Copenhagen Travel Notes-Smart Things to Pack


I hadn’t flown SAS before and was pleasantly surprised.

We got to the airport several hours before our flight, only to find it delayed 2 hours. Murphy’s Law is my guess:)

Copenhagen Travel Notes-Smart Things to Pack
My feet always swell on long flights, so I switched to flip flops while in the air.

They boarded us early because of my hip. Which was nice because it gave me time to play with all the seat adjustments 🙂 The seat slid into a bed with lumbar support and massage built in. My poor husband was embarrassed, but I felt like a little kid and just kept doing it until take off.

Their food was impressive and service outstanding. On a random note, it had the nicest airplane lavatory I’ve ever seen. Strange to note, but it was huge, with mirrored walls and two large windows. Impeccably clean.

I promise that’s my last bathroom review of the trip.

I spotted a windmill farm as we were landing in Copenhagen. It was coming right out of the Baltic Sea, which makes total sense since it’s so windy over the water.

Copenhagen Travel Notes-Smart Things to Pack

Minor jet lag aside, we had a great afternoon in Copenhagen. Took a fun walk along the picturesque harbor and had some outrageously decadent ice cream. Clearly no weight will be lost on this holiday!

Copenhagen Travel Notes-Smart Things to Pack
It’s colder here than I expected, and windy. I’m really glad I packed my favorite Catherine Robinson Cashmere Wrap! I have her largest size in “Blush”, the very softest pink. It’s like a fabulous blanket. I adore it.
Copenhagen Travel Notes-Smart Things to Pack
Today we’re hitting the tourist hot spots and planning a double decker bus tour of the city. They’re a great way to get a snap shot of a city when you’re only there two days.

At the last minute I threw in my folding Coolibar sun umbrella, which will be perfect because it’s raining today. I just love things that multitask!

This was written on my IPhone, so hopefully looks OK.

Off to seize the day!


  1. If that’s not first class I definitely want to travel on SAS. wow. Sounds like a great trip. I’ll look forward to more updates.

  2. How fun you went to Copenhagen and we actually just had dinner at a neighbor’s who’s parents were visiting and live there and said it’s such a beautiful city. I’d love to go one day and I’m glad the airline was nice and I’ve heard SAS is great. That photo of the windmills in the Baltic Sea is stunning and the blush cashmere is perfect because summers can still be cool here. PS – the post looks great and I can’t believe you wrote it on your iphone. I need to try that! 🙂


  3. Catherine says:

    Jennifer, thank you so much for styling my wrap so perfectly, so happy you love it!
    Enjoy your trip 🙂
    With love xx

  4. Hi Jen
    I had to go back one post and figure out how and why you were in Copenhagen. Such a great time coming up for both of you. I love the idea of travelling light. Keep us posted how it goes. I’ll be watching instagram. xx Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy! Your trip to Greece looks amazing 🙂

  5. ON YOUR I PHONE………I think its A GREAT POST!Two windows in the BATHROOM On an AIRPLANE?!!Were you in FIRST CLASS?NEVER have a seen a window in the LOU!Sounds like the trip is off to a WONDERFUL START…………and DO keep SEIZING THE DAY!!!WE want to SEE it ALL………….XX

    1. Not first class. Just really an awesome plane. Not sure what it was but it was fab! See you when I get back.

  6. Well there ARE advantages to a hip issue. Hope you power through the trip – it looks so beautiful (as do you in your blush pink cashmere).

    1. Thanks Barbara! I’m living on Advil and starting to hurt less! It’s cold here so that wrap is getting worn a lot.

  7. Loving your travel pictures! I’ve never been to Copenhagen, but it looks beautiful. Also, love wraps of any kind, especially cashmere! Enjoy your travels!


    1. Thanks Cherie. It’s a really unique looking city. Historic buildings next to Damish modern. Lots of bricked streets.

  8. Jennifer you look fabulous and comfortable for the plane trip and a long one at that!!
    I must get one of Catherine’s cashmere’s!! They are so gorgeous! I look forward to more details soon!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. The quality of her cashmere is too notch! You’ll love it. I’ve got another in my Christmas list 🙂

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