Do You Live in the Present Moment?

The glow of my meditation retreat hasn’t worn off.

Learning to live in the present moment is much harder than it sounds.

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Do You Live in the Present Moment?


We did an exercise where we closed our eyes and tried to focus on the present moment. I was shocked how fast my mind wandered to the future. Barely nanoseconds! Try it. Listen to your thoughts. It will surprise you.

Heard the adage, worrying about the future is praying for what you don’t want? I’ve wasted too much time worrying in my life. I’m happy to stop.

As I’ve always said, I’m a constant work in progress. We all are, whether we acknowledge it or not.



I’m off for a 2 week holiday tomorrow. We booked a cruise for my husband’s 65th birthday. We are sailing on the Windstar Cruise Line out of Copenhagen. I’m really excited to see St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum.

Do You Live in the Present Moment?
The Hermitage Museum

My wardrobe is all black and white for this trip. I need to travel extremely light because of my hip. Carry on only, as usual, but my husband can only carry 2 bags. So I have to haul my own:)


Do You Live in the Present Moment?


I’m bringing tons of scarves to change-up my look. Plus a collapsible bag for souvenirs. I have some posts planned so I won’t fall completely off the map.

I intend to send lots of photo’s to Instagram. I’ve finally figured out that Instagram is the photo album of my life. Kind of cool because the pages don’t tear and they’re automatically dated.

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Be good and enjoy today!


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  1. …”Heard the adage, worrying about the future is praying for what you don’t want? I’ve wasted too much time worrying in my life. I’m happy to stop.

    “As I’ve always said, I’m a constant work in progress. We all are, whether we acknowledge it or not.”


    1. Thanks Sandy. Hope everything is in focus today!xx

  3. Can you believe that I have never meditated?
    It’s due time!
    Have a wonderful cruise, Jenn. I will see you on IG!

  4. Jennifer, That sounds like an amazing trip and I’m so excited for you. I hope it’s wonderful and I’ll be checking your Instagram too for what you are up to. This is a great message here. Live in the moment and just enjoy! xoxo Love, Kim

  5. Have a great trip! We keep seeing those “Viking” cruises on PBS. I want to go to Europe so bad!!!!

    I’m starting to think of ***Flickr*** as the photo album of my life. My photos from my phone (my only camera at the moment) upload there automatically and it’s lots of fun scrolling thru and remembering things with our grandkids, especially, even from just a few months ago. I occasionally do Costco hard copy BOOKs for one daughter in law, and need to do more of the hard copy version, but the online way is great, too.

    1. Me too. I watch several shows on PBS and those Viking cruises do look amazing! Maybe next time…when I turn 65:) I keep intending to do hardcover books, but never seem to get to it. I prefer my phone as camera too. I’m leaving my big camera home this trip. Cell phones are just so handy and easy.

  6. Oh, I definitely struggle to keep my mind in the moment. I’ve been getting better at it in the last year or so but it’s a journey. And I LOVE Instagram for keeping the moments of my life in order. 😀

    1. It does get easier, then all of a sudden it doesn’t :). I love that I can go back and see where I was and what I was doing, on Instagram!! What did I do without it?

  7. Every day I do my meditative breathing exercises, and yes, it takes a nanosecond before I’m mentally multitasking. Grrrr…. I know you’ll be extra careful of your hip, so I’ll just say have a great trip! xoxox, Brenda

  8. Jennifer have a fabulous cruise, this is one I have wanted to take for some time!
    Copenhagen has long held an intrigue for me and what a way to celebrate!
    Do send lots of pics!

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    Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

    1. I’m really anxious to see that part of the world. Several of these countries will be ones my husband hasn’t visited before, which will make it an adventure. (he traveled internationally for business for 30 years) He’s been most places while I was raising the kids.

  9. Good for you – I always say that, if I could, I’d go back and warn my 20-y-o self about the perils of worrying! -Veronica

  10. bon voyage! I’m impressed with your frugal packing and look forward to seeing some pictures along the way. ~ Leanne

    1. I’ve nailed packing down to an art! Having lost luggage will do that to you :))

  11. Have a wonderful trip! And take care of that hip! Isn’t it Deepak who says if you are forever re-hashing the past or living for the future you are living in a dream. That has stuck with me so profoundly! I try more and more to enjoy the moment!

    1. It was him and it is profound. Sounds so simple, most truths are. Congratulations on your book!!!!

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