few days, the pace of life in a motorhome is slower. Much slower. We spend much more quality time together and so far, neither one if us has wanted to kill the other. Except that one time when we were so cold…

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  1. Thanks for taking us along on your magnificent adventure. I’ve been wanting to get to Sedona, and now I’m sure that I will be going. Your photos are gorgeous, and so are you, in your scarf, pearls and hat. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    1. You really must see it. I was awe struck. I could feel the magical quality, on top of the enormous majestic beauty. You will adore it. I don’t photograph myself often, so when I happen to get one of me in my many hats, I love to join your a Hat Attack!

  2. Jennifer, Sedona looks amazing. I have also wanted to do Joshua Tree, but yikes not in those conditions! This sounds so nice with your mattress and copper pots. Love the tea and books and you look tres chic in all your traveling clothes of course!! Glad you got to have some fun! Great photos too. xx Kim

    1. I’ve no idea why I found this in my spam filter…you don’t belong there my friend!! I may have my controls dialed a little too high after my hacking experience. I’m sorry!!
      Sedona was amazing. I could spend months there. It was magical. Thanks for following along sweet. Can’t wait to meet in the city this holiday.
      Much love

  3. What glorious images, dear Jennifer. Thank you for taking us along.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. So happy to hear from you! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Haha Jen, I’m so glad you and the Mr. survived that one cold night of angst. I’m loving the photos I’ve seen of you two, looking so happy and relaxed. What an adventure!! I love reading your 101 information-good call!
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I’m thankful that I met you this year. 🙂
    xx, Heather

    1. Dear Heather,
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! I’m very grateful I met you as well. Honest friends are dear friends.

  5. Tamera Beardsley says:

    Oh my dearest Jennifer … thank you for sharing your amazing trip! You have me antsy to pull out our Airstream and hit the road!!

    I still remember … finding your blog … with your post on dressing for a road trip … and knowing right then we were kindred spirits! I always dress completely put together … whether or not our road trip is just by car .. or with our trailer. Dressing well has never failed me while traveling! Once when we were sightseeing in Yosemite … and got caught in a surprise blizzard … and ended up with the last room at the iconic Awanee … my coat and Burberry fur collar meant I was still dressed for such a stylish stay! I say dress well while traveling … because you never know where the road might take you!

    Thank you again for sharing your adventure … in your own beautiful style!

    Much Love,

    1. Oh my! I just found this in my spam filter!! I’m so sorry.
      I can picture how elegant you looked in your coat and fur collar…very glamorous!! Perfect for the Ahwahnee! (I love that place)! You were lucky to get the last room.
      You’ve heard the expression, “Dressing well is a form of self respect”! I believe and live it daily…as do you my friend:)

  6. Dearest J,
    What fab pics!!! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to upload that stunning pic of you in fedora in front of Grand Canyon. Get it framed and hung in place of prominence in home.
    xo ~G

    1. Dearest G,
      I don’t mind at all! I’m thinking it would make a great Christmas Card…if I sent them.

  7. OMG, Jennifer, adding your own touches (mattress, silver, pots and pans, etc.) is so YOU. I LOVE it. Of course, I’d probably do the same. I’ve always had a secret desire to go caravanning, but I’d never get my hubby to go along, unless we could park it in Central Park. I just think it’s wonderful to have your favorite, familiar things at hand wherever you go. Just heaven!!

    hugs and kisses, my friend, M-T

    1. I can’t imagine not having my things. It really makes it so much more comfortable!!
      Let’s chat when I get home.

  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of camping! We have a travel trailer named Rocinante (have you read Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, if not you must!) and have so much fun exploring the state parks here in Virginia and North Carolina. We haven’t traveled much farther than that….yet. Loved all your photographs; you both look to be having an absolute ball!

    1. We are having a blast! I thought about naming our rig, but since it’s rented, I didn’t bother. If I had to name it now…it would be “Cramped”.

  9. Love the silk scarf and pearls. You are elevating RVing to an art!

  10. Jennifer you really look to good to be camping…the UGGS are perfect! I can see you are having an amazing time and look forward to following on more adventures!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Thanks Karena. The Uggs are really too warm for CA but perfect for here. I now see their charm!

  11. Bluebooby says:

    So much better than tent camping. What do you do for showers? Thanks for sharing all your pictures and letting us know hubs is still alive and kicking.

    1. We have a shower in the Motorhome. Today was laundromat day:( though we have everything else. He is a terrible backseat driver and that may be his downfall:).

  12. Sounds like a great way to see the country. Beautiful pictures of you too!
    I totally love that you swapped the dishes, silver and pots….making it more luxurious and personal.
    I have read Tish’s book twice.
    What adventures are you planning next?

    1. I will probably read her book again. It’s full of great information!! We’re in Zion National Park now and loving it. We have a rough schedule that changes with the weather!!
      I wouldn’t like not having our own things…I’m persnickety that way:)

  13. You are SO funny! I don’t know if I could do this even though you are making it sound quite wonderful. I think you are amazing to think of changing out the bedding, etc. I’ve been known to have hotels rearrange the room so the view would be better, however! The Grand Canyon is just breath taking and completely awesome. One feels quite small when standing there, I think. You must get an ATT Unite Hot Spot, a portable device which allows you to get on the internet from anywhere. Best Buy has them. They are a little pricey to pay for the gigs but what a lifesaver I have found mine to be. Just make certain you power it completely off when not in use. Sending love and best wishes for a great Turkey Day.

    1. Thanks Marsha! We do have a hot spot, but it’s limited in some areas. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  14. The photos of YOU and your HUSBAND are OUTSTANDING!I am assuming you are asking another tourist as you go……….Looks like fun to me!Did you do the HOLLYWOOD tour in PALM SPRINGS??XX

    1. We missed that tour but may head back that way. Of course the kindness of tourists are why we have any couple pictures:)

  15. Oh, I am so looking forward to hearing about this journey. While vacationing in Maui this month, we met a couple from Minnesota who retired and have been traveling the world. Tempting So much to see, so much to do and only one life…so live it!

    1. It’s a very different way of living. Of course I can’t say what full time would be like, but we are loving it. In fact, I’ve said to my husband several times,”we’re only going around once, I’m sooo glad we’re doing this!!”

  16. Looks as if you are having a marvelous time (and looking good while traveling!) Thanks for stopping in to let us know how you’re doing.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s amazing. I can’t believe we’ve never done this before. I love traveling but always think of an airplane, when I do. This is so fun.

  17. Looks wonderful. No unpacking and repacking required…and you can make yourself a pot of tea whenever you want. Did you bring bikes or something to be able run into town without having to unhook the big motorhome?

    1. Exactly Sue!! Sort of the convenience of cruising, but on land…and we can go where we want!

  18. I’ve been enjoying your photos on Facebook, and it’s so fun to read about your adventures. Seeing the Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list for some time now. It looks magnificent in your photos, as does Sedona.

    1. Thanks! Sedona is amazing!! The Grand Canyon is not to be believed! Now we’re in Zion and I’ve run out if adjectives! Definitely make time to see the Grand Canyon…I recommend slightly warmer time of year:)

  19. well you know i love this. It’s a sampling for you, an appetizer, a tease. Doing it full time with longer to stay in areas you fall in love with is a different feel in itself. Don’t you love Forever Chic? Off subject, I know, but I couldn’t help but notice it’s what you’re perusing. Have fun! Love the pics.

    1. I’m loving it Barb! We both are! I can see that staying in one place would be wonderful. I wanted to stay in Sedona for weeks!!

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